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Jump n' Jibe Journal

January 2021


A Message from the Commodore

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2021

I am honored to be taking over the position from Kristin Korinko who was a worthy opponent at Festivus during the feats of strength.  She was able to keep her balance without falling off the board so it is no wonder she did such an outstanding job during 2020, one of our clubs most challenging years.   I am looking forward to 2021 and eternally optimistic the winds of change are coming and they are blowing with good vibes, positive fresh new ideas, fun and lively comradery and plenty of healthy opportunities for great sailboarding. Although we may have to make some adjustments, like last year, I have no doubt with our boundless creativity we will come up with ways to make it work. No one knows what the future will bring, but I have positive expectations that 2021 will be a good year. In the meantime, I wish you all a healthy New Year for you and your families.

All my best,

Rose McCaffrey


Christmas Party 2020, the virtual experience! By Bob G.

The intent for this year’s Christmas party was for people to take the playlist compiled by our resident DJ and use it for a small dance party with the folks in their “bubble”.  During this time, they would be encouraged to check into the Zoom open house and wish everyone a happy holiday verbally or via chat.

Based on the intent of those putting this together, this year’s Christmas party missed the mark.  We had about six people visit the Zoom Open house from 7-8 and think that the only folks that had a dance party were nine south-siders at 89 Walker Creek Road.  The nice thing was is that we had a GREAT TIME!  We setup in the backyard with a nice fire going in the fire pit and utilized my neighbor Tony’s courtyard to cut some sick dance moves.  During the night there was at least one gravity storm.  Everyone got home safely and some remembered the whole night!   


Festivus 2020!

What a celebration we had!  People were very cognizant of mask wearing and keeping distant while participating in one of the best Festivus celebrations in a long time.  First off, we had not one, not two, but THREE festivus miracles!!!  The first was donation of a bottle of gin by Rico, the second was the complete absence of any rain on a day that everyone was sure it was going to rain and the third was the reappearance of the Commodore’s special jacket out of Joe’s closet and the Commodore’s staff from Adam.  Our current Commodora only got to wear the jacket and command the staff for a mere 5 minutes before handing it over to our newly anointed Commodora, Rose.

The feats of strength displayed by the outgoing and incoming Commodoras was exceptional.  They demonstrated their pugilistic skills on a balance beam while pelting each other with pugil sticks, Rose taking 2 of the 3 rounds.  The bloodletting was minimal.  They then went over to the balance board where Kristin demolished the incoming Commodora.  With only one skill left, Rose had to take this one, and she did by outdistancing Kristin in the boom toss, putting so much into she ended up on the ground after the throw.

We then went on over to the deck of the past Commodore’s lounge where Perry had setup martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives for all those who wished to partake.  We then toasted to Festivus, and to Mike Boll who would have been amongst us and is missed greatly.


The bonfire, with wood brought by Dave, was perfectly located and burned bright until 9 at night.  People gathered around, safely distanced, and enjoyed the fire's warmth and camaraderie.

Of course, we had our plain aluminum Festivus pole where all could see and the incoming Commodora is attempting to climb with the help of the current Commodora which exemplifies how this club works, helping each other.  Thanks to Perry for planting it deep enough!

Though the airing of grievances is part of a Festivus celebration, I did not observe anyone complaining about anything.  With all that has transpired this year, from the virus, to the politics, to the cancellation of many events, and the untimely death of Mike, I believe everyone was thankful that they had this opportunity to get together and enjoy each other’s company while looking towards the future.


SPSC Board Meeting January 5, 2021

Place:  Rose McCaffrey’s Home, dined on pasta shells, sausage, meatballs, and Caesar salad!  All yum.  But to top it off, a delectable crème brûlée.

Attendance: Wright Finney, Rose McCaffrey, Mark Powell, Bob Graves, Dave Denmark, Kristin Korinko(zoom), Joe Sisson(zoom), Deb Berlinger (Absent), Jack May (Absent)

Commodore: Happy New Year to everyone.  Hope we all get vaccinated quickly.  Festivus was great and I kicked the past Commodores ass!  But in reality, she kicked mine on the balance board.  Wright wants to keep those games for future challenges.


Vice Commodore:  Absent.  He’s got nothing.


Scribe: Mentioned he wrote an article on Festivus and Holiday Party and mentioned the boat parade.  Wright said he hopes to get some SPSC boats entered next year.  Scribe was told Richard was a good writer.

Purser: We have coin in the bank and some more in PayPal.  Shriners were given $700 in donations from the club and were very happy.  There was some concern that not many people donated and that just 5 gave over half the total.   $20 was paid to Wakulla County Parks for use of the pavilion and beach, and we have approximately $400 in sales tax coming up.  Bob gave Wright $80 from t-shirt sales.  We are at 57 memberships with some scofflaws out there.

Holiday Party:  Bob said it was a complete failure though others disagreed.  Some folks that had one enjoyed them greatly.

Festivus:  Everyone had a great time, and it was great to see everyone there.  It was safely conducted and the challenges were great spectator sport.

Work day:

  • Training Trailer: Waiting on delivery of double doors.

  • Flagpole:  Need a warm day to paint pole.  Need to sand it first.  Dave is going to talk to Chris McMahon about how to properly prepare fiberglass for painting.

  • Windy:  Need calm day.  Lots of talking on getting access to the tripod and Windy


Training: Dates are almost set.  Going to keep classes small at around 4 or 5

Fiesta Key:  No one on the board going.  Might just be Dan, Sherry, and Bob A

Wind Ceremony:  Discussion ensued on delaying the performance by a couple months due to Covid.  Band needs to discuss.  Rose made a motion to move Wind Ceremony and it was passed.  No date set.  Also talked about whether the Smith Regatta will move, probably by two months also.

Events for 2021:

Fiesta Key: Feb. 13-21

Mid Winters: TBA

Wind Ceremony: TBA

Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta: April 24-25 (subject to change)


Rum ‘n’ Root Beer: TBA

Endless Summer: TBA

Atlanta Fall Classic: TBA

Presnell’s: November 11-15

Christmas Party: December 11

Festivus: December 19


Club Meeting Locations:  Checking into District 850 and Momo’s but the consensus was not to call meetings yet.  We all need to keep looking for locations.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30pm

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