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Jump n' Jibe Journal

August 2020


Commodora's Comments - "It has always been thus!"

Happy August Esteemed Club Members

I truly hope that this newsletter finds you and yours healthy and safe.

As your Commodora, it is my pleasure to provide for you the slate (SPSC’s term for list) of officer

nominees the 2021 year. They are as follows:


Rose McCaffrey

Vice Commodore

Jack May


Bob Graves


Wright Finney

Past Commodore/Commodora

Kristin Korinko

In addition, I am also happy to announce that there are Member-at-large nominees that include Joe

Sisson, Deborah Berlinger, Mark Powell, and Dave Denmark. There is room for you to add a “write in”

suggestion too! You will be receiving an email humbly requesting your vote soon – please keep an eye

out for it

In reviewing the events of this year and taking a gander at other clubs, I want to express my sincere and

deepest appreciation to all of you! Together, we have come together for the good of the order and “paid

it forward.” As we cherish the Rum and Rootbeer and look forward to the Endless Summer (more to

come), I just want to say “Thank you!”

At your service,

Kristin Korinko,

SPSC Commodora


Rum n' Root Beer

"The Great Covid Caper"


All pics and videos can be downloaded.  More will be posted next month

And, the winning video is!

2020 Rum n' Root Beer

The Great Covid Caper


August Training Update

Training this year has been different AND a whole lot of fun.  Due to the pandemic, we had to cancel the first 5 classes and figure out if we could teach at all this year, keeping both the instructors and students safe.  It was decided to cut the class size down dramatically.  Where we used to have 10 to 12 students, we now enroll 4 to 5.  Students no longer share a board with someone, and we can have fewer instructors on the beach.  Though we got off to a rough start with the first lesson being taught with a northerly wind, it has been smooth sailing since then.

One major thing different this year from previous ones is in the students themselves, with our youngest group ever.  We have taught about 10 kids in the 10-16-year-old range and the rest in the 20-40-year-old range with a few outliers.  I have been amazed at how some people can pick the sport up quickly, and the best thing to do after teaching them the basics is to just let them be for a bit.

What has also helped a lot is the support of the club and members.  Mark Voight donated a never been used 4.7 Ezzy sail that is the perfect size for training and, the club approved the purchase of an Aerotech 4.7 rig.  In addition, Bill and Kristin donated a Mistral Prodigy in sweet condition.

Our practice days on Sunday for club members has also been going like gang busters.  On August 2nd, even though it was a light wind day, we had all the boards and sails out of the trailer for use.

July 5, 2020 Club/Board Minutes

Gathered at Mark Powell’s Shell Point home and had wonderful vegan sandwiches from The Bark.

Commodore: Called meeting to order.  Asked for approval of the minutes from the last meeting and was met with shouts of “Awesome”, “best ever”, etc.  Minutes were approved by unanimous acclamation.  I was too busy eating to take good notes.

Vice:  Hoping to pull off the Rum ‘n’ Root Beer

Purser:  Sunland thanked the club for the masks that were made with Kristin supplying the materials and Tina making the masks.  We were refunded $250 from the county for reserving the Gazebo for the Wind Ceremony that never happened.  Currently have money in the bank.  Owe on insurance.    Memberships are at 71.

Training:  Bob G requested $420 for a 4.7 Aerotech rig.  Board approved and told him to get club approval

Wind Ceremony will not happen this year nor will the NIMBY.

Rum ‘n’ Root Beer:  Theme of it this year is that Swami is in trouble with Covids chasing him.  It is called The Great Covid Caper.  Swag is a beautiful Swami designed gaiter.  Registration will be $20.  The game will be a scavenger hunt through an app called goose chase.  Our far-flung members can participate.  Lots of discussion on the app.  Requested $1100 for the event.

Endless Summer:  Have a shirt design and am hoping ‘something’ will happen to have some type of event.

Flagpole dedication is in hiatus until such time as we can gather as a group.  Requested no more than $200 for a plaque.  

Beach workday has been put off.

Next board meeting on Tuesday, August 4th, 7pm at Wright Finney’s home.

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