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May 2022

Commodore Comments

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May is upon us, and Five month’s into my Commodore ship, and thanks to all the other members on the board, we have managed to stay a going concern.  First, I would like to thank the multiple people who donated their time to put on the Stephen C. Smith Regatta.  This, like other events at Shell Point, generates money for a good cause. 

One thing that may not be so obvious is that when we have events down there, it benefits the folks who rent homes, people who run the stores in the surrounding area, and the caterers who provide the dinners.  Someone even makes money off our poo, so thank the business that supplies the portable loos!  I am trying to say that Shell Point beach is a county-owned park, and they should be promoting more events down there!  Every time someone uses that venue for a family reunion, wedding, or in our case, our Endless Summer Windsurfing event, we help out businesses in the county.  This is in addition to the work the club does with beach clean-up days and training of new windsurfers at the beach.


Your Commodore,

Jack May


Here we go . . . O dem Possum

Said goodbye to the Hobie 16 last week – after nearly 4 decades of fun-in-the-sun racing, cruising, socializing and generally having a freakin’ blast.  

It’s not easy letting go. 

After several years of sitting unattended and underappreciated, I decided to donate my therapy provider to the Smith Regatta.  For the past 2+ years my H16 sat on a lot in the Lakes of Shell Point subdivision.  BobbyG and I pulled the boat, on its trailer, to his backyard on Walker Creek to clean it up for the auction.  

I knew the custom wooden sail box had seen better days, but I wasn’t prepared for what I found inside.  Sliding the top off the box, about halfway back I discovered a possum staring at me, its beady eyes trying to focus in the surprising glare of bright daylight, its mouth slightly agape in a silent but menacing hiss.  She was not happy.  I hollered at Bob to come take a look.  A few seconds later I noticed a young ‘un peering out from the end of the rolled-up mainsail.

We quickly decided it would be best to return momma and baby to the security of the natural lot where they’d been living for who knows how long.  As I tried to slide the lid back into its closed position, mom jumped out and scurried across the grass in the direction of Bob’s camper.  
With mom on the loose, we abandoned the idea of returning family possum to its previous environment and pulled the box off the trailer onto the grass.  We pulled the lid off again to discover a mess of tattered sails, assorted nesting material, a lot of what appeared to be berries (fecal pellets?), and ants – thousands of large red and black ants.

Two young possi (!?) managed to climb over the side and shakily crawl off in different directions.  Uh oh - look out for birds of prey!  

I was appalled at the condition of my formerly beautiful Tequila Sunrise dacron sails – shredded (chewed?) into bits and pieces smaller than a playing card.  Did I mention the ants - and the berries?  We pulled the good stuff from the box: EPO rudders and tiller crossbar, boom, mainsheet with Harken blocks, and the Hotstick (tiller extension).  We put the lid back on, slid the box, with remaining contents, into the bed of my truck, and I headed for the county dump.

I enjoyed many good times and memorable experiences on the H16.  It’s sad to see her go.
Time to move on.

I’m sure mom and the kids have reunited and now live happily back in the Lakes of Shell Point.

- Joe 


The 49th Annual Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta is in the Books! 

It's a wrap!  On behalf of the SCSMR Foundation and planning committee members aka "The Smithereens,"  I would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all who helped make this year's event the best yet.  We have not calculated the final numbers but we are looking forward to passing along some much-needed resources to the local chapter of the American Cancer Society.


It has been a pleasure serving for the past 2 years, but I am looking forward to turning over the Chairship to a new "Angelic" lead:) 


Couldn't make the event but still want to help?  Please feel free to donate to the Smith through the page at


Thank you for all that you do!  


Warm regards,


Kristin Korinko

2021 and 2022 Event Chair


Sail Camp Email 2022 AnnouncementUpdated.jpg

SPSC Club Meeting –Tuesday, April, 12, 2022

Called to order at 7:39 with 11 members present, down 15 from the month before

Place:  District 850.  The food and beer, just like last time, were great.


Minutes: Approved unanimously.

Commodore: Jack opened thanking Sandy and Judy for their work at the Wind Ceremony and all the folks who got things ready and who were in the band.  Found out someone’s monitor wasn’t working because it was not turned on.

Vice Commodore: Not present

Scribe: Didn’t have much to say to everyone’s surprise

Purser: Have a pile of money in the bank, still have a CD.  Member count is at 77.

New Business: Perry spoke about the machinations going on with parking at the beach.  Hours for the beach are 6am to 12 midnight.  Discussion on-going on charging for parking which will be revisited on April 18th.  Bob spoke briefly about the origins of the Smith regatta


Old Business: 

Beach workday – Trailer needs painting

Training Trailer – concern that the new location for the Commodores lounge may become too permanent with some of the suggestions made to anchor it better.  Discussion continues.

Rum ‘n’ Rootbeer – Need a chair.  Some names were discussed and a suggestion was made to solicit a chair via SPSC2

NIMBY – nothing yet


Events for 2022:


June:  NIMBY (not looking good)

July: Shoals Trip

August:  R’n’R


October:  Endless Summer (7-9), Atlanta Fall Classic (14-16)

November:  Presnell’s (6 -13)

December:  Christmas Party (10), Festivus (18)

Meeting adjourned around 8:30.

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