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Jump n' Jibe Journal

July 2021

Young at heart


Hello everyone,

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence day weekend. I was so excited to watch the fireworks  because they make me feel like a kid again. I just can’t help utter the “ooos” and “aahhs” watching all the magical bright sparkles light up the night sky. 

If you want to feel like a kid again your chance is coming on August 8th at our annual Rum-N-Rootbeer. Here you will get the chance to let your inner child play by joining in our family friendly games on the beach. Every year there is a new theme, so keep a look out on our website for more details coming soon about this years event

The Rum-N-Rootbeer is one of my favorite SPSC events. The theme can be just about anything. (Like last year's was the Great Covid caper- probably the one and only game named after a pandemic). Even though we were not able to be  together on the beach for games last year,  there was no lack of comraderie.  The Great Covid caper was done virtually so all of the games were captured for your viewing pleasure. Yes, to get you in the RNR mood we will be highlighting our young and/or young at heart members from last year's Rum-N-Rootbeer at our July 13th club meeting.  Not only are RNR events fun to participate in, but planning one is pretty awesome as well. Hmm,

Nominations for SPSC board members are coming soon.... Anyway, I do hope to see everyone on the beach for the RNR this year with laughter in your eyes, smiles on your lips and ringing in your ears. 

Yours truly,

Rose McCaffrey

Commodore 2021

Proposed By-Laws and Constitution Changes

Posting in newsletter as required by SPSC Constitution


(A Not-For-Profit Florida Corporation)


(A Not-For-Profit Florida Corporation)



Our tribute to the many members who have touched our lives and remain with us alway!

Feel free to leave your memories - - words and photos.

Visit our Legacy Page

It’s a Wrap! The 48th Annual

Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta!

On behalf of the Foundation and Planning Committee, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and THANK YOU to all who supported the return of this event that we have come to know and love.

Currently, we are still computing the final calculations. However, it is shaping up to be one of the BEST Smith Regattas held in terms of the fiscal benefit for our charity, the American Cancer Society. 

Even with the weather entering the race as the “confounding variable,” racing did occur!

The racing results are listed below: 

Windsurfing Results

Sea Fleet/Novice

  1. Ava Voss

  2. Debby “Barbie” Baber

  3. Laura Myers

Kona Fleet

  1. Steve Campbell

  2. Bob Graves

Sport Fleet

  1. Will Harms

  2. Ryne Least

  3. Jeff Gorges

Men’s Unlimited Light   

  1. Chris Voigt

  2. Mark Powell

  3. Dave Stanger

Men’s Unlimited Heavy

  1. Billy Mason

  2. Paul Hansard

  3. Joe Sisson

Thanks and congratulations to all of the attendees, racers, volunteers, and sponsors!  See you again in April, 2022!

Kristin Korinko

2021 (and 2022) Chair



Novice/C-Fleet Wrap-Up

We use a clinic format for beginning windsurfers. The races/heats are a chance to have fun, improve skills and develop confidence on the water. Novice Fleet is also called C-Fleet because back in the day, there was A, B and C-Fleet, A-Fleet is now Open (or a named Fleet like Kona), B-Fleet is now Sport and C-Fleet is Novice. 


Typically, a more experienced windsurfer sails with the Novice Fleet to show them the best way to sail the course. We call this sailor the “rabbit”. Charlie Yontz (previous rabbit) called me that morning offering to be our rabbit, but I told him that Bill Olson had volunteered and that he and his lovely wife, Teresa, should go on their fishing date. However, I learned later that Bill had majorly stubbed his toe (yep it was purple) the day before. He did it walking around his car in the parking lot when he and Kristen were purchasing breakfast food for the regatta. No good deed goes unpunished!!  Anyway, Novice Fleet sailed rabbit less for the event.


Saturday started with wind, rain and lightning. The rule is to wait thirty minutes after a strike before entering the water. So, we spent most of the afternoon in the training trailer watching the weather and the rescue of a runaway Hobie. There was so much lightning that racing did not start until almost 4pm.

Novice Fleet consisted of three women: Ava Voss (who took her first windsurfing lesson with us last year), Laura Myers (a local beginning windsurfer whom Bob Graves recruited Saturday morning) and Debbie Baber (from the Atlanta area and only windsurfs at our events, her Shell Point name is Barbi). All three used club equipment, a benefit we offer registrants to encourage participation.

They were able to get two heats in on Saturday. The course was a broad reach to marker 10. It was their choice to round the mark port or starboard. At our skipper's meeting we discussed strategies and they were off!  Ava took first place. I waived Laura and Debbie-Barbi in as they both ended up way downwind. I was relieved when they made it back to shore. Before the second heat we chatted about rounding the mark on the upwind side. This would allow them to tack around the mark and sail back in a timely fashion. All three racers rounded the mark, finishing like pros.  Ava took her second bullet, Laura took second (her best heat!) and Barbi came back to shore for third. By this time dinner was right around the corner, so we were done for the day.  


At the skipper's meeting Sunday, our strategy talk centered around sailing past the mark, waiting until you can see it looking over your shoulder, then tacking around it. This was handy as the wind shifted and the mark was now an upwind reach. This was the only heat that I considered sending the chase boat out for rescue. It looked like Barbi was sailing to Live Oak Island! Turns out she was sailing out that far on purpose so she could tack then round the mark. She knew what she was doing and took first place. Ava finished second and Laura third. Before they sailed the fourth heat, we had another chit-chat, this time emphasizing the use of the centerboard to assist with sailing upwind.  Barbi nailed it, with another first place finish. My horn malfunctioned and when she finished, I stood there and yelled "HORN!". Ava followed taking second and Laura, smiling all the way, finished third.

The women bonded and looked out for each other on the course. After each heat they talked with each other about their performance and how to do apply their skills. They were supportive of each other and had a great time.


1st place = 1, 2nd place = 2, 3rd place =3, DNF= gave it a heck of an effort but did not round the mark=number of racers plus 1= 4 & the number in parentheses () is the order returning to shore  




Ruminations on the Smith Regatta 2021

To start the weekend, Friday afternoon the wind took off.  Great short boarding action with a nice SSW wind blowing 14-18.  Emma, from Tampa, tore it up out there! I was able to get some time on the water as well and had a blast.

Saturday, the weather for racing was not nice until about 3:30.  Perry set up a great course.  Sadly, on the second race, there was miscommunication between the race official, and those setting and picking up marks.  Had fun anyway! Sunday’s long-distance race was good even though there was not much wind, but it counted twice so we could get some legitimacy to the regatta. 

The fun happened after breakdown on Sunday.  Will Harms was kind enough to loan me his 12’ flatbed trailer for the weekend so I could haul auction items down to the beach on Sunday morning.  Well, coming home Sunday afternoon, I loaded up the grill used by the Venture Crew, the water fountain loaned to us by Tony, and all my windsurfing gear.  Got home and left everything on it, intending on unloading the next morning.  Got cleaned up and went to Perry’s for the afterparty.  Heard some shouting a little while later over at my house and folks were at the trailer telling me it was on fire.  I ran over (which I’m glad no one witnessed), and thankfully they had taken my garden house and were putting the fire out.  Turns out a few coals jumped out of the grill and one of them burnt a nice hole straight through.  The coal jumping out was my fault since I did not close the back door on the grill, qualifying me for the Lug Nut award.


The regatta was great, but it sure would be nice if more people raced.  For those that do not know, our main two fleets are Unlimited, wherein you can sail anything you want, and Sport, which has a 7.5 square meter sail limit.  Every now and then we can get a Kona or LT fleet in.  Our biggest fleet for the Endless Summer is usually the Novice fleet.  Please consider racing next time.

Lessons Update for June

Lessons have been going well, with each class full.  The 5 to 6 people classes allow for more thorough instruction and more time on the water for the student.  Thanks to the instructors that continue to come out and teach!

Practice days have finally taken off.  The first couple were poorly attended but the last one was bonkers!  In addition, Mark Powell brought his wing down for people to try and everyone who had a go at it picked it up quickly and enjoyed it.  For those not in the know, practice days are for club members to come down and use the club equipment.  Mostly geared toward new students who joined the club and want experience before buying, but open to any club member who wishes to recover their sea legs.

Practice days are normally the Sunday after a Saturday lessons day.  If you wish to come down and help, your help would be appreciated.  All it entails is helping people get gear out of the trailer to use.  Every now and then you can give them some pointers or correct something they are doing wrong.  Practice days are from 12-4 with folks coming down whatever time they can.  The best part about practice days is you get to interact with people new to the sport, and it’s great to know that they are all pretty wonderful people.


Retired old Ass Dudes Ride AGAIN!

Th ROADies got out on the water to FINALLY see what could be done about windy.  This surgical strike probably only required three people, but since one of the new ROADies is a retired city worker, he insisted we needed more people to just stand around.  With the skills of Fractions, Quartermaster, Suds, Huh?, and Captain Wafer, we got it done.

Two members of the squad were sent ahead to the training trailer to remove the scaling ladder, which is an extension ladder.  This ladder was strategically modified with hooks at the top so that it would grab onto the crossbar at the top of the tripod.  In removing this item from the trailer, Fractions realized if we hung this from the tripod like we intended, the bottom half of the extension would slide right out.  When the ladder was loaded onto the amphibious craft we were to take out, we discussed the situation and decided to lash some rungs together to prevent this.

It was a beautiful day, and our sojourn out was uneventful.  Captain Wafer strategically positioned the craft as we tied it off.  We then proceed to lift a long ladder up to the top cross beam, with moments of terror as it leaned towards the water.  But with this experienced crew, all went well.  With the ladder well hung, discussion ensued as to who would volunteer to climb it.  Quartermaster went to the top and scrapped the cormorant dung off using one of the many tools at his disposal.  He did this whilst at the top of the ladder and descended when done.  Discussion then ensued as to who would get to the platform to perform the surgical removal, and Fractions, knowing it had to be done with precision, volunteered, and clambered up the ladder.  Maybe clamber isn’t the right word, but slowly and methodically moved up the ladder.

The team was in place.  Fractions on the platform, Quartermaster at the top of ladder assisting, Huh? and Suds sending up the required tools and unloading the detached equipment, and Captain Wafer busy being captain.  The whole operation, once we approached the tripod, took about an hour, but left us exhausted and totally drained, so we took a little S&S!  After all, we are the Retired Old Ass Dudes.

SPSC Club Meeting –Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Called to order at 7:31

Place:  Casa Grande Margarita & Cocina

Attendance: 21 Members present

Attendance: 14 Members present, a drop of 7 from last meeting.

Minutes: Shouts of “Amazing”, “a Work of Art”, “Magnificent Prose” were heard as the minutes were approved.

Commodore: I got nothing.  Focus is on the auction for the Smith.  Thanked the ROADies for taking Windy off the tripod, (the scribe was able to read the Commodore’s body language here which was shouting “ALL THEY DID IS TAKE IT DOWN!  STILL ISN’T FIXED!  USELESS OLD MEN!”

Vice Commodore:  Lots of incoherency (mostly in my notes) but I heard the words Dave, Nose Hairs, Guitar, and boat.  You put it together.

Scribe: Share memories so GET WRITING!

Purser: Wright said we have $money in the bank.  On June 26th or insurance payment of around $1,900 is due, $200 higher than last year.  Smith Foundation pays a portion of the insurance.  Memberships are now at 68 with the addition of Cat, Whit, Mark, Brandi, and Mack. 

Smith Regatta: Gubers, Cops, and ICE OH MY!  Rock parking lot open to everyone but beach parking past the bath house closed to just regatta folks.  Mark offered his lot for parking if need be. Kristin showed the plaque for dedicating the flag post to Lee.  Nice.  Flag post cleanup waiting on Dave’s crossbar for the yard arm.

NIMBY: No news yet but have date

New Business: Kristin modifying the constitution and bylaws.

Action Items:

  • Flagpole:  Install yardarm and paint

  • Trailer: Re-paint

  • Windy:  Need to get it working on shore now that it’s there.


Events for 2021:


June:             Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta: June 11–13, 2021.

July:               NIMBY – ???

August:         Rum ‘n’ Root Beer: August 8.  Bob G. chair

October:       Endless Summer: October 16-17 and Atlanta Fall Classic: October 23-24

November:   Presnell’s: November 18-22

December:   Christmas Party: December 11

Festivus:       December 19


Next meeting is July 13th.  Meeting adjourned at 7:56

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