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May 2023


Commodore Comments


Thanks to all the SPSC members who were involved the last weekend’s Smith Regatta.

What a huge success!


I think this Smith was the most fun I’ve ever had and the highlight was the Figure 8 slalom on Sunday.  In gusts up to 20 kts there was lots of carnage at the Gybe marks with lots of falls, lead changes, and near misses!


Great racing and fun despite a very challenging weather situation.  Lots of laughs by the Beer truck and on the beach, breakfast each day and a great dinner from Poseys!


Out of town competitors were very impressed by Shell Point and the SPSC!


Here are some of our members who worked so hard to make the regatta a success:

Angel Ganey, Chair

Wright Finney, logistics chair

Linda Downey, Dinner and concessions

Deb Berlinger, Website, publications

Marianne Gengenbach, Publicity

Mike Ganey, RC chair

Andrea Bennett, sponsorship chair

Bobby Graves, Auction Chair

Stan Derzypolski, Auction Boats 

Debbie Derzypolski, Sponsorship Co-chair

Adam Bennett, Beer Truck Commando

Dave Denmark, Auctioneer

Kristin Korinko SPSC Rep. / Tiki Mon Auction Winner

Perry Morris, Windsurfer Course, band stage

Mark Voight, Windsurfer RC

Rick Knerr, Windsurfer RC

Tina Mazanek, Novice RC

Michael Ganey, PHRF RC

John Gilbert,  “He’s here, he’s there, he’s every f’ing where!”

Sandy Lane, Registration

Will Glenn, Sunfish RC

Joe Sisson and Will Harms, Various roles


And a host of others I missed who helped out in various capacities!  Nearly every Smith Regatta Committee Chair is an SPSC member! 


Based on the record number of registrants and sponsors, and the auction, I expect that the event reached the ambitious goal of raising $50,000 for the American Cancer Society.  That’s a significant contribution to medical science and a meaningful way to remember those who valiantly fought the disease.


Well Done everyone!


See you on the water!


Mark Powell

SPSC Commodore

Smith Regatta Results


Old and New Windsurfers ~ by Ted Avellone


SPSC Club Minutes, Tuesday, 4/11/2023


Place: District 850

Got a bigger room and it was still packed with 22 people in attendance.  Great turnout


Commodore: Called to order at 7:04. Indicated there is still great wind at the beach, blowing at least 15 most days.  Thanked Swami and the Festoons for a great show.


Vice Commodore: Had fun at the Wind Ceremony and made a new BFF in Sarah Logan.


Scribe:  Thanked Jack for taking minutes at the Club meeting.


Purser: Have money in the bank, with all of us hoping the bank is on secure footing.  $250 rental fee for Wind Ceremony and paid for our incorporation fee.  Currently have 81 members.  Membership fees have not been raised in 20 years. 


Upcoming events and actions:

  • Beach Planter – Looking at a good day to get the work done.

  • Social Hour – Still doing it, for now.

  • Swap Meet – Will be April 16th during the first club practice day.



Showed several videos and had discussions on the rules of racing, right of ways, etc.  Was an enjoyable video by some Aussies.



Adjourned at around 7:55.

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