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Jump n' Jibe Journal

October 2020


A Message from the Commodora

Happy October Esteemed Club Members


Recap of What's Been Happening

Election Results

Commodore - Rose McCaffrey

VIce Commodore - Jack May

Purser - Wright Finney

Scribe - Bob Graves

Past Commodore - Kristin Korinko

Board Members

Joe Sisson

Mark Powell

Deb Berlinger

Dave Denmark

Endless Summer

Thank you for your participation.  We sold over 100 Endless Summer shirts, received a handful of "Ghost Rider" donations, and sold some RnR gaiters and Wind Ceremony shirts.

If you did not pickup your ES shirts on Saturday, October 10th, contact Commodore Kristin to make arrangements to get your shirt(s).  Kristin's contact information is or 850-294-3493.


Board Meeting, September 1, 2020


Location: Kristin Korinko’s House


Menu: Chef Bill’s fabulous Paella (with LOTS of seafood), and Torte de Santiago for dessert


Commodora:  Started the meeting at 7:35 and got the minutes passed quickly.  Said the R’n’R was awesome and that people needed that kind of break.


Vice Commodora: Was ecstatic with the outcome of the R’n’R and the fact that people were all in on the missions.


Scribe:  Will have some new authors for newsletter.


Purser: We are in the plus column in checking.  Check for R’n’R gaiters not yet cleared.  Income from Paypal not included in the total.  Expenses are $106 due for post office box, 39.98 to Danielle for medical kits, $150 for Rose for R’n’R, $1751 for insurance and $424 for training sails. 


Lessons:  Going well.


Workday: Fixed shower and supports on trailer.  Need rainy day period over before getting out to work on the flagpole.


Rum ‘n’ Root Beer:  Broke even.  Still have gaiters to sell.  Financially it was a success.  People who played had a blast and the chairs were thankful to all who played.  A few glitches but sill a major success. 


Web:  Deb is slowly moving to the new platform which is AWESOME!  Directory not there yet.  Changing password on directory at year end.


Elections: email will be sent out soon


Endless Summer: Wants to sell shirts.  Wright wanted to know why we were cancelling.  Response was because things are not better than they were back when we cancelled the Smith Regatta.  Can get fire house for distribution.  Some folks wanted some form of racing or maybe a free sail day.  When picking up shirt you can also sign card for Mike Boll.  Wright let Kristin know that this one did not need to be a money-making event.  Discussion ensued on raffled donations, if any, and how to handle them.


Christmas Party: Someone asked if it can be done on the beach and the answer was NO due to nonmembers probably crashing it.  An open area would be good.  Still up in the air.


Board Meeting Locations:  October 6th, Bob Graves (3711 Overlook Drive), November 3rd, Deb Berlinger (2502 Willamette Road), December 1st, Wright Finney (7993 Preservation Rd)


Adjourned at 8:50.

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