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2024 Windsurfing Lessons

The schedule for 2024 has been set! Please click on Events to see which days are available  Lessons are ONLY given on the designated Saturdays and you may take only ONE lesson since demand is high. Since lessons are FREE, a no show on the day of your lesson may exclude you from taking a lesson for a year, so please notify us ahead of time if you can't make the assigned lesson date.

When filling out the form let me know which is your preferred date and sign up for only one lesson.


If you are near the Tampa/Clearwater area, contact North Beach Windsurfing or if you are from the Pensacola area, check out Outdoor Gulf Coast for lessons.

Students should be competent swimmers AND are encouraged to wear a personal flotation device ("life vest") which can be provided by SPSC. Children (under 18) are welcome and must be accompanied by adults and MUST wear a life jacket. Students should not have a fear of floating in deep water. You WILL fall in the water.

Please bring the following items with you:

  • water shoes (NO FLIP FLOPS or CROCS) There are LOTS of oyster shells on the beach and these are to protect your feet against cuts and bruises.

  • sunscreen

  • water

  • snacks

Training Release Form: Please print, complete and bring with you to your lesson.

Lesson Signup Form

Quick How to Windsurf Tutorial

Child with a Windsurf Rig
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