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March 2024

Aahh.. March… Spring has sprung… BRING ON THE WIND!  


Greetings all esteemed club members!

As March begins, so do our beloved Shell Point Sailboard Club’s activities that involve “Our Favorite Beach!” (A title of one of the tunes at the upcoming Wind Ceremony performed by none other than Swami and The Festoons!)


Commodore's Comments ~ by Kristin Korinko, Commdore 2024!

As March begins, so do our beloved Shell Point Sailboard Club’s activities that involve “Our Favorite Beach!” (A title of one of the tunes at the upcoming Wind Ceremony performed by none other than Swami and The Festoons!)

For those of you who have not attended a Wind Ceremony before, you are in for a treat.  Swami and the Festoons is composed of a group of truly dedicated club members who are also skilled in both the art of music and having fun—updated pics are a bit elusive to preserve the band’s mystique! 

The Wind Ceremony is our annual event to kick off the season of all-things Windsurfing and Shell Point Beach!  We mark the event with a potluck, the show, and conclude with a bonfire.  All who gather may elect to make a wish, write a word or two marking that wish, have it blessed by Swami himself, and then toss it into the fire!  I’ve had great fortune with my wishes in the past, and I truly hope that you do, too!   The songs that you will hear, both new and old,  will be very familiar to you save one thing—the lyrics focus and reflect our LOVE for all-things Windsurfing and Shell Point Beach.  Listen and hum along… if you dare😊  We will kick off with T-shirt pick up around 5pm, potluck around 5:30pm, the Commodore’s welcome (with a surprise!), and then… FESTOONS! 

JUST A REMINDER—PLEASE ORDER YOUR T-SHIRTS NOW TO GUARANTEE YOUR PROPER SIZE BY MARCH 13TH.  We may have extra shirts on-site, but it is always better to get your size right 😊

Our favorite beach is looking better and better.  Again, please send out a huge THANK YOU to all the ROADies and other volunteers who continue to pitch in to restore the beach and our training trailer areas to their beautiful state.  HUZZAH! 

Shout out to all our March birthdays !  Enjoy the next trip around the sun, folks!

Just a reminder, our next club meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 12th at District 850.  We hope that many of the members of Swami and the FESTOONS will be in attendance and more windsurfing tidbits from our Past Commodore, Mark Powell!

We hope to see you there!

Warm regards,


Kristin Korinko (Olson)

2024 Commodore



A Poem written by AI and started by Jack May


Swami & The Festoons, by ocean’s edge they stand,

Their melodies, like seagulls, take to flight.

On Shell Point Beach, where waves kiss golden sand,

They weave enchantment with each note’s delight.

March twenty-third, the sun begins to wane,

As Swami strums his guitar, strings alight.

The Festoons join—a rhythmic, joyous train,

Their harmonies embrace the fading light.

Beneath the open sky, the crowd awaits,

Their toes in sand, hearts swaying to the beat.

The salty breeze, a partner in their fates,

As music dances, souls find solace sweet.

So gather 'round, let Swami’s voice unfold,

The festal tunes, a treasure to behold.


51st Annual Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta - April 26-28, 2024

Don't have a place to stay?  Well, three night stay on the Wakulla river is available and is up for auction through Friday, April 12th. 


A relaxing getaway only 20 minutes south of Tallahassee where you can leave your cares behind and enjoy the beauty of the Wakulla River. Great for kayaking, SUP or use the private dock. The boat ramp is nearby. The house is tastefully appointed and features artwork from several artists who capture the local flavor.

The house has 3-bedrooms and 1-bath with sleeping for 6. Kayaks are provided along with a well-equipped kitchen and a magical boardwalk out to a private dock on the serene Wakulla River.

Airbnb price is $915 before taxes, yours for your best bid. Subject to availability but we will help you find dates that work for you.

More photos on Airbnb

Workday by Bob G

This is what I love about our club.  A call went out for people to come down about 3pm to help get the trailer back in order after the storm, and people started showing up at 1.  By 2pm we had enough people to get the platform back in the water even though it wasn’t hightide yet.  Heck, a guy getting ready to relax on the beach even jumped up to help.

For those that don’t know, our trailer is at the far east end of the public beach and the platform in back had floated all the way to the far west end of the beach, over 400 yards away from the trailer.  The concrete blocks that supported the platform were scattered and partially buried along the beach.  The stairs taking you up to the back of the trailer were pushed sideways and the shower platform had floated to the side of the trailer. The outside rack crossbeams had broken, and the drying rack had lost parts as well, so there was a lot of work to be done.

Folks flipped the platform down to the water where three of our crew with wetsuits pushed it down towards the trailer, where we once again flipped it on to the beach.  Then a bunch of us picked it up and placed it where it currently resides behind the trailer. Concrete block supports had to be built under it to support it.

Prior to Saturday, Jeff had gone down to the beach and recovered most of the concrete blocks that had been strewn everywhere and then on Sunday morning, Tom Madden showed up early to anchor the platform using outdoor shed type anchors.  The platform is solid now.

In addition to having to get all our stuff back in order and clean up our end, the Chase (storage room in between the restrooms) where we store stuff must have everything off the floor so the county people can break the concrete and work on the plumbing.  The chase stores all the tables, tents, and lots of miscellaneous other items that are used during the regattas and other events. Sunday afternoon saw Wright, Vaughan, Tom, and I hauling stuff out and placing it on the band trailer and covering it with a tarp.  Wright, Perry, and I returned the following Sunday and finished clearing stuff out of the chase, encountering all kinds of stuff.  It was like an archaeological dig. Hopefully the county will get their work down quickly since much of the chase stuff is in the training trailer impeding our ability to get stuff ready for training.

Windsurf Closeup

SPSC Club Minutes, Tuesday, 2/13/2024


Place: District 850

The meeting called to order at 7:14 pm by Commodore Korinko and 26!!!! members present.


Commodore Kristen:  Thanked everyone for coming.  Minutes approved at 7:15.


Vice Commodore Ted: AGN (Ain’t Got Nothin’!)


Scribe Bob: Stated that Deb Berlinger as web mistress does and incredible job at making the scribe’s articles look amazing!!!


Purser Wright:  Main expenses were taxes of $917.  We pay tax on Wind Ceremony and Endless Summer registrations/shirt sales. Xmas party all paid off and memberships are at 75 and holding steady.  Need some scofflaws to pay up.


Past Commodore:  Water is warming up.  Picking up a friend from Japan to sail Thursday through Sunday.  Mentioned the regatta in Dunedin and they have charter boards. Hopes more people go.


Discussion items:  Commodore introduced the new board members to rousing rounds of applause!


Awards: Endless Summer Chair award went to Kristin, and the Commodore Award went to Mark Powell.  Perry Williams sportsmanship award was given to Rose Lane.  Congratulations to all!!!!!


Safety Plan: Need to keep it permanently posted on the trailer.


Christmas Party: Due to the generosity of the club, we were able to donate $1,824 dollars to the Shriners Children's Hospital.


Beach work: Need to paint the trailer so looking for a nice weekend so lots of people can come out and help.  Need to put sand under benches, dirt in the planter. Will Harms stood up and thanked Wright for all the work he does with the county for us to keep our training trailer on the beach and stay in their good graces!


Wind Ceremony: Will be March 23rd with Ted as chair. Setup at 1pm and registration starts at 3pm. Pot luck.  No budget yet.  Need wood.


Endless Summer will be October 11-13.


Sadly, the presentation on Australia never got off the ground due to media issues, so we adjourned at 8:05.


Upcoming Events:

  • Wind Ceremony, March 23, Chair: Ted Avellone

  • Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta, April 26-28, Chair: Andrea Bennet*

  • Summer Series, June 2nd -  August 4th , 2pm

  • Rum ‘n’ Root beer, August ? (Sunday), Chair: Unknown

  • Endless Summer Sailboard Classic, October 12-14, Chair: Kristin Korinko

  • Atlanta Fall Classic, October 18-20, Chair: Chris Voith*

  • Presnell’s Bayside Marina, November 17-24, Chair: None*

  • Christmas Party, December 14, Chair: Kristin Korinko

  • Festivus, December 15 or 22, Chair: Vaughan

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