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Jump n' Jibe Journal

May 2021



and the Unexpected

Finally!  I got a chance to get out on the water on our first official practice day of 2021.  As I was getting ready to load up my gear I noticed some cobwebs on my board.  Geez,  I didn’t think it had been that long since Presnells. I guess eight months did kinda fly by as I cleaned the cobwebs off and headed to Shellpoint.

Of, course BobbyG was already down at the training trailer with some training boards ready to go for practice day.  There was a nice wind as I began the process of rigging my gear. Not my favorite part of the sport, but a necessary evil. Evil I say because in my mind rigging always seems like playing Russian roulette (no I have never played that game) I am thinking more along the lines of will everything go together smoothly while rigging or will there be a snafu, a break, rip, pop, stuck part, snagged part or oops forgot that part event, before I even get to GET out on the water. A friend of mine uses an expression when it comes to rigging which I will not repeat here other than the last part , “_____ around with your equipment”.  Today was that kinda day as I heard a  “POP” !  Off goes the cover of my mast tip that was part of my sail.  Now what?? ….staying on the bright side of things, I thought, I am happy THAT did not happen while I was out on the water.  Let's see if it can it be “rigged” another way so I can just get out on the water. 


Lucky for me BobbyG was there with his never ending ingenuity on how to “rig” things. So in just a little while I was out on the water and happy. I hope to see you next time out on the water. Now go dust off those cobwebs it's time to rig up. Best wishes! 




Your Commodore

Rose McCaffrey


In person monthly club meetings resume Tuesday, May 11th at 7:30pm.  We will meeting in the same location as before, 1800 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32303.  This is the old Beef O' Brady's location under new ownership and management;  Casa Grande Margaritas & Cocina.   Come  early for happy hour and to socialize.


Now . . . a Word about the 48th Annual SCSMR

The "Behind the Scenes" planning has been kicked into high gear for the 48th Annual Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta! This is an annual event that benefits the American Cancer Society that has been embraced by many of our members both near and far. Although the dates were changed and postponed until June 11th-13th, the schedule of events are jam packed with both traditional events like the races and the auction, and traditions-in-the-making-(the cornhole tournament. )


In addition to the many patient services provided to children and adults, the American Cancer Society funds research and public education, which is vital in the effort against this silent killer. The American Cancer Society receives no government funding and relies exclusively on the generous support of private donations. In the last five years, the Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta Foundation, Inc. has been able to contribute over $90,000 to the ACS, the majority of which stayed in the Big Bend area (Wakulla, Leon, Jefferson, Gadsden, Madison, Taylor and other Big Bend Counties), providing educational programs and patient services to area residents.


Be sure to mark your calendars for this upcoming dates:

Sunday, May 16 - Drop-off Auction items at Apalachee Bay Volunteer Fire Department from Noon to 2:00 PM

Monday, May 17 - Online Registration Opens

Monday, June 7 - Online Silent Auction (Yes, we still have the live auction on Sunday)

Friday-Sunday, June 11-13 - REGATTA WEEKEND


For more information, please visit our webpage at Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta ( Stay tuned!


Warm regards! Nostrovia!


Kristin Korinko

2021 SCSMR Chairperson


A Shout From the Way, Way Past Commodore

by Joe Reid

Recently I was honored to be contacted for input for a windsurfing friend's eulogy.  As I reminisce about my days at Shell Point Windsurfing Club, a few stories made me laugh aloud. I could have written a book on these, but here are some. Some of you may have been on these journeys, others heard of them, and some of this may be your first time hearing the story.

In the early 1980’s I started windsurfing, the boards were made of hard plastic, and weighed about 60 lbs. The sails were triangular shaped, made of cloth usually nylon. To learn, people would sail by and tell what you were doing wrong. I can remember when Bob Roger’s board fell off the top of his car as we were going to a regatta in south Florida. It slid down the road behind him about 20 feet. We picked it up, put it back on his roof and off we went. Our boards were very durable and would take a beating before they would break. Some of us used to play tag on the water.  Mark Voigt and I could play this for hours in a day. To play tag you would sail the front of your board onto the back of the other person's board or tap the other person with the outermost part of your boom then, you would try to sail away quickly before they would catch you.

I can remember when the club board members, including me, decided that the club would be established as a club more for fun rather than business. Thus, we started things like, free windsurfing classes, the Rum and Root beer Regatta, the Wind Ceremony and other fun family activities. One of the big debates the board members had was whether we should buy a land trainer to help teach windsurfing.  We decided to purchase one so that more people would be able to learn. We also had a six-month long debate on buying the first "Windy".  Shell Point Beach was a privately owned property at that time, the club worked with the county and others on getting a grant and making it into a public park.


I can recall the Wind Ceremony to kick off our summer led by the Swami, when we danced around a bonfire topped with a Christmas tree. We wrote a wish on a stick and after the Swami blessing, we would throw them into the fire. I remember the year when the “Swami and the Festoons” started playing for us. This was created so that not only the wind surfing community but everyone who came could be included in the fun and activities.

I remember getting my first racing board, A Mistral Super Light for $750, then taking it over to learn from Billy Mason, with Randy Somnits in Panama City. I recall my last regatta, the 1996 Olympic Trials with a Mistral IMCO, and the sails were more than $700 each.  I recall when Jay Westmark talked me into going to my first out of town regatta it was in Pensacola and run by Jack Stringfellow.  At the welcome party on Friday night, I overheard part of a conversation between one of the local men and a group of people from out of state. It went something like this: 

Local man:  "They are from Shell Point, over by Tallahassee." 

Out of state guy:  "Wow, there are a lot of them here. (if I remember maybe 10 of us)".

Local man: " Yea, they may not be the greatest racers, but they will drink you under the table tonight, race all day tomorrow and start drinking again tomorrow night."


Sure enough, at our next few Endless Summers, the group of people from out of state grew. 


I remember how hard Brian Bar tried to win the “Festermobile” Award. It took him 3 years till he won. Why Tom “Mad dog” Madden, won the Party Animal or was it Gallant Sailor? I remember seeing pride in a young man no older than 12 who won his first of many awards. It may have been an 8th place in our eyes, but it was a success in his. I remember seeing grown adults chug root beer so fast it made them ill, just to earn bragging rights. I saw over 100 racers come to Shell Point saying they were coming for the race, when everyone knew it was for the party.


I can remember Dan Burch bringing people from the Atlanta Club down to help our club. We would reciprocate with many people from Shell Point going to their regatta. Our club was set up to encourage fun and family while windsurfing.  Many times, we had whole families come to our events for a fun weekend. I can remember SPSC having one of, if not the first C Fleet, so new sailors could learn about racing. I remember how patient Tina Mazanek was with them. 

Memories that cannot be forgotten are: Perry Morris learning how to make a GOOD martini, He now makes the best ones. Kent snorting an oyster, oh how that boy is still alive amazes me. Making roadkill pizzas at the beach when everyone brought something to put in them. Camping in the field across from the beach for regatta, and someone always coming over to get us up. Letting off everyone’s “donated” fireworks for the Fourth of July sometimes lasting as long as 90 minutes, no one ever got hurt. People accepting others for who they were, not what they had or did or had done in the past.


Just so you know, even though my nickname was Rummy, I never won the Party Animal or Gallant Sailor Awards. With all the awards and trophies that I did win, by far the one I am most proud of is, “The Perry Williams Memorial Sportsmanship Award” from The Shell Point Sailboard Club.  I knew him from when he came to the beach to sail and what a great person he was.


I enjoyed my time living these memories and recalling them with others. They make me laugh at all the things we did while we learned a sport that created a community that we all respected and enjoyed with each other. I hope this has jogged your memories of good times shared with me, and that makes you tell more stories, smile, and laugh together.        

It has always been thus,

Joe “Rummy” Reid

SPSC Board Meeting –Sunday, April 11, 2021

Food served up at 4:00 pm and meeting started at 4:31 pm.

Place:  Mark Powell’s Shell Point home.

Attendance:  Wright Finney, Rose McCaffrey, Mark Powell, Bob Graves, Joe Sisson(Absent), Jack May, Kristin Korinko(zoom), Dave Denmark, Deb Berlinger.  The menu was refreshing, Antipasto:  Various local smoked fish dips and crackers, Bevande light and NA beers and a couple bottles of white and red wine, Primo e Secondo:   Forgotten Coast Ceviche and baguettes, Contorno:  Gazpacho, Dolce:  Cookies and muffins

Commodore:  Club meetings resume on May 11, at 7:30pm, in Casa Grande Margarita & Cocina, where Beef O’ Brady’s used to be, on Thomasville Road.  Wanted to know how to draw people to the event so we will raffle off a one-of-a-kind Wind Ceremony Shirt.  Mark may do a demonstration of the wing at the meeting.  Rose then moved on to the Legacy page where discussions on what it should be called arose and we settled on Legacy page.  Names were mentioned.  Someone suggested leaving empty chairs to indicate the sailors at our next event and that was nixed.  Discussion ensued on Mike Boll’s family being a major sponsor for the Endless Summer event and all the accolades and publicity that goes with that.

Vice Commodore:  He has nothing new for the Order aka I got nothing

Scribe:  Thanked Marianne for great article on how Shell Point came to be.  Discussion ensued about who should have access to post things on the SPSC Facebook page that is managed by the Scribe.  We settled on the current Commodore and the Scribe.  For some reason, out of sequence, we talked about the Wind Ceremony.  Wright indicated he needs a hard date to hold the Pavillion which is being reserved by lots of people now.

Purser:   We have $money in the bank.  Spent $61.25 on incorporation fees and $750 on stuff for the Smith that will be reimbursed.  Major expenditure of around $1,700 coming up for insurance.  Have 61 memberships. 

Action Items:

  • Flagpole:  Need a warm day to paint pole.  Need to sand it first.  Wright will set up day.

  • Windy:  Need calm day which we have had none of.

  • Club Meetings: At Casa Grande Margarita & Cocina on May 11.

  • Constitutional Revisions:  Kristin was wanting to make some changes in regards to virtual meetings.  She will be working up what they are and send them to the board.

Training: No need for equipment at this time.  Deb has a Go board and wants to know if we are interested.  I mentioned I would like to take a look at it.

Wind Ceremony:  Nothing until vaccinated.  Will need about 6 weeks of practice to be ready.  Perhaps in May.

Events for 2021:

  • March:  Mid Winters: March 12-14 – in the books

  • April:             

  • May:  Wind Ceremony: TBA, Club Meeting May 11

  • June:  Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta: June 11–13, 2021.

  • July:  NIMBY – TBA

  • August:  Rum ‘n’ Root Beer: August 8.  Bob G. made the mistake of agreeing to chair

  • September: 

  • October:  Endless Summer: October 16-17

  • Atlanta Fall Classic:  October 23-24

  • November:  Presnell’s: November 18-22

  • December: Christmas Party: December 11 and Festivus: December 19


Other Events:  NIMBY – Wright asked who would be interested in going in July to the Days Inn in Panama City and the board was near unanimous in its intention to attend.  R’n’R - Bob made the mistake of agreeing to chair.  Need to find a partner.  Going to be low key and low cost.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 5:30pm

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