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February 2024

Red Frames and Ribbons

Aahh.. February… “The Miracle of … Louuuuvvvee!” 


Greetings all esteemed club members!

Yes, it is February.  This just happens to be my favorite month for several reasons.


First and most importantly, my husband and I tied the know on our favorite beach just two years ago.  The picture included in this article is actually taken where we had our first kiss—by the Beer Truck at the Stephen C. Smith Regatta in 2017.  The other one was taken on February 5, 2022—and yes… we kissed again 😊


Commodore's Comments ~ by Kristin Korinko, Commdore 2024!

May all those who have found what Wright Finney refers to as the “Miracle of Looove” embrace it, carry it, and live it!  Self-love is incredibly important and should be celebrated as well. 

Love for the club is abundant!  Although we sustained some significant damage and disruption to our club spot on the beach, please send out a huge THANK YOU to all of the ROADies and other volunteers who pitched in to restore the beach and our training trailer areas to their beautiful state.  HUZZAH! 

February is also my favorite month because we celebrate birthdays (shout out to all of those members who are fellow February birthdays!) 

It is also a great time to begin to look forward to upcoming events.  Just a reminder, our next club meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 13th at District 850.  Past Commodore Mark Powell will present on his adventures down under.   We hope to see you there!

Warm regards,


Kristin Korinko (Olson)

2024 Commodore


Candle Lighting Prayer

Poetry Corner

This month’s poem is by Jim Ledbetter in remembrance of his wife Rosie.  For those who never had the pleasure of talking to Rosie, she was one of the beer truck workers who entertained everyone with a great and broad selection of music.


Requiem for Rosie

You are gone, yet here I remain,

For you, there is no more pain.

I first met you 30 years ago,

All the places since then we did go.

We laughed, but oh, how we did love,

We fought our challenges, we rose above.

I grew to be a man, all within your sight,

All while saying “I love you” nearly every night.

In my mind, I know you are gone,

My heart wistfully holds on.

I long for your touch, your sweet caress,

The sound of your voice too, I do confess.

I will live on, of that I am sure,

My thoughts of you will always endure.

Goodbye my sweet, our journey is through,

One final time…I Love You.

Baby Presents

Our Youngest Members !


Jasper Jay Wandell

Born May 16, 2023

Son of Robert and Meg Wandell


Dominic Leon LaBeaud

Born January 12, 2024

Son of Jonathan and Andrea LaBeaud and little brother to big sister Mo!

SPSC Club Minutes, Tuesday, 1/9/2024

Place: District 850

The meeting called to order at 7:06 pm by Commodore Korinko and 17 members present.


Commodore Kristen:  Thanked the awesome server we had for our room.  Feels humbled and honored to serve as Commodore again and introduced new members of the board.  Minutes from November were approved because no one could remember what they said!


Vice Commodore Ted: AGN (Ain’t Got Nothin’!)


Scribe Bob: Thanked granddaughter Paige for writing article about Christmas party.  At that moment Wright interrupted the proceeding, and a hush fell over the meeting.  He rose up with a blue box in his hand and said he had a presentation to make, at which time, whispers were heard everywhere as we wondered who the recipient of the infamous Lug Nut award would be.  It was then presented to Bob Graves who had to be reminded that as he left the front of his house with his trailer to go to the Atlanta Fall Classic, he snagged a branch with the edge of the awning which tore the cap off, so Bob had to get a ladder and repair it the best he could.


Purser Wright:  Spent $1300 on the Christmas party which was under budget but $100 more than last year.  Going to cut back on the amount of beer bought since spirits seem to be more popular.  We have money in the bank.  Currently there are 75 members in the club with a few well-known scofflaws.


Discussion items:  Onboarding new members.  Talked about events and where one could find the by-laws for the club.


Safety Plan: Need to keep it permanently posted on the trailer.


Christmas Party: Due to the generosity of the club, we were able to donate $1,824 dollars to the Shriners Children's Hospital.


Beach work: Need to paint the trailer and looking for a nice weekend so lots of people can come out and help.  Need to put sand under benches, dirt in the planter, and removed obstacles in the sand which we are thinking could be done by the ROADIES.

Wind Ceremony: Will be March 23rd with Ted as chair.


Legacy Page: Vaughan asked that Glen Grandsen be added to the page as he was the 1990-91 Commodore.


Before adjourning, Bob Andrews gave us a presentation of his journey to Santiago, Chile and then on to Patagonia, the southernmost region of South America. Great presentation.


We adjourned at 8:16

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