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November 2022

Commodore Comments

Commodore 2022.jpg

Endless Summer is in the books, and I believe it was quite successful! Plenty of new faces racing. SPSC looks good going forward. These events could not be put on with out the tireless effort of our Club members. It was good seeing Club members volunteering and able to race and have a good time also.


Volunteering and having fun are not mutually exclusive!

Your Commodore,

Jack May

Atlanta Sunset.jpg

Wish we could have stayed longer! ~ by Rose Lane

I cannot say enough about how Chris Voith & the Lake Lanier Sailing Club went above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome at the 44th Fall Classic event hosted by the Atlanta Boardsailing Club.  After a short walk through the woods on a trail covered in colorful Fall leaves, I could tell right away it was going to be a great weekend when we walked into the spacious clubhouse and saw large picture windows overlooking the lake, numerous trophies, plaques, and pen & ink drawings of past Commodores dating back to 1959 lining the walls.  In addition to the interesting history behind the club a map of Lake Lanier showed how vast it is and the lake goes far beyond what the eye can see from the clubhouse.  With cooler temps a crackling fire in the enormous stone fireplace kept things cozy and was decorated for the Fall season with pumpkins and fall flowers.  It was a group effort to complete several puzzles and a foosball table made for some fun competition.   The facility is well appointed with a bar area, an industrial kitchen, large grill, and immaculate bathrooms that were much needed after beers & martinis.

Chris and Rose at the Fall Classic.jpg
Puzzle Time.jpg

The SPSC had a good showing of people, and we made use of the facility Friday night to prepare a meal for everyone to show our support of Chris and his club and all the hard work they put into this weekend long event now in its 44th year.  WOW! 44 years ! That is very impressive to say the least. There were plenty of beverages on hand and boy did he and Deb Baber feed us well throughout the weekend with breakfast(s), lunch(s) and dinner.   

Outside the club house is a grassy area with an incredible view of Lake Lanier and a covered patio where you could just sit and watch the numerous sailboats all day long on one of the comfortable rocking chairs or bench swings.  Tent camping sites are located right next door to the clubhouse with a slightly sloped sandy beach perfect for launching your sailboard.  There were kayaks set out as well if you wanted to paddle around the lake and some extra windsurfer LTs chartered by the club for those who wished to try them out.  Again, another example of the gracious hospitality welcoming you to this event. 

Just a few steps away and an easy walk from the clubhouse is the old federal campground for all the big rig campers and with fingers of land extending in all directions it looked like everyone had a lakefront campsite.   We had wonderful Fall weather every second from sunrise to sunset with a view that you just could not get enough of with amazing sunsets.   Some of the tent campers even slept in hammocks lakeside, falling asleep watching the stars overhead. It was warm in the bright sunshine, but the water was chilly, so I did not get to partake as I did not have a wetsuit.  As I longingly looked out at the water sparkling in the sun, I realized I need to rectify that problem prior to next year and even though I didn’t get to sail it was still well worth the trip to watch the windsurfers and get to know some of the club members.

What a special treat to get to go to this event and I am so glad that we did and look forward to next year where hopefully I will get a chance to get out on the lake. Here’s to hoping our club will have even more members join in the fun next year!!

Chris Kayaking.jpg
Atlanta Sails.jpg

Atlanta Fall Classic 2022

The weather was beautiful, the wind was light but sailable, the competition and competitors were fun, and the setting and hospitality was top notch.  Sunday the wind didn’t kick up until racing was called off.  Hats off to Chris Voith who does much of this on his own but got help from William Fragakis and John Jordan!  Click here for the scores from the race. 


Messi’s & Shaddy’s Windsurfing Essays

Meshac (8 years old)

When I first started windsurfing, our teacher was Bob. He’s nice. At first, I needed a rope to keep me from sailing out too far, but now I don’t. When I got better at windsurfing, Bob taught me how to turn around. My goal is to go to the ten marker.

Our newest trip was to Georgia where there were races and awards. The water was cold, but I decided I would windsurf anyways. There wasn’t a lot of wind, but that was o.k., because windsurfing is not just about wind, it’s about learning. When I get on the board, I think, “If I do this, then other people will get inspired to do it too.”


Shadrac (10 years old)

When I first started windsurfing it wasn’t easy, but then I got better. Bob is a great teacher. One time I sailed too far out, and Bob came and brought me back to shore. Recently, I raced against a butterfly, and I won. Next time I race it’ll be for real, and I will do my best to win.


For our latest windsurfing trip, we went to Lake Lanier in Georgia. We were hammock camping and my hammock was hanging off a hill overlooking the lake where we were surfing. Saturday, they brought a puzzle out. A lot of people were working on it such as Sandy, Rose, and Chris. Rose taught me a better way to finish puzzles. Then, there was a race, and we got to watch it with binoculars. At the end of the trip, Bob invited us to a party by the lake. We ate fire roasted bananas and had a lot of fun.


I’m grateful to be in this windsurfing club. I’ve met a lot of nice people, and I’m glad to have the ability to windsurf and have a great time at the beach with my friends from the club.

SPSC Club Minutes, Tuesday, 10/11/2022


Place: District 850

14 people in attendance, which is astonishing since it was right after Endless Summer Sailboard Classic!

Commodore: Not Present

Vice Commodore: Not Present

Scribe:  Meeting called to order at 7:31 by the scribe since both the Commodore and Vice Commodore were absent.  Minutes approved shortly thereafter with one nay or was it a neigh?  That nay was promptly removed from the meeting.

Since the scribe had sent out an agenda based on his template when he was Commodore back in 2015, there was a Quiz inadvertently attached to it.  Folks insisted on going through the quiz. If you wish to see what the questions were, they are at the end, just don’t ask what the answers are.

Purser: Money in the bank.  Listed expenses for permits and other items for the Endless Summer.  If you want the details, come to the meetings.

Membership is between 40 and 60 members.  If you haven’t renewed your membership, please do so.

Beach workday: Looking at some time in November.  Need to rebuild planter and paint the training trailer.

New Business: Someone suggested a swap meet since we have a lot of new members that need gear and a lot of older, old, and ancient members that no longer sail.

Upcoming Events:

October:             Atlanta Fall Classic (14-16)

November:         Presnell (6-13)

December:         Christmas Party (10), Fesitvus (18)


Club Meetings: Meeting adjourned at 8:00.  Lots of discussion and socializing taking place afterward.




1.        Which event is coming up in 2014?

a.         Cape San Blas excursion

b          Keys Trip

c          Wind Ceremony

d         Juana’s Good time Regatta

2.        What was the theme for this year’s Rum n, Root Beer Regatta?

a.         Prepare to get wet

b.         Get me wet

c.         At least it’s not Bill and Bob again

d.        Cheese cake

3.        A team was disqualified from one of the competitions. Which one was it?

a.         Balloon toss

b.         Shooting the ping pong balls off the bottles

c.         The paddleboard relay race

d.        The dunk bucket

4.        What type of vengeance will your benevolent Commodore lay on those who harm his minions?

            a.         Smack down

            b.         Aquatic

            c.         George Zimmerman

            d.        None, after all, he is benevolent, or is that, beneviolent

5.        Chris’s Video presentation last meeting was about

            a.         Sailing at Shell Point

            b.         Sailing at Bon Aire

            c.         Sailing at St. Joe Bay

            d.        Sailing in Southold Bay

6.        The brand of the new training boards is:

            a.         Kona

            b.         Mistral

            c.         HiFly

            d.        JP

7.        Who won the no class award for this year’s NIMBY?

            a.         Perry Morris

            b.         Joe Sisson

            c.         Paul Hansard

            d.        Mike Levine

8.        The current Commodore is:

            a.         Incredible

            b.         Fabulous

            c.         Words cannot describe

            d.        Like Trump with his hot air and pomposity

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