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Jump n' Jibe Journal

November 2020


A Message from the Commodora

Happy November Esteemed Club Members



First and foremost, I truly hope that you are all well, healthy, and safe as we globally navigate through uncharted waters.  2020 has brought with it many shifts in the wind and we have all tried our best to adjust.  As the Commodora for the 2020 tenure, I have been asked by many this question – "You must be pretty bummed out about your year's events not happening, huh?".




After observing the events within the club and tenacity of the leadership, I AM PROUD!  Here's why!


  • Our trainers have provided the lesson schedule to promote the sport that we have all come to love this year while maintaining COVID-19 safety contingencies.

  • Several of our members have pulled together to make cloth masks at the height of the pandemic for those in need including staff and residents at various adult living facilities.

  • Both officers and members pulled together to support the annual Stephen C. Smith Regatta event which provided $14,000 to the American Cancer Society!  

  • The same people also pulled together to support the Rum n' Root Beer brought to you by Rose, Mark, and "Goose Chase". And many of you stepped up to honor the 2020 Endless Summer Sailboard Classic by purchasing rash guard shirts where we symbolically let go of 2020 and look optimistically toward 2021.

  • Thanks to our Webmistress, Deb Berlinger, our web page looks better than ever!!!!

  • Social Distancing BEGONE!  Many of our club members have ZOOMed in every Sunday evening since March for our weekly virtual martini (or libation of choice) happy hour "to see and be seen."


On behalf of the board and the officers, I would like to say thank you for your support of our events!  We encourage you to patronize our sponsor network as included on this year's Endless Summer shirt.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do!


It has always been thus!


Kristin Korinko, Commmodora


Michael Andrew Boll

April 3, 1964 ~ November 5, 2020 (age 56)

SPSC Tribute Wall - Share Your Remembrances and Condolences

Michael A. Boll 56 of Tallahassee, Florida passed away on November 5, 2020. He was born on April 3, 1964 in Newport News, Virginia. He graduated from Fletcher High School in Neptune Beach, Florida. He attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business. Michael was employed by Florida State University and previously by the State of Florida.

Michael is survived by his parents DeVillo “Chuck” Boll and Mother Marilyn Boll. Brothers Thomas (Angela) and Peter (Jennifer) Boll, Sister Mary (Randy) Carlson; Nephews Zachary Carlson, Alexander Boll, Declan Boll, Grayson Boll, Niece Zoe Carlson, and girlfriend Lourena Maxwell.

Mike was a member of the Shell Point Sailboard Club, Gulf Winds track Club, the Cheeky Monkeys cycling group, the Wednesday Night Chaires Group and the   Tallahassee Mountain Bike Association. Michael was a three time Ironman triathlete an avid cyclist, runner and all around outdoorsman.

Visitation will be on Wednesday Night November 11, 2020 at Quinn-Shalz Funeral Home in Jacksonville Beach, FL from 5 to 7 PM.

Funeral services for Michael will be held at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Jacksonville Beach, FL on Thursday November 12, 2020 at 11 AM.

Interment of Michael will be in Erie, Pennsylvania at Calvary Cemetery in a family plot. A celebration of Michael will be held in Tallahassee, FL at a later date.

In lieu of flowers please make a charitable donation to  Gulf Winds Track Club at or a charity of your choice in Memory of Michael Boll.

Please visit the online Tribute at  Arrangements by Quinn-Shalz Family Funeral Home, Jacksonville Beach, FL.


Rose McCaffrey

Vice Commodore and Commodore Elect

I know it's a wee bit early, but hey Halloween is over so I say bring it.  And when I say bring it, I mean the spirit of the season and your big hearted SPSC self.


We unfortunately are not able to have our annual Christmas party at the Shriners club this year, but are already in the books to have it next year on 12-11-21. I know it's so far away, but here's something to get you in the Holidays spirit now.  

We have decided the SPSC will make a charitable donation to our charity pick this year which is The Shriners Hospital for Children.  Normally we collect lots of cool toys for the little girls and boys, but with COVID sanitation contingencies in place we can only take monetary donations this year. Let's make some kids smile this year and spread the cheer. The Shriners will purchase toys with the money collected and sanitize them before giving them to the tots.

Here are two easy ways you can give:  Click on the link below and donate through PayPal or bring your monetary donation to Festivus on December 20th @ 3:00 pm.


Board Meeting, November 3, 2020

Location: Deb Berlinger Home


Commodora:  7:30 called to order.  Nothing to say but thanked everyone for their support during this trying year.


Vice Commodora: I got nothing


Scribe:  Minutes accepted. 



  • Money in the bank balance. 

  • New expenses include $185.28 for web services and $1594.49 for the Endless Summer Shirts.

  • Bob asked where the revenue go for past items that hadn’t been sold and was told it goes into general revenue.  i.e. for Wind Ceremony shirts, gaiters, and ES shirts that get sold from here out.

  • Membership is at 54.  Some scofflaws were mentioned.


Lessons:  Gear all broken down.


Mike Boll:  Jack said Mike is not doing well and his family is very concerned.  The yard sale seemed to be a success and we raised $2175 for sale of his windsurfing gear.

Endless Summer: Went over the income and outgo for the ES.  Wright needs to break out the "Ghost Rider" donation revenue from the shirt sails revenue and asked Kristin to put the unsold shirts on the spreadsheet to indicate possible future revenue.  Kristin thanked those who stepped up to help and huzzahs and kudos were given by the board for a job well done!

Christmas Party: Wright went to the Shrine and they wanted us to roll the deposit over until next year with the date set at December 11, 2021.  They would prefer CASH donations this year due to the Covid issues.  Deb is going to put something on the web for people to donate via PayPal and a donation box will be placed at Festivus to collect additional donations.  Joe, Rose, and Bob are still looking at a way to do a virtual Christmas party.

Task List:

  1. Fix Windy.  Need calm day. 

  2. Fix doors on training trailer.  Wright is going to tell Stan to order doors.

  3. Clean up flagpole.

  4. Need to move sand from around the bath house to the planter.

  5. November 22nd potential beach workday


Upcoming Events: 

  • Presnell – November 12-16 

  • Christmas Party – Shriners party cancelled.

  • Festivus – December 20th.  3 PM   BYOB

  • Fiesta Key – February 13 – 20, 2021


Email issues:  Kristin talked about how our email addresses are made public by being on the website and wanted to know if there was a way around this.  Deb has a generic email address that can be forwarded, much like with the training site, and will switch it over.  Deb said Rick told her new members were not signing up for the list serve, which is currently in limbo due to yahoo dropping it.  More to come.

Board Meeting Locations:  December 1st, Wright Finney

Adjourned at 8:42

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