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September 2021

Commodore Comments

So, What's the Big Deal

You just took your first sailboard lesson this summer, loved it and joined the club!  That’s a big deal! Congratulation for making that leap of faith, signing up for a lesson, showing up for a lesson and not giving up throughout the lesson!

Hopefully after you joined the Shell Point Sailboard Club you came out for our practice days. There are still two more practice days left in September which you can take advantage of and work on those brand-new skills. 

Don’t forget there is an awesome opportunity for you to try out those new skills in a no pressure fun way at our Endless Summer Sailboard Classic in the novice races. I know Me race? But I just learned.

I know, I was you and yes you can and should. Why? Because it is fun!  Tina makes the Novice races fun for everyone and racing will give you a whole new perspective on sailboarding which is another way of saying you will learn some more stuff, get some more practice, and have fun!  

That is only part of why we want you to come on out to our club’s biggest event of the year! You can be a spectator and watch the big dogs race to see how they fair. Yes, even the really good people fall off their boards too! Well, there are a few exceptions, but I won’t name names. Yours truly would NOT be one of those names.  Anyhow, back to touting the Endless Summer.


Did you see what you get for the price of registration . . . Dinner Saturday night with door prizes, a really cool shirt just to name a few things, but the absolute BEST PART is a chance to meet other SPSC club members, chit chat, mingle and make new friends!!!!  We really want to meet you! This is a weekend long event so there will plenty of opportunities for you to experience the SPSC comradery that is delightfully unique.


After this event there is still MORE ways to meet your fellow members before the end of the year and engage in this comradery I speak of so fondly.   Please check out our calendar of events to see our club meetings, upcoming trips, Christmas Party and ending the year with Festivus along with the end of my reign. 

For those of you who have been to 33 of the Endless Summer Sailboard Classic events—Well, that is also a Big Deal!!!  I truly hope you will join us again this year for more racing and comradery that can only happen with you there.

All my best to each you.

Rose McCaffrey

endless summer.JPG
SPSC - 21 EndlessSummer LgB start.jpg

34th  Annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic
October 15th-17th, 2021

Online registration is available again this year via Credit/Debit/PayPal.  No extra service fees will be added when registering online.  You do not need a PayPal account.

Register on or before October 1st, to guarantee your shirt size.
Early registration which saves you money, ends at Midnight on Wednesday, October 6th.  After midnight on October 6th, registration fees increase.
Online registration will close at 12 Noon on Thursday, October 14th.  However, you can register at the event beginning Friday night at 4pm.
.Registration for windsurfers or guests is now open!  For every person attending the event, please complete either a windsurfer or guest registration form.

Read more about Notice of Race, Charter Boards, registration fees and . . .


Proposed By-Laws and Constitution Changes

Posting in newsletter as required by SPSC Constitution


(A Not-For-Profit Florida Corporation)


(A Not-For-Profit Florida Corporation)


 - Silvia

Rum & Root Beer (and 2020)

Perry, Sandy.jpg

This was my first time participating in the Rum & Root Beer. Actually, no, I did do the online scavenger hunt last year, which was a beautiful way to virtually meet many members; so, this year’s was my first in person Rum & Root Beer ever. Bobby, Sandra, Perry and a few fun-loving others came up with games and competitions on the beach, right by the windsurfing cabin at Shellpoint.

I have to say I am always amazed at people’s creativity in these events, at the fun games and hilarious challenges they come up with. I have zero imagination for that — I remember the stress of organizing birthday parties for my kids when they were in preschool. How do you make something fun for a three-year old? I still have blurry memories of a game in which they were all blindfolded and screaming and had to pin a paper donkey’s tail as close as possible to the donkey’s body. Did they have fun? I have no idea, because the only thing I remember is how stressful it was. Not to mention that there was always a Pinata at those parties, and there was always at least one kid who found that beating a look-alike cartoon character with a bat until it exploded with candy was a traumatizing thing. Which, if you think about it... but I digress.


For the virtual Rum & Root Beer, last year, we had to make eyebrows out of edible items, dress up and dance Saturday Night Fever, carve a sailboat out of soap and wax our legs with whatever we had in the house, which made for an incredibly fun and hilarious Sunday afternoon, possibly the most energizing social gathering I was part of all year. It made me feel connected — because when your goal is to sing I am a little teapot in front of a camera without screwing up too much, out of a lonely Zoom box, you really appreciate all your teammates’ boxes cheering you up.

This year, we were divided in teams of two, and we competed against six other teams. I was partnered with Bob Andrews, whom I didn’t know well before (he knows me now!); he looked a bit taken aback by my competitiveness, but he did take it in stride and won the sailboarding race for us. Then we had to do various challenges like pretend to be shipwrecked mates jumping on flotsam, throw hoops at each other and catch them with our bodies, and walk in tandem on wooden planks in what looked like a drunken version of cross-country skiing, which we kicked ass at, and ended in third place overall.

Did I have fun? Yes! There’s nothing like pretending the sand is the ocean and you are lost at sea and have to jump from one flotsam to the next to avoid drowning to bring you right back to your inner three-year old, donkey’s tail and all. Which, as we all know, is something we really need, especially in times like these, together with rum and root beer to take home at the end, instead of Pinata candies.

Rum ‘n’ Root Beer 2021, Ahoy Thar Matey!! = Bob Graves

Fun event.  No pirate invasion as promised, but the folks who attended had a great time and the people that helped did great.  Giving instruction on newly created games is tricky.  Thanks to Ron Harrison for the great pictures.  Those who didn’t attend missed the opportunity to see Tina, Perry, and Richard race longboards once again! 


The Mysterious Commodore and Board - Rose McCaffrey


This article is about how I got to know folks in the club and participate more.  Like many new members, I took a lesson back in May 2014 with my son.  He decided it was not for him, but I absolutely loved it.


So, I just kept coming back again and again to practice on the beach. Slowly I started to meet more and more people in the club.  It took a while to remember their names and figure out which Bob was which Bob and that one Bob is actually a Bab, and which Chris was a Kris and that Digger and Dave were actually the same person. All the while asking a bunch of questions for help on how to do this, that and then this and that again while learning to sailboard and rig my own equipment.  There was the uphauls, downhauls, masts, sails, booms, thingy majiggy that helps downhaul and oh, by the way there is a Board, not the one you stand on, and a mysterious person called the Commodore.


A what?  The Commodore and they are on the Board. Oh, wow, they sound super important - board members! A Commodore! Where are they? Who are they? I was very intimidated by the Board and the Commodore. Now keep in mind at this point I had not gone to any club meetings, and then I went.


A Club meeting was another opportunity to meet more people and learn more names. As I sat and listened to the hilarious banter of members discussing club events, planning club events, and joking around, suddenly, these board members were not so intimidating nor was the Commodore mysterious. I asked of course, How do you get on the Board?   At one of these club meetings, we voted for some of these hilarious people to be on the board and to become the next Commodore.  So, you do have to be nominated and accept the nomination, and then be voted onto the board, but you start as an at large member. The at large member does not have any specific event to chair and you have a chance to learn more about the various events and help plan. Later you could be nominated to become the vice Commodore who then challenges the current Commodore to feats of strength at our Fesitivus celebration in December to become the next Commodore, at least until the next year when you will be challenged by the next Vice Commodore to their choice of feats of strength. The mysterious person was now me, “The Commodore”, and the board not so mysterious after all.

SPSC Club Meeting –Tuesday, August 10th, 2021


Called to order at 7:33, the beginning of a great and fun club meeting.  Read on.

Place:  District 850.  The food and beer were good and there will be ax throwing challenges prior to the next meeting.  Mark had both the Men’s and Women’s Olympic windsurfing finals on the large screen tv for us to view during and after the meeting.  Amazing stamina watching how much pumping they do plus it was the last year for RS:X before switching to foils.

Attendance:  A paltry 13 member showed up to this new great meeting venue that they are graciously letting use use for free. 

Commodore:  Asked for a motion to approve the minutes and all approved. Thanked Bob for chairing the Rum ‘n’ Root Beer and said it was good.  Thanked the ROADies for getting the flagpole looking nice and then awarded the ROADies with a shirt depicting their special skill based on their names, Huh?, Fractions, Quartermaster, Suds, and Captain Wafer

Vice Commodore:  Said he had nothing yet continued to talk.

Scribe:  Thanked Kathy Voigt for great article on Keys trips through the years and thanked the windsurfing students and ROADies for great material to write about.

Purser:  We have cash in the bank.  Paid $1878 for insurance but the Smith Foundation will reimburse us 800.  Spent $292.66 for Smith prep and flagpole.  Rum ‘n’ Root Beer and expenses of $86.05 with no revenue.  Memberships stand at 79.  Time to re-up!

Rum ‘n’ Root Beer:  Fun event.  No pirate invasion as promised, but the folks who attended had a great time and the people that helped did great.  Giving instruction on newly created games is tricky.  Thanks to Ron Harrison for the great pictures.  Those who didn’t attend missed the opportunity to see Tina, Perry, and Richard race longboards once again! 

Endless Summer:  Rose asked for a budget of $7,000 and, before putting it to vote, went through justifying it.  When it went to vote, Mark Voigt said he wanted to be heard.  To everyone’s astonishment, he asked it be bumped up to $8,000!  Paramedics came quickly to revive people.  The budget of $7,000 was passed.  Rose wants a planning meeting on August 16.  She had not heard from Posey’s yet and wants a race committee to which Mark and Perry volunteered.


Events for 2021:

August:           Rum ‘n’ Root Beer: August 8.  Bob G. chair and Endless Summer Planning Meeting: August 16

September:    Election of Board: September 7

October:         Endless Summer: October 16-17 

November:     Atlanta Fall Classic, November 6-7, Presnell’s: November 18-22

December:    Christmas Party: December 11 and Festivus: December 19


Old Business:  READ the constitutional revisions so you can vote on them in September.

Slate for Board:  Commodore: Jack, Vice Commodore: Mark Powell, Scribe: Bob Graves, Purser: Wright Finney, At Large: Kristin Korinko, Joe Sisson, Deb Berlinger, Perry Morris, Dave Denmark.  Much discussion between Dave and Perry as to who should get it.  Hoping some new folks step up but this Covid stuff has cut into our activities and new folks knowing what we are about.

Next meeting is September 14th at District 850. Adjourned at 8:25

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