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July 2024

Commodore's Comments
by Kristin Korinko, Commdore 2024!


Aahh.. July... Happy Independence Day to all! 

Greetings all esteemed club members!


Summer has definitely begun off to a great start!  I would like to thank the board members who have graciously stepped up to steer the rig for me in my absence.  Lotsa love to those of you who have reached out to me.  My Mother is doing quite well, and I am looking forward to continuing my second tenure as your Commodore.  


Lessons and the Summer Series have both been kicked into high gear!  For additional information, please take a look at the events section of our website. 


We have also started to look toward upcoming events including the Rum and Rootbeer and the Endless Summer Classic.  I have completed the T-shirt design and cannot wait to disclose it next month.   Please feel free to give me a shout out if you are willing and able to volunteer on any small but needed tasks. 


Shout out to all our July birthdays !  Enjoy the next trip around the sun, calm seas, and peak winds folks!


Just a reminder, our next club meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 9th at District 850.  We hope that you will be there to both share and pick up more windsurfing tidbits!   

We hope to see you there!

Kristin Korinko (Olson)

Commodore, 2024



Practice Day and Summer Series


June 23rd was a practice day not to be missed, even though most of you did.  The Apalachee Bay Yacht Club (ABYC), under the leadership of John McBride, had a variety of their sailboats down at the beach starting at 10am until about 4, allowing people to sign up to sail them on their own after being checked out by an experienced sailor.  In addition, our own Rick Upson brought his Weta sailboat down and took lots of people out, allowing many of them to sail it back in.  The Weta is fast!

This event was so successful that the ABYC is going to do it again on July 7th, so come on down if you want to try other vessels other than a sailboard.

The magic countdown box worked for the races that took place.  There was LOTS of wind, and for some of us, a bit more than we could handle.  However, Wright ran some great races and there was some awesome competition on the water.  Currently in first place in their respective fleets, before any throw outs, are; Joes Sisson (Open Unlimited), Ryne Least (Open Limited), Vaughan Williams (Windsurfer LT), and Ava Voss (Sport). In case you missed it last time, chances are we have you registered for the summer series if you have ever raced in any of our big events.  Racing is free and the grand prize for EACH fleet is a cool gold trophy and a $1, IN CASH and TAX FREE, grand prize for each fleet.


Why We Weren’t at the Beach!

(July Edition – Ron and Judi hit the trail… the Jax Ale Trail!)


(We're thrilled to introduce a new section in our newsletter: "Why We Weren’t at the Beach!" In this space, we'll be shining a light on the fascinating and diverse hobbies, talents, side hustles, and travels of our amazing members. Get ready to discover their often-unknown pursuits and adventures, highlighting the wealth of creativity and passion they have!)


A few years ago, Judi and I were in Jacksonville, Florida to attend a Jacksonville Icemen, minor league hockey match. We love to visit breweries when we travel. In addition to getting to try some amazing local beers, every brewery we’ve been to has had its own unique setting, vibe, etc. Many also offer delicious food either in their onsite kitchen or via rotating food trucks, that we also enjoy trying out!


While we aren’t usually there long enough to partake, we get a big kick out of seeing the variety of events that many of these breweries host. Everything from the usual trivia, karaoke, etc. to even more varied activities like “adult summer camp”, painting, soap-making, “space prom”, glass-blowing, and a host of others!


While visiting a brewery before that hockey match, we saw stack of “Jax Ale Trail” Passports stacked on the bar and asked the bartender to explain what they were…


The Jax Ale Trail in Jacksonville, Florida, offers a delightful beer-related adventure for locals and visitors alike. You start by acquiring a “Jax Ale Trail Brewery Passport” at any one of the over-20 participating breweries. You can also go digital by downloading the Visit Jax app! Whether printed or digital, this passport will be your guide as you explore the trail.


You then visit each brewery on the Jax Ale Trail list. Order a beer or drink and get your passport stamped. The more breweries you explore, the more stamps you collect! Starting with four stamps collected, you start earning prizes. Get a Jax Ale Trail koozie with four stamps; a koozie and t-shirt with eight, or… go for the “super secret prize” by completing the entire passport!


We have probably visited Jacksonville five or six times over the past few years and always fit in a brewery trip or three when we do. We always tie these trips to our other adventures and have gone for Jacksonville Icemen hockey matches, amazing shows at Alhambra Dinner Theatre, shopping at IKEA, shark’s teeth hunting at the local beaches, shopping at St. John’s Town Center, Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp AAA minor league baseball games, and other fun adventures! Across these visits we have thus far amassed ~16 stamps in our Jax Ale Trail Passports!


And while we may not be at the beach as much as we like and certainly haven’t really been honing our sailboarding skills much… Since it is said that the SPSC is a “Drinking club with a sailboarding problem.”, we feel like we are least continuing to hone our skills in OTHER key areas of our important membership in our beloved club!


We hope to see you all at the beach again soon… or on the “trail”! NOSTROVIA! 😉


SPSC Club Minutes, Tuesday, 6/11/2024

Place: District 850

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Vice Commodore Avellone and 17 members present.


Minutes approved at 7:05.


Commodore Kristen:  Absent.


Vice Commodore Ted: Ain’t Got Nothin’ (AGN)


Scribe Bob: Lots of great articles, so please read the minutes.


Purser Wright:  Collected about $300 in dues and we have money in the bank.  Membership stands at 93.


Past Commodore: In Italy racing.


Board member Vaughan: Summer series race is fun but there was concern about the proximity of some motorized boats. Not much can be done about folks that don’t know how to navigate a motor boat but stay wary and don’t assume they know what they are doing.


Discussion items:

Need to get Instagram connected to our Facebook feed.


The information pamphlet is done, and we are waiting for a price from Target Copy center.


The Lug nut award was presented to Bob Andrews who regaled us with his story on how he earned it. Ask him about it sometime.


Beach Report: Roof on trailer popping up.  Stairs on trailer need work.  Looking at collecting the mounds of oyster shells on the east side to put under bench in hopes of preventing more sand erosion.  Workday is coming up.  Good discussions. Before the race on Sunday, we were able to get the protruding metal rod on the east side cut.


Tina presented Kristen Kraus with her trophy for LAST year’s Endless Summer racing.


The social coordinator announced a club social at Ology Northside for June 14th.


During our practice day on Jun 23rd. the ABYC(Apalachee Bay Yacht Club) will also be there to see if anyone wants to sail a sit down boat or go out with someone on a Hobie.


The presentation was on centerboard gasket replacement.  Bob presented his way of doing it and Ted presented his way.  Now that we have both done it durability will be the key going forward.  Vaughan presented a way to prevent the LT centerboard from seizing on the gasket. The entire discussion was very helpful.


Adjourned when all was said and done at 8:10.


Upcoming Events:

  • Summer Series, June 2nd - August 4th , 2pm

  • Rum ‘n’ Root beer, August 11 (Sunday), Chair: Nancy

  • Endless Summer Sailboard Classic, October 12-14, Chair: Kristin Korinko

  • Atlanta Fall Classic, October 18-20, Chair: Chris Voith*

  • Presnell’s Bayside Marina, November 17-24, Chair: None*

  • Christmas Party, December 14, Chair: Ted Avellone

  • Festivus, December 15 or 22, Chair: Vaughan Williams

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