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October 2022

Commodore Comments

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I just had some trees cut down last week; they were old and were considered nuisance trees by Leon County.  During the tree removal, I was amazed as the equipment showed up just as it was needed and a job that several contractors estimated to be five days was completed in two.

This is also the case with the folks who spend their free time volunteering with SPSC. They come in when needed and get the job done. I use the term “fire and forget”. These volunteers have a track record of getting things done. I don’t want to minimize their work because they do it so effectively that no one knows the effort that goes into putting on a SPSC event. There is nothing more gratifying than working with this well-oiled team known as SPSC.


I would also like to thank all the sponsors who contributed to our event. Your support allows us to keep training new Windsurfing sailors and promote a sport that brings together our community.

Your Commodore,

Jack May

Hurricane Ian ~ by Bob Graves

Hurricane Ian’s direction was not known for certain until about the Tuesday before it hit.  Its earlier path had it coming up to destroy Shell Point, so we prepared for it.  For those with homes at the coast, most of us moved gear off the ground level elsewhere.

As a club, out concern was with the training trailer, with any storm not only possibly destroying it but making it into a battering ram to other houses.  On Sunday, Joe and I prepped the trailer to be moved and new Paul had volunteered his F-350 for the task of pulling it out on Monday

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should the need arise. We removed the skirting, the concrete support blocks, and the stairs and put the stuff on the outside rack inside.  A truck could back right up to it and pull it out. When we decided not to pull it out on Tuesday, Dave was kind enough to be on standby with his truck on Wednesday should the need arise. While Joe and I were prepping the trailer, Wright and Stan were

moving the 25’ sailboat donated to the Smith regatta that was tied up at my dock.  If the storm had come here, that boat would have destroyed the dock and possibly some nearby houses. 

They moved the boat over to the Walker creek area and dropped two anchors to secure it.


As we all know, the storm didn’t come here and instead of a surge, all the water disappeared from the area.  The Sunday before the Smith, a crew of Wright, Rob, Bob, Joe, Perry, and Baab got the  training trailer back in shape.

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The Divine Surferhood of the Traveling Trophy (aka the Party Animal Trophy) ~ By Kristin (The latest recipient) Korinko (Olson)

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For those of you who are brand spanking new members to our beloved club, one thing is for certain.  You have now entered into a world where folks just KNOW how to have fun, laugh, windsurf (yeah… just don’t watch me😊), and congregate!  So youngters… gather round.. for a tale of the Party Animal Trophy (PAT).

This coveted idol offered up in homage to the fun-loving God of Swami, the ultimate Party Animal, is bestowed upon that ONE Endless Summer participant who truly embodies the spirit of cutting loose and having fun.  According to Adam Bennett, the Beer Truck Meister and keeper of this flame, the rules are simple… there are NO rules!

So... in recognition of the SEVERAL brides this year who have found their soulmates (You ladies know who you are), the Queen Barbie has now been deemed BRIDAL BARBIE!  She is sporting several iconic bridal fare… even down to a pair of Panacea Nikes on her feet😊. The PAT has traveled well this year… it has seen camping trips, weddings, regattas, board meetings, furbaby “Gotcha” days.. and of course lessons, club meetings, and WINNING NOLES GAMES!!!!!! 

So prepare party people, both young and young at heart… perhaps this year could be YOUR year! 

Will you accept this challenge?

It has always been Thus . . .



A Few Memories of the 35th Endless Summer Sailboard Classic

Race Results

Club Minutes, Tuesday, 9/13/2022


Place: District 850

21 people in attendance, the record for the year! Prior to the meeting, a slideshow of all the pictures and videos from the 2020 Rum n Root Beer aka Goose Chase, were shown.

Meeting called to order at 7:31 and minutes approved at 7:32.

Bob G introduced all new members and Jack introduced the board. 

Commodore:  Not sure what he said.  I must have checked out.

Vice Commodore:  In Italy. We all wish him well in the Windsurfer LT races he wishes to be in.

Scribe:  Once again he was inundated with kudos, huzzahs, and atta boys for a job well done on the newsletter.  Thanked Rose for her last minute article on her rescue after a gale went through. 

Purser:  Money in the bank even after $2,419 was paid for insurance, a cost that will be shared with the Smith Regatta Foundation. Smith Regatta contributed to the insurance, the Rum ‘n’ Root Beer ran a little in the red, the post office box cost is going up.  Money already spent ($750) for county expenses associated with the Endless Summer.  About $1,000 spent on new board and other items for training.  Steve and Sandy Point gave us an incredible discount.  Membership at 95, highest in 20 years!.

Endless Summer:  Jack asked for a budget of $8,500 for Endless Summer and it was approved, though Bob had to be revived after fainting from the high price tag. Perry volunteered to set the marks at the ES and some other discussion ensued.

Training:  The lessons coordinator handed out bright orange hats to his trainers for this year.  The orange shirts are starting to fade.

Elections:  Elections took place after an incredible 5 minute span of ads, mudslinging, debates, and fund raising.  Before I list the winners, I wish to mention others who received votes:  Ross Perot for Vice Commodore, Ivanka Trump for Treasurer, and Queen (or is it King) Charles III for Commodore.  The winners of this year’s election are: 

Commodore: The Italian Stallion himself, Mark Powell!

Vice Commodore: Kristin “Crash” Korinko

Purser: Wright Finney, graduate of Trump University

Scribe: Bob “I read it on the Internet” Graves

Past Commodore: Jack May 

At Large Board Members: Rose Lane, Joe Sisson, and, I present to you, two of our newer club members who have stepped up (or in it?), Charlie Witherspoon, and Andrea LaBeaud. 

Upcoming Events:

October:  Endless Summer (7-9), Atlanta Fall Classic (14-16)

November:  Presnell (6-13)

December:  Christmas Party (10), Fesitvus (18)


For a complete listing with training and practice day schedule, go to:


Club Meetings: Meeting adjourned at 8:05

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