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January 2022

Commodore Comments

Happy New Year!

I am pleased to announce I am your new Commodore for the coming year. After a hard-fought battle with the past Commodore, Rose McCaffery, I proved victorious. I am glad to say Rose worked very hard and left us in great shape for the coming year. I hope to work with our club members to make sure our default activity will be sailing for this year.


When I first joined the SPSC in the early ’90s, the wind clause (“if it’s blowing, I’m sailing”), would be indicative of the club’s activities. The wind clause had precedent over mountain biking, golf, and any other non-sailing pastime. It is said some of the club members have tried to use it for avoid Baptisms, Marriages, and other more formal events. Go there at your own risk!


We are a very diverse club these days, with folks who engaged in many activities —Swami & The Festoons, boating, SUP, proper “sit down” sailing… We have a tight group of long-time members who have consistently pulled together to make sure our club provides some of the best events in the Southeast.


I would love to know your thoughts on how we can make windsurfing at Shell Point the default activity for our club members.


Again, thank you for allowing me to serve as your Commodore

Jack May

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 A Special Christmas Party - Special People, Special Connections   -  By Angel Ganey

Michael and I arrived at the Marzuq Shriner Center with our food offering in hand.  Our first time at the SPSC Christmas Party!  We were both excited and a little nervous.  We didn’t really know what to expect but having been around this group for other functions, we knew it would be a good time.  We greeted familiar faces and we raised our glasses in celebration of being able to come together in person.    


The food was amazing, libations were flowing, and DJ BobbyG kept everyone’s feet moving and hips shaking with an excellent selection of songs.  We danced, we ate, we drank, and we danced some more and drank some more! There was a “feel good” spirit in the air.   


Time honored traditions were present as Perry performed his magical mixology of hand-crafted martinis, Swami read his “Night Before Christmas” and almost everyone danced to the Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Time Warp and Rock Lobster.  


We had a blast! It was great to be able to celebrate with fun-loving, generous, caring people, who work hard, play hard, and know how to have a good time.  


They are after me!   -  By Anonymous

Yes, the turtle invasion is in full swing.  I thought they would cool their heels in the winter due to being cold blooded animals, but these animals have redefined what cold blooded is!  They tried to take me out!  I was riding Munson trails with Mark Powell and Perry Morris.  I was up front a little bit, and next thing I know I hear a crackling sound and a 40-foot tree fell, WHAM!  Thankfully the little f$%#ers have terrible aim (unlike warm blooded beavers) and it went 180 degrees from me, but the sound could be heard from afar since other folks coming up the trail in the opposite direction commented “So that’s what we heard”.

Putting my name to these articles in the past was a mistake.  I didn’t think these things could read, but apparently, they have allies that can.  I also found out that RATTLESNAKES will inhabit a gopher tortoise hole, a cold-blooded alliance that does not bode well.  I think I may have messed with the wrong species, and this will be the last article calling them out.  Someone much braver will need to step up.

Sunset Bar

A Live Wire?   -  By Paul

I was down at SP today with my dogs. One of the dogs stepped on the bare end of an electrical wire that was sticking up out of the sand and yelped while simultaneously jumping about 10 feet in the air. This particular dog, Lili, is naturally suspicious of hoses, wires, and anything else resembling snakes, so, I don’t know if she sustained a physical shock (from stepping on a live wire) or merely an emotional shock (from stepping on an imaginary snake).

The wire in question was located due east of the Commodore’s lounge, maybe 10 ft off its southernmost promontory.  I considered and then rejected any personal attempt to reproduce the effect, and because I lacked any UL approved-testing devices, I decided to leave the matter to wiser, more experienced beach electricians. 

The wire is “currently” tied up to the board rack adjacent the Commodore’s lounge. Sorry I couldn’t do more to resolve the matter, but if it is one of ours, and it is live, it should probably be disconnected or something. Even if it isn’t one of ours, it should still probably be disconnected. If in fact it is indeed live. If it isn’t live, then I suppose nothing can be done. Or should be done. By us, anyway.

Lili is fine. Physically anyway. Emotionally, I’m not so sure. Of course, how would I know? About the emotional part I mean. Or the physical part for that matter - hell, I’m no vet. What I’m trying to say is, I’ve hired an attorney who specializes in accidental canine electrocution. He’ll be in touch. 

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