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February 2022

Commodore Comments

Rolling into February

Rolling into February, Life is good, and love is in the air! First, I would like to congratulate Rose and Chris Lane on their recent marriage and the upcoming marriage of Bill Olsen and Kristin Korinko. 

Swami and the festoons have been practicing. Yes, you heard that correctly.   The cat yowling sounds and loud thumps coming out of the old schoolhouse are getting more consistent, and we plan to have a great Wind Ceremony this March 26th. It’s a great event with a potluck dinner, bonfire, and frivolity until the early morning hours. Please mark your calendars. It is sure to be the  Spring soiree to attend.

Mark Powell gave an excellent Recommendation about ABK Board Sports  The Camp is run by Andi Brandt, who conducts classes in Florida during the

winter. You can check out the URL I have listed. There is nothing like lessons to get you to the next level or try out some of the newer equipment, such as wing and foil sailing. 

I look forward to seeing you at the beach!

Jack May

SPSC Commodore

Commodore 2022.jpg

Well Bill and Kristin officially did it this weekend . . .


, , , with grace and style and plenty of smiles. But Bill owes his commitment to Kristin and to the ceremony to . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . his Bachelor Party! I mean, he wasn't ready to toss his opportunities without one last night of lap dances from a sultry vixen with furry handcuffs and all manner of erotic toys. We searched all over Panacea, Sopchoppy, East Point, Sumatra to the west . . . St Marks, Cedar Key,  Horseshoe and Keaton Beach to the east . . . and we couldn't find a sultry or otherwise vixen who had more teeth than fingers . . . not that this dental prowess would have been a problem for Bill . . . the rest of us couldn't handle that little porcelain . . . and that few fingers. Well, at least we tried.


So we put together an invitation that included the following:

“Wouldn't it be nice if we were all 23 and went bar hopping all night long and scored a few stripper lap dances along the way?  Well, maybe not . . . we'd have another 45 years of working for the man ahead of us.  So let's enjoy our laid back silver years with a celebration of Bill's future nuptials right here in Shell Point.”


No vixens...but plenty of fun, food and drink.  


We started off the day with a noon bike ride at Munson.  I believe there were around 9 participants including Adam wearing his best mountain biking footwear...flip flops!  Brave . . . 

Everyone started gathering at Shell Point around 4:30 or so. First up were . . . surprise surprise . . . martinis. Here's a picture of the group after the initial Festoons!

After martinis was a shrinp and grits dinner catered by Storm's Shrimp Shack and boy oh boy was it delicious! Shrimp and grits, salad and Texas toast (honoring our Texas bachelor) was washed down by an IPA homebrew treat prepared by master brewer, Stacklyn . . . thank you, John!  Afterwards we were treated to a table of bottles that would make AA cringe.  Included was a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue, a fine bottle of Laphroaig, and several other bottles that made the night roll on!

DJ Bobby G spun a special playlist inspired by Bill's eclectic musical taste . . . think heavy on Wolf Alice, Pogues, Robert Earl Keene, Dropkick Murphys. . . plus DJ Bobby G turned into VJ Bobby G as he put together a great slideshow featuring . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . The Bachelor of the Night! Oh and we also stole the neighbor's ping pong table which included a 4 drink minimum.

A fire was laid and lit but, alas, it was extinguished by the impending downpour.  The party somehow continued on . . . maybe the bottle table had something to do with that. Anyway, we stayed dry under the house as we told lies and laughed a lot . . . and played some really embarrassing ping pong.


And certainly one of the highlights of the evening was when Ron Harrison's wife Judy, dressed in her skintight leather leggings, came to pick up Ron.  He left with a sly smile on his face and the rest of us are glad we can't unsee that . . . and I'm not talking about the sly smile!


A special thanks to everyone who came especially long travelers Kracker, Andy R. and John G.


So, Bill, we're sorry we didn't find the “dentist's dream” for you but it looks like we saved the day for Kristin!  The most happiness ever to you two.  Festoons!

Sunset Bar

SPSC Club Meeting –Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Called to order at 7:33 with 11 members present. We figured the crowd would be light due to Omicron.

Place:  District 850.  The food and beer, just like last time, were great. No games were played in advance of the meeting.  Since several of us were at a large table, others joined as the came in, and we just held the meeting at the table.  We let the owners know.

Commodore: Jack introduced himself and promised to make Shell Point Awesomely Zonkers! (Spaz for short)  He had no agenda so the notes will attempt to follow some kind of logic, but don’t bet on it! No Agenda, but one of his administrations goals is to improve communication so that if someone is going down to sail, or the wind is good, we can let the most people know.

Vice Commodore: Was absent due to the Seminoles playing at the Civic Center and needing him to cheer them on.  It worked, FSU won!

Scribe: Thanked Angel and Paul for their great articles.

Purser: We have money in the bank and gave a donation of $1,325 for the Shriners Children Hospital.  To find out how much, read next month’s newsletter!  Membership numbers are low but don’t include all the people who have forgotten, which become more and more as we age more and more.

Festivus:  Went off very well.  His highness the Commodore indicated sound effects with the swords would have added a lot.

Events for 2021:

  • November:  Atlanta Fall Classic: November 6-7

  • Presnell’s:  November 18-22

  • December: Christmas Party: December 11

  • Festivus:  December 19


Old Business:  Jack came down to Shell Point on New Year’s Day and noticed all the folks sailing and the puffin races going on in the basin.  It was a lovely day.  At this point, the Commodore got off topic and started saying something about marching bands.  We all smiled and nodded as he blathered on.

New Business:  Band is practicing every Tuesday the club doesn’t meet.  Trying to cut down on the safety meetings to get more practice time in.   Bob Andrews asked about the Keys and there wasn’t much response since we are not going this year and a future return is not looking real hopeful. Some people are down on Fiesta Key so a site more amenable to our tribe would be nice.  Joe mentioned a camping trip to Lake Seminole.  Bob spoke about lessons and that the schedule was coming out shortly. He also wished to get a Sunday summer series started but did not wish to run it. 

Other News:  Perry’s birthday January 12th, as jokes abounded about age and what not.  Bill’s bachelor party on Saturday, the 15th, and his nuptials to Kristin on February 5th.  Smith Planning meeting on January 17th, so by the time you read this, you will have missed it.

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