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Jump n' Jibe Journal

June 2021

From Zero to 60

Everything is super busy now that things are thankfully up and running again.  We held our first club meeting in May and it was absolutely wonderful to finally flock together again.  Thank you to all those who came out to our new location at the Casa Grande Margarita and Cocina.  Thank you to the manager Jeff who allowed our club to invade the back room and did a fantastic job taking care of us with incredible edibles and amazing concoctions that were delightful. We will be back for our next club meeting Tuesday June 8th and I hope to see you there.  If you were not able to attend you missed Mr. Mark Powell showing us how to rig a Wing Sail which was surprisingly very lightweight. Mark made it look like a breeze to set up and sparked some interest in trying out the newest type of sailing. Thank you, Mark!


Lessons have started and everyone has been doing fantastic according to our clubs’ wonderful instructors.   Our ranks are increasing again with new members signing up and old members renewing their memberships.  Practice days are back again with more and more club members showing up on the beach.  Hopefully we will get to see many of our SPSC club members competing in one of the races (Longboard, Kona, Sport or Novice) in this year’s annual Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta happening the weekend of June 11th-13th.  As the chair of this years’ Auction committee for the Smith (did I mention things are Super busy) I would be remiss if I did not mention that this year there will be TWO auctions!  

A virtual auction leading up to the Regatta weekend which will start at 12:01AM on Monday June 7th and end at 8PM on June 9th.  The live auction on the beach will take place on Sunday June 13th.  If you have not had a chance to check out the impressive auction site at please take a look at all the wonderful items which were most generously donated to benefit the American Cancer Association. This is a wonderful weekend long event that truly is an amazing benefit like no other for a very good cause. There will be so much do on the Regatta weekend you will be Busy, Busy, Busy too!

All my best,

Rose McCaffrey

2021 SPSC Commodore


It's Right Around the Corner

The online (virtual) auction runs Monday, June 7th through Wednesday, June 9th at 8:00 pm.  If you have not done so, register now and bid on some really cool items.  You know there is something there that you need or always wanted.  Items for the online and live auctions can be view on the Smith Regatta website.


Be sure to mark your calendars for this upcoming dates:

Monday, May 17 - Online Registration Opens and runs through Wednesday, June 9th at 12:00 Noon.

Monday, June 7 - Online Silent Auction (Yes, we still have the live auction on Sunday)

Friday-Sunday, June 11-13 - REGATTA WEEKEND


For more information, please visit our webpage at Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta ( Stay tuned!


Warm regards! Nostrovia!


Kristin Korinko

2021 SCSMR Chairperson

Here's a sneak preview of our live auction . . .

USW Newsletter 1993 Swami1.jpg
USW Newsletter 1993 Swami3.jpg

SPSC Club Meeting –Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

Called to order at 7:31

Place:  Casa Grande Margarita & Cocina

Attendance: 21 Members present

Commodore: February of 2020 was the last club meeting before this one.  Rose introduced the board to everyone and had a newer member, David Rowell, originally from Minnesota, introduce himself

Vice Commodore:  Jack said it was nice to be back even though he had never attended many before!

Scribe: Bob thanked Joe Reid for writing article for newsletter and talked some about the Mike Boll memories book.  Asked others to submit their memories of club adventures.


Purser: Wright said we have $money in the bank.  Mentioned spending $750 for Smith expenses that he will be reimbursed for.  On June 26th or insurance payment of around $1,700 is due.  Memberships stand at 63. 

Presentation: Wright presented Kristin with plaques commemorating her service as Commodore and as chair of the Endless Summer during a very trying time.  Kristin thanked everyone who helped make it happen

Smith Regatta: Kristin mentioned there was going to be a donation pickup at the fire house on Sunday from 12-2 and Rose and Kristin spoke about the auction, Rose mentioning there was going to be an on-line portion prior to the Regatta and a live one on the Sunday afternoon of the Regatta.

Fiesta Key: Joe spoke some about a possible Fiesta Key trip

Demo: Mark Powell showed the windsurfing wing by blowing it up in the room and letting people pick it up while also showing a video of his son Riley using it at Shell Point.

Action Items:

  • Flagpole:  Install yardarm and paint

  • Trailer: Re-jpaint

  • Windy:  Need calm day which we have had none of.

Events for 2021:

  • May:  Wind Ceremony: Cancelled

  • June:    Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta: June 11–13, 2021.

  • July:   NIMBY –

  • August:  Rum ‘n’ Root Beer: August 8.  Bob G. chair

  • October:  Endless Summer: October 16-17 and Atlanta Fall Classic: October 23-24

  • November:  Presnell’s: November 18-22

  • December:  Christmas Party: December 11

  • Festivus:  December 19


Next meeting is June 8th.  Meeting adjourned at 8:18

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