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September 2023


Commodore Comments


I've gone to Italy.  I'll see you back at the beach.  In the meantime, register EARLY for the 36th Annual Endless Summer Classic.  See the Notice of Race and registration details


Mark Powell

SPSC Commodore 


My First Rum n' Root Beer


My family and I have been in SPSC for over four years now, but this was my first Rum N’ Root Beer. Some of the cool, Sasquatch themed activities were swimming yeti spaghetti, and free time playing with our new friends. All the food was amazing and delicious! 

I won the “Find the Sasquatch” game, and it was pretty tricky to find. It was hidden in a cinder block, covered in seaweed. The prizes for finding it were a camping canteen and a multi-tool with 17 functions. At the end of the party, Rose gave us some cool, custom, Rum N’ Root Beer puzzles to take home with us. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

After we went home that night, I used my new multi-tool to fix one of my Lego figures, and my brother and I raced each other to see who could put our Rum N’ Root Beer puzzles together the fastest. My time was one minute forty-eight seconds. I am really looking forward to the next SPSC events, hope to see you there. 

By Shadrac


R.O.A.D.I.E.S find a solution!


The ROADIES pulled the training trailer from the beach in preparation for Hurricane Vidalia (the V is silent) on August 29th.  A lot of effort goes into preparing for the move and thanks to Dave Denmark aka Cap’m Wafer with his bad mofo truck, we got it pulled out and moved to the Snug Harbor area, away from waves. As you may know, salt water has not been kind to the metal on the structure and rust is everywhere. Huh? was worried the wheels wouldn’t turn but zooming down Beaty Taff and Shell Point Road at 5mph, they held up fine.  The highway patrolman sitting in the parking lot at the beach knew better than to mess with us. The trailer got settled in Snug Harbor.

With the last lesson coming up as well as the Endless Summer, we knew we had to get it back to the beach, so on September 6th at 12:30pm, we gathered at the trailer and hooked it up to Dave’s truck once again. Pulling slowly out of Snug Harbor onto Shell Point Road, Cap’m Wafer heard a load crack and being the lead vehicle, I looked in my rear view and noticed the front of the trailer was a lot closer to the ground than it should be. Turns out the rusty trailer tongue and coupler broke but not clean off, so Cap’m Wafer was able to slowly turn onto the road next to the Fires Station and park it there, out of everyone’s way.

The coolest thing about the ROADIES is that they never throw their hands up in exasperation but always come up with solutions to problems.  Though there might be cussing, it is not done in anger but in realizing just how f*%&ed up the situation was.  Cap’m Wafer, who for some reason has familiarity with a tow company called Hobby’s Towing located in metropolitan Shadeville, gave them a call and the gentleman with the truck was soon there.  He knew exactly where we wanted to put it since his wife comes to the beach and likes to sit between the tree and the trailer and had noticed the trailer was missing!

Hobby’s Towing got the trailer back to where it belonged with ease, minus the front appendage, so we are ready for one more training day, several practice days, and the Endless Summer.  If you EVER have a need for towing and you are in Wakulla county, call Hobby’s because they are good!  Thanks goes to Quartermaster whose incredible and inspirational leadership got us through this! We won’t even talk about the broken spigot and spewing water

Haiku and Limerick Corner September submissions

Submit your Haiku and Limericks to and get published!


Limerick: Bill Olsen:

There is a man named Wright Finney
Whose legs are incredibly skinny
He said with a smile
They’ve been that way a while
And the flamingos all look on with envy


Haiku: From Bob Andrews:

The ROADIES showed up

Return trailer to the beach

A lug nut event


Haikus: Ted Avellone

Humble sailboard

thy tiny ark carries me

cross great swell and crest


Deep Shell Point channel

betwixt the markers does lie

where dark currents thrid


Blue grey paneled hall

monument of the ages

in you holds all gear


No wake sign behold

magnet for wandering sails

awful ripping sound

SPSC Club Minutes, Tuesday, 8/8/2023

Place: District 850

Got the BIG room and with 15 people in attendance, it worked out great, though I’m surprised more folks weren’t there with all the things that are happening.


Commodore: Was worried about the possibility of lightning during the Rum ‘n’ Root Beer but we got lucky, no one got hit, and the event was a great success thanks to Rose


Vice Commodore: Thanked Mark for his service thus far since he will be traveling but back for a short stint in November.


Scribe:  Thanked Ted for starting the Haiku corner, again and Bill suggested adding limericks to it, which we will. Shaddy will be writing an article about the RnR.



  • 309.55 went out for planter hardware and some mushroom anchors for the Summer Series races.

  • Paid $2644.52 for insurance, half of which will be shared by the Smith Foundation.

  • $1600 allocated for training.  Balance is healthy. 

  • Memberships are at 95.


Rum ‘n’ Root Beer:

Great success and Rose would not let the weather deter having fun!  Though she couldn’t get all the games in she wanted due to the weather, everyone had a great time and the pot-luck was held under Aloi’s house!  The ONLY expense was the shirts, since Rose and Chris graciously donated all other items. Jack suggested a lightning rod challenge for the next event. Rose gave out even more prizes at the meeting.


Upcoming events and actions:

  • Elections– Board recommended slate of electors: Commodore: Kristin Korinko, Vice: TBA, Scribe: BobbyG, Purser: Wright. We will get board nominations at next meeting.

  • Trailer –Block up ahead of the axles to support the floor.  See if wheels turn.   We all agree that the less visual disruption on the beach the better.

  • Social Hour – Finnegan’s Wake.

  • Training – 2 lessons left but 3 summer series races.

  • Endless Summer – Get donations like gift cards from your favorite restaurants.  Will setup a meeting for the ES and have a proposed budget by next meeting.


New Business:

Baekgaard bags like the ones at the Stephen C. Smith auction are available with the SPSC logo on them.



Mark shared pictures, video, and commentary on his trip out to the Gorge and Seattle for some LT racing and teaching.  Everyone loved the story of his rental car keys falling into the river.


Adjourned at around 7:51. 

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