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Come one, come all to VIVA SHELL POINT! This is an offer you can’t refuse from our very own Guglielmo Olsoni. Prizes galore for this floor show.

Visit and participate in the following casinos to get poker run cards, gamble your coins, and win contests:

Tropicana for Karoake singing of the classics or bring your own Karoake CD.
Circus Circus for a floor show. Dress as a character from the advent of casinos in the 1930’s through the pinnacle (or low point) of Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas movie. Mobsters, the Rat Pack (Frank, Dean, Sammie), Elvis, showgirls, casino operatives, etc. dominated the scene.
The Dunes for the Root Beer Chug
The Flamingo for dice
The Horshoe for ball throw
The Sands for Roullete
Caesars Palace for paddle board racing

Yes, Mr. Guglielmo Olsoni has brought all the big names to Shell Point for this years Rum and Rootbeer regatta. Save your coins to bid on incredible prizes at the end of the event. VIVA SHELL POINT!


Registration is from 12pm to 2pm but the festivities and gambling start at 1pm, so don’t wait until the last minute. Cost of this event is $20 which will get you a beautiful, long sleeve, white shirt with the Viva Shell Point logo and 10 coins to gamble with. You can purchase an additional 10 coins for $5 so that your kids can gamble on their own or if you lose all yours.

There will be a pot luck feeding frenzy at the end of the festivities, around 4, so please bring a dish capable of serving at least 10 people. If you do not bring food, a contribution of $5 toward the cost of the pot luck will be accepted. Chips and such will be provided by the committee, so please don’t bring chips, or you’ll swim with the fishes.

The wildly popular $2 cup for the mystery punch is ONLY available during registration. NO CUP NO PUNCH.

This year’s event is not to be missed. VIVA SHELL POINT!


The Mob sent Guglielmo Olsoni down Miami way to straighten out some of the gambling connections his family had there. While down there, he saw, for the first time as this mobster was from Brooklyn, flat boards with sails on them and wanted to give it a go, so he learned how to windsurf. He enjoyed it so much he decided to check out locations in Florida while on his way back to Brooklyn.

Olsoni went to Tampa and met some folks whilst on the water. Those people told him about a decadent sailing place known as Shell Point. Though the beach was small and the water not necessarily the best, the community of windsurfers was insane. They were known to have parties, disguising them as Regatta’s, twice a year and something called a Rum and Root beer, further proving to Olsoni that these people were indeed twisted. He heard about the Festivus celebration, with the feats of strength and airing of grievances, but when he saw them smoking fine cigars and partaking of Martinis more delectable then any he had drunk previously, he knew these were his kind of people and he wanted to be part of it.
After getting lost several times on his way to this Shell Point, he finally arrived and discovered the beach was ‘run’ by another family. They have a Commodore instead of Godfather named Donna McMahon, no doubt connected to the Irish mob, a money man by the name of Finwah whose connections cannot be traced, and a host of made men and women with sinister names like Tina, Linda, Bob, and Mike. Gangsta names permeate this group, like Digger, Purvey, Rick, Hussies, Rico (no doubt with Latin mob connections), Sweetgroove and the Walrus. This obviously was one of those ‘mixed’ families, and Guglielmo Olsoni wanted to lend his Italian mob flavor to it.

Knowing gambling and knowing the crazed nature of these people, Olsoni decided to create a casino paradise. He did his research over the years by taking frequent trips to Italy to speak with the Pope and the mob bosses on how to get it right. He knew he only had one chance or else he would be sleeping with the fishes, whom he has become familiar with when falling off his board. August 7, 2010 will be the grand opening of VIVA SHELL POINT! There will be gambling, music, racing, gambling, live singing, drinking, and lots and lots of good looking people. So come on down to see Guglielmo Olsoni’s masterpiece.

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