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Jump n' Jibe Journal

September 2020


Commodora's Comments - "Decisions . . . decisions"

Happy September Esteemed Club Members

Esteemed club members!  As we enter into the Fall/Winter seasons of 2020, let our "vision" not be one of "discontent" with our recent and distant past but rather "optimism" with what is to come.   (Okay.. very punny for a Sunday and Shakespeare Kristin... really?) hehe! 



The "I up'ed mine so up yours" continues.  If you have not already renewed, please visit the link on our webpage for membership!  Don't be a Scofflaw.


An election that we can all agree upon:

Voting has begun for the 2021 slate of SPSC officers.  Please check your email as the deadline for virtual voting is coming up soon!  


2020 Endless Summer "Regatta?"

As it most likely comes as no surprise to all, this year's regatta will not have all the pagentry (aka BEER TRUCK AND RACING) as in previous years.  However, our club has been "leaning in" all year long to make our events successful!  We hope that the Endless Summer will be no different.


Check out the artwork dreamed up by yours truly and brought to life by our Swami!! It is important to note that it will be proudly printed by Homestead (It has always been thus) T-shirts on a Gold rash guard with a scoop neck (mens) and a V-neck (ladies).  The design will display in Garnet:)  Please watch your email for the cue to hit the event information and registration link. 

At your service,

Kristin Korinko,

SPSC Commodora


Rum n' Root Beer

"The Great Covid Caper"

Thank you to Everyone that supported the 2020 Rum and Rootbeer “Great Covid Caper”.

I appreciate the willingness to play a game when you had no idea what you were getting yourself into, but boy did all of you totally go ALL in.  And that my friends is the Rum and Rootbeer Spirt that I love to see!


Back in June I ranted that I wanted something epic this year that was fun and funny and created some positive memories this year to lift up everyone’s spirit even if its just for a little while.  This years’ game far exceeded my expectations. Now concretely embedded in my memory are priceless images. All I need to do is think of this years RnR and instantly a smile or grin comes upon my face if not an all out belly laugh. My stomach muscles are still recovering from laughing so hard watching all the submissions.


For those that did not get the chance to play I’d like to give you a small glimpse into what you missed and perhaps you can experience just a tad of what I had the absolute pleasure of viewing as the game manager.  I created over 100 missions of all sorts. I will give some examples along with the various teams submissions for you to get a better idea of what in the world the participants are doing in the pictures and/or videos.  Here are just a few of my favorite missions for various reasons. I did have a blast thinking them up, but to see them come to fruition was pure delight to say the least.  Priceless truly Priceless memories.

There were SO MANY missions it was hard to pick just a few to showcase. Hopefully we can show a slide show of all the submissions sometime in the future. Knowing  what the missions were gives you a small glimpse into all the fun that everyone had this year.. I think it also gives everyone a much better perspective and appreciation for the camaraderie, creativity and the SPSC spirit.  Enjoy!!

With affections.


Your vice,



Silky Smooth - Film a video of a team member getting part of their body waxed.  This was worth a 1000 points and I honestly did not thing anyone would even do it – boy did I underestimate the players.

The Justice League

The Night's Watch

Guardians of the Galaxy


Angry Eyebrows - Let’s see your angry eyebrows. Made out of food.


Guardians of the Galaxy

The Justice League

Mystery, Inc.


Aww Shucks - Come up with a name of an oyster breeding company, NOT using the word “oyster” . “breeding”.

Gru's Crew - Snots R Us😂

Mystery Inc. - Pearl Pairing

The Guardians of the Galaxy - suck 'em love

The Justice League - MotherShuckers

The Nights watch - Shuck bay babies

The Rebel Alliance - Spats where it's at


Chopped - Mission description: Make your best edible dish and show finished dish, presentation counts, name it and taste it. Only use 4 slices of bread, 2 eggs, pickles, corn or broccoli and peanut butter.

Mystery, Inc.

The Justice League


Creepy - Dress up as a spooky doll. Bonus points if you creep out the game manager.


Mystery, Inc.

The Justice League

The Night's Watch


Saturday Night Fever - Take a video of a team member performing their best disco moves. Bonus points for costumes.

Gru's Crew

Mystery, Inc.

The Rebel Alliance


Weenus - Lick the end of your elbow

Gru's Crew

Mystery, Inc.

Guardians of the Galaxy


Participating in the Great Covid Caper by Michelle Steward

It was a day of unexpected camaraderie and good old-fashioned fun. I had never participated in a Shell Point event, so I went in without any expectations. And boy was I surprised that the Rum and Rootbeer would be the highlight of my 2020 so far! Everyone went full boar with the challenges and had a blast doing it. There were talents showcased that you never would've known existed in this motley crew...and it's safe to say that some of them should be kept that way. My competitive nature kept me running around the house and neighborhood trying to do whatever I could for my team; I don't think my husband had seen me that excited in a long time. Not to mention my team, Mystery Inc, pulled out a win at the end of a very close game!! I will definitely be back next year for the real deal!

Thank You!

At the beach we usually focus on windsurfing and, in some cases, drinking.  The beauty of the sport is that it does not matter what we do when we are not at the beach, we share an enjoyment of windsurfing and each other.  However, during this unusually trying time,  I would like to give a shout out to our club members who are health care workers and law enforcement.  I would also like to keep those in our thoughts who are teachers, students, and service people who are out in the public and at risk.    Thank you all and stay safe and stay connected.


Board Meeting Minutes in lieu of Club Meeting Minutes

August 4th, 2020


Location: The Finney’s back porch, socially distanced and masked for the most part.


Cuisine: Personal Pizza’s and salad from Dead Elephant aka Red Elephant.


Called to order at 7:34, Late start due to fishing stories by Jack and Joe.

Commodore:  Kristin congratulated the Smith Regatta on raising $14k for the American Cancer Society.  She is looking forward to the Rum ‘n’ Root Beer (R’n’R).  Talk ensured about having a Zoom meeting after the event to recap the madcaps.  Wrap-up on the R'n'R will be at 6:30 via Zoom, Sunday, during Martini’s.


Vice Commodore: Rose said enough gaiters were sold to cover the costs of the R’n’R.  There will be over 100 missions and hopefully 6 teams.  Game automatically starts at 2 p.m. and ends at 6 p.m.  Lots of talk about the game.

Interjection: Kristin asked how Mike Boll was doing.  Jack said he is cognitively unable to continue to work and is still at Brooks rehab hospital in Jacksonville.  Left side is paralyzed.  Wright said we used to do a big card and have everyone sign it to send to an infirmed person.


Scribe: Had nothing to contribute.


Purser:  Have $money in the bank.  Upcoming bills are R’n’R, rig purchase for training, and insurance.  Dues due 1 month from now, beginning of September.  We have 3 new memberships bringing us to a total of 74 memberships.


Lessons:  Joe was only one with mask at beach.  Kristin asked about sanitizing.  Lessons folks have been counting on the salt water to wash stuff away.  Talked about what more can be done, like spraying down booms.  Joe asked if we were safe doing lessons.  Someone asked if maybe we should have a checklist like doctors do questioning people's health.  Need Danielle to check on medical kits and replenish.


Beach Workday: August 7th at 10 a.m.  Rebuild concrete block supports under trailer.


Action Items:  Need to find a good boat day to fix Windy.  Need a stretch of dry days to fix the flagpole which seems to be a long way off.


Intermission:  Comic interlude here about bleach and UV lights to fight Covid-19.


Elections: Wright said to send out email nominating folks with the Board recommending Rose for Commodore, Jack for Vice, Wright for Purser, and Bob for scribe.


Second Intermission: Rose asked about Festivus which devolved into lots of stories of Festivus past.


Constitution: Kristin wants to amend the constitution to include information for virtual stuff.  Lots of discussion which will need to be considered during the next administration based on the current constitution's time limits in amending it.

Website: Deb talked about new website and server.  The idea is to make web support easier for people not versed in html and stuff to take some load off of Deb.


Endless Summer:  Kristin wants to do a rash guard.  Not sure what the event will look like though some folks want to do some racing.  Wright talked about what tent rentals and such cost.  Need to find out if some of the key folks for racing like Tina, Perry, and Mark are willing to do something.


Meeting adjourned (yes, I forgot exactly what time, but sometime around 9:20).

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