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Jump n' Jibe Journal

December 2020


A Message from the Commodora

Happy December Esteemed Club Members

Nostrovia all- or to quote John Stacklin “Zoomstrovia!”


Here’s hoping that 2021 has many many more good times, calm seas, and 20+ knot winds!   We hope to see you at our virtual Christmas party on December 19th and FESTIVUS on Sunday, December 20th.

Kristin Korinko

SPSC Commodore


Rose McCaffrey

Vice Commodore and Commodore Elect

Bug in Your Ear


Well, there were no bugs when I was camping this year at Presnells, but I do want to put a bug in your ear for next year.

Why?  Because although this was just my second time going I figured out there was a sweet spot to get if you want to rig up and go out on the water.

If you have ever camped you know some sites are better than others.  So... I already booked site #23 for next year at Presnells RV resort. However, no matter the site you will still have a great time with awesome people, campfires, singing, games, sunset's and Windsurfing.


Hope to see you next year.


Happy Holidays,

Your vice Commodore


Sand Dunes

Party People!

To keep the Christmas party spirit alive, as well as you, we are attempting a virtual party this year on December 19th.  Our resident DJ has created a playlist to keep those feet moving and a Zoom invitation will be coming your way.  No, this will not be a 40 people at one time talking Zoom meeting, but a zoom open house from 7pm to 8pm where you can check in and check out whenever you want, leaving a message of good cheer for all others.  We encourage you to get with others in your “bubble” and party down.

The party playlist is coming together on Youtube Music and Amazon Music (if you have Spotify, please let me know).  A MP3 CD can be burned for you if you don’t have a streaming music service.  Just email and let him know you want a CD and an address to deliver it to.


Our charity this year is the Shriner Children’s hospital where they have already helped over 1.4 million children.  You can donate online NOW at the SPSC website, or you can wait until you come to Festivus on December 20th and donate there.  If donating by check, make the check out to SPSC and we will consolidate all the money into one donation to the Shriners.  Be generous if you can, charities are hurting a lot during this pandemic.

White Feather

Festivus Challenge!


Our current Commodora, Krisitin Korinko, is NOT ready to give up her position, claiming that, due to Covid, she is OWED another term in office.  Kristin already suspects fraudulent activities from her challenger for the position, Rose McCaffery and the McCafferats, knowing full well Rose desperately wants to be Commodora and bask in all the kudos and huzzahs that come with such an esteemed position.  However, the Korinkans are not going to stand for it. 

One current pol, Stan, has Kristin winning in a landslide, while another pol, Tina, has Rose winning. Things are getting heated and we are going to need YOU at this year’s Festivus in order to witness the events and decide if they are legitimate.  It has always been thus!

Sunday, December 20th - 3:00 pm at Shell Point (masks are required).


Faux Meeting Minutes, December 8, 2020

Location: Hidden location due to communication leaks by support staff

Commodora:  7:30 called to order.  Nothing to say except that the election was a sham and there is no way Rose could have won.  Demanding a recount and has current litigation in the court of no one cares.

Vice Commodora: I WON! I WON! I WON!  Damn.

Scribe:  November minutes accepted ‘cause they were awesome!  Someone suggested that the scribe put all his awesome minutes in book form and sell them as an instruction book for upcoming scribes in other clubs.  He must have gotten his skills from his unrelated namesake, Robert von Ranke Graves known for his great translation of The Golden Ass and his historical novel, The Golden Fleece.  Should have used the fleece to cover the ass.


  • We have a bank balance but need your donations to support the clubs new purchase of something that is classified.  Please give to

  • New expenses include $3,000 for the stuff.

  • Bob asked where the revenue goes for past items that hadn’t been sold and was told it was none of his damn business.

  • We have members


Lessons:  Gear all broken down, some of it irreparably so.  We need to purchase plenty of duct tape to get it back together for next year.

Endless Summer: Glad the summer is over for 2020 and hoping 2021 gets us together on the water!  Though masks may not be required, we do ask that some of you continue to wear them.  2020 has been a good year for ugly people.

Christmas Party: Party hardy in your bubble!  Soundtrack coming soon.  In addition, it was decreed that all club members purchase awesome gifts for the board members.

Task list:  Get vaccinated for the Flu and, when available, for this Covid stuff.  Ignore the news about how the deep state has put tracking devices in the vaccines.  No one cares where you are or what you are doing anyway.


Upcoming Events:  Festivus – December 20th.  3 PM   BYOB


Fiesta Key – February 13 – 20, 2021


Adjourned:  Never did.  Anything said is still on record until next meeting.

(The Real) Board Meeting, December 8, 2020

Location: Wright Finney Home

Menu: Delicious seafood from the Wharf!

Commodora:  7:31 called to order.  Thanked everyone for their support during this trying year.  She had surgery last week and was grateful we moved the board meeting to the 8th.  The board members erupted in applause and huzzahs for her leadership this year.  Wright mentioned her role in the SPSC will help her as chair of the Smith next year.

Vice Commodora: After speaking for about 5 minutes, about stuff that was on the agenda further on down, she finally said, “I got nothing”.

Scribe:  Minutes accepted. Scribe asked everyone to think about their virtual Christmas party with others in their bubble and maybe write about it.


- Money in the bank!. 

- No new expenses.

- Joe asked what we normally spend on the Christmas party and the guestimate was about that much

- Membership is at 56.  Some scofflaws were mentioned.

- Kristin mentioned all pre-sold Endless Summer shirts have been delivered.


Christmas Party:  Zoom open house from 7-8pm on December 19.  Lots of discussion on how this would work, but the idea is for people to check in and leave a seasons greetings message or other heartfelt feeling.  Get big donation box for Festivus for Shriner donations for those who don’t donate on-line.  Send email to remind people

Work day: Doors have been ordered and need to store them in trailer.  Flagpole work can be done same day as door installation.  Doors are framed so will be tricky getting in trailer.

Festivus: Talked about setup and no alternative to being at the beach.  We have tents in the chase and Wright got a permit so that we can stay on the beach after dark. If you are drinking alcoholic beverages it needs to be very discreet.  Wright thinks new members should be offered additional encouragement to come.

Meet and Greet:  Bob said he would announce the board and who is on it at Festivus so everyone knows. 


Upcoming Events:  Fiesta Key – February 13 – 20, 2021


Email issues:  Google groups working great.

Board Meeting Locations:  January 5, 2021, at Rose McCaffery’s home

Adjourned at 8:43

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