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April 2023

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Commodore Comments


What a blast to take part in the Wind Ceremony last weekend!  Swami and the Festoons did not disappoint.  The song lyrics are very special, even more so when they make fun of your profession!  I was especially taken by the offering sticks from Elenor and Emmett Leben, which stated something to the effect of “become the best windsurfer ever”.  I know Emmett is very excited to take his first windsurfing lesson with SPSC next month. 


Coming up at month end is the 50th rendition of the Smith Regatta.  There are still a few auction items available online and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.  We will be racing off the beach and already have 10 sailors signed up in the Windsurfer LT class, with more in the open classes.  More LT boards are available for charter through Cody Steward of Sandy Point Progressive Sports for only $125 for the whole weekend.  This is a great way to see how the LT sails and if you like it, you can get a great deal on buying the board and adding it to our growing fleet at SPSC!


Speaking of the Smith Regatta, in preparation, the program for our April Meeting will be an introduction to the Racing Rules of Sailing by yours truly.  Sailing is a self-monitored sport and most fun when everyone plays by the rules.  I will focus on simplifying the most important rules and we will discuss situations that often come up in our races.


On April 16th we will have a practice day, with some short races to help get ready for the regatta.  We’ll also have a Swap Meet so if you have some gear that others might benefit from (no fallen-apart junk please) please bring it.

Mark Powell

SPSC Commodore


2023 Wind Ceremony

Swami and the Festoons were an eclectic rock band, known for their captivating performances that combined elements of rock, funk, and Siberian Surf music. The band's lead singer, Swami, was a charismatic figure, who always dressed in a flowing white robe and wore a turban. He looked like a Swami, hence the name of the band.

One windy, blustery afternoon, the band arrived in Shell Point, Florida, to perform at the town's seminal music festival. Swami and the Festoons were ready to go, and the excitement was palpable as people streamed to the beach, eager to see the band in action.

Swami and the Festoons took to the stage as the sun began to set, and the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. Swami stood at the center of the stage, his arms raised in the air, chanting a mantra, "North, South, East, West". The band launched into their first song, and the energy in the air was electric.

Ricco Suave, the drummer, set a driving beat that propelled the music forward, while Jack, Jeff, and Dave played searing guitar solos that wove in and out of Swami's staccato delivery. Tina's bass provided a solid foundation for the music, while Don and Sharmin played intricate rhythms on their djembes.

Kristen and Donna, the lead singers in their own right, harmonized beautifully with Swami's vocals, adding an extra layer of depth and richness to the music. Perry, the keyboard player, weaved in and out of the melodies, adding his own unique flair to the songs. Paul, on the saxophone, played soaring solos that took the music to new heights.

The band played with an intensity that was infectious, and the crowd couldn't help but dance along to the music. Swami's voice was powerful, and he sang with a passion that left everyone in awe.

As the night wore on, the band played one hit after another, and the crowd showed no signs of slowing down. Swami's stage presence was magnetic, and he had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. At one point, he even got down from the stage and danced among the crowd, who were overjoyed to be so close to him.

As Swami and the Festoons played, the audience couldn't help but move to the music. Some people danced, while others swayed to the rhythm. A few brave souls even entered the limbo contest, with Swami himself leading the way under the pole.

Later, during a particularly upbeat song, Swami called for a conga line, and soon the whole crowd was following him, snaking its way around the Hallowed grounds of Shell Point. Swami led the way, his arms raised high, as he urged the crowd to keep moving.

After the first set, the band took a break, and the audience gathered around a bonfire to warm themselves up. Some people preferred a Single malt, while others stayed with traditional oat sodas. Swami himself even joined in, regaling the group with tales of his travels across the Panhandle.

As the second set began, the energy of the crowd was even higher than before. The band members themselves seemed to be having the time of their lives, playing off each other's energy and feeding off the excitement of the crowd.

When the performance finally came to an end, the audience erupted with a sitting ovation, calling for an encore. Swami and the Festoons were happy to oblige, playing one final mini set that had everyone singing along.

After the show, the band members were exhausted but elated. They spent some time signing wind wish sticks and taking pictures with fans before retiring to the bonfire. As they sat together, sipping on drinks and reminiscing about the show, they all agreed that it had been one of their best performances ever.

And as they looked out at the dark Florida sky, they knew that they had truly made an impact on the people of Shell Point. Swami and the Festoons would always hold a special place in their hearts, a reminder of a magical night spent under the stars, surrounded by music and the warmth of a bonfire.


Author ChatGPT,

Copy editor: Jack May


What is a swap meet you might ask?  Sometimes it’s swapping one thing for another, or swapping one thing for money, or just giving something away and feeling good about it because you know once again it will be used.

We have lots of new sailors who need gear, good, decent gear, NOT duct taped sails, or mast bases that don’t fit anything anymore, or aluminum mast, or delaminated board.

April 16th is the date for the swap meet and also the day for our first club members practice day!  Summer is quickly approaching.  So please think about the gear you have that hasn’t seen sunshine for several year and consider selling it for a very reasonable price or just giving it to a worthy recipient.

The specifics:

Windsurfing gear swap meet

April 16th

1pm until 4pm

If you have any questions please email Bob Graves at

Children of the Wind

There is an enjoyable movie on YouTube called Children of the Wind that recounts the emergence of Bon Aire as a windsurfing Mecca and the rise of the free style talent from there.  Also notable in the film is the appearance of Brian Barr in one of the crowd photos and a woman many SPSCers came to know, Beth Winkler.  Beth used to own the Banana River Resort but later located to permanent residence in Bon Aire where she was affectionately known as Surf Mama.

On one of the trips to Bon Aire, we were fortunate to encounter Taty Frans, one of the stars of the movie, who was kind enough to have his picture taken with some of our folks there.  Chris had a copy of his book which he happily signed.

One of the things I have found about windsurfing and the top tier people in it is that they are very approachable.  I have encountered some of the young up and coming Olympic hopefuls from Clearwater who have been easy to talk to and are willing to give pointers on rigging and what not.


SPSC Roadside Service

The ROADies, a group that has been dormant of late but is ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice, stepped it up the Sunday after the Wind Ceremony. Turns out Don had left his phone charger plugged in his car’s 12volt outlet, which apparently stays hot, and the end that is supposed to go into the phone was sitting in a wee bit of water on his console.  Something must have happened because when he woke up (yes, he WOKE up), and opened the door to his truck he noticed an electrical burning smell.  The battery was dead as could be. IN ADDITION, turns out he had a flat on his popup camper due to old tires and possible dry rot.

With all this going on, did he call AAA or Good Sam?  Heck no, he called SPSC Roadside service, which brought Perry down to his truck to lend a hand.  As Perry was pulling out of his driveway with Chuck in the truck, Bob happened to be going down to work on training equipment, but instead heard about Don’s needs.

Perry has the coolest battery jump starter that got that thing cranked up in no time.  Bob had a tire iron to loosen the lug nuts on the flat and a support to hold the trailer up cause the bottle jack was not quit long enough the first time up.  After about 45 minutes, all was good, and we were sitting around a picnic table enjoying each other’s company.

Found out later that on the way home, Don’s other tire went out and he was out of our Roadside service area, which is small, but free!

SPSC Club Minutes, Tuesday, 7/14/2023


Place: District 850

Got a bigger room and it was still packed with 30 people in attendance. Can’t believe the waiter kept the orders straight.

Commodore: Called to order at 7:07. Indicated there has been great wind at the beach, blowing at least 15 most days.  Lots of wind on Sunday which saw a good contingent of SPSC sailors out.


Vice Commodore: Absent


Scribe:  Minutes approved at 7:09. The scribe timidly wondered out loud why the minutes had to be approved since, with him writing them, they would be nothing but awesome.


Purser: Have money in the bank, with all of us hoping the bank is on secure footing.  The projector came in around $600 and $200 was spent on awards.  79 memberships so far which is pretty darn good. 


Upcoming events and actions:

  • Beach Planter – Wright requested a budget of $700 to build a mezzanine type structure to better support the planter and tree there.  Dave thought we might get people to donate a 2x8 plank and have their name etched in it, like folks do with brick. Not sure where that discussion ended up. $700 budget approved.

  • Wind Ceremony - is March 25th.  Jack requested a budget of $3800 for shirts and such.  Potluck as usual.

  • Smith Regatta – Bob asked for donations.

  • Swap Meet – Will be April 16th during the first club practice day.

  • Rum ’n’ Root Beer - August 6th.  Rose said she would chair.

  • Summer Series – Still in the works and chaired by Wright.


SPSC Awards Ceremony

Wright Finney, nattily dressed in, which I can only guess was Louis Vuitton or Giorgio Armani, handed out some trophies from the Endless Summer that he had been carrying around to folks who raced and didn’t pick them up. Jack May, resplendent in jeans by Levi and a top by Homestead, received the Commodores award for doing such a stellar job as our 2022 Commodore.  Kristin Korinko was honored with the Perry Williams award for her contributions and work with the SPSC with her award being accepted by her husband, Bill Olson, dressed to the nines by an avant-garde fashion house known as “The BluffRats”, of Corpus Christi, Texas.


Bob Graves, the previous recipient of the Lug Nut award, and whose wardrobe was designed by Haggar Classic Fit jeans and an Atlanta Fall Classic top by Port and Company, announced that the award was being given to Paul Hansard for forgetting to put a fin on his shortboard before launching it in 20mph winds, only to realize the error of his ways within minutes, sheepishly waking back to his trailer to get one.



Mark and Silvia gave a presentation on his visit to Italy and staying on Lake Garda, which might be considered the Hood River of Italy.  The winds in the morning are from the north and they switch to the south around noon.  The mountains surrounding the lake funnel the wind nicely.  Kiters sail in a different area. Mark and Silvia stayed at the northern part of the lake in the town of Torbole. You could tell the presentation was good because the room was silent other than the presenter and when questions were asked.


Adjourned at around 7:41.

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