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October 2019

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Commodore's Ramblings

Wish we were still at the beach!! Thanks to everyone for such a fantastic, fun weekend! I'd like to thank all my sponsors, volunteers, and everyone that contributed any effort to the weekend, but trying to list them all is going to get me in trouble. I had barely gotten a nap when wedding planning, especially the logistics of sisters and mothers, came roaring back to priority. I've only got a short time left as commodore before I ride off into that sunset, but I'm already looking forward to next year! See you at next month's club meeting, which will be at Momo's for the first time, 1410 Market Street, 32312.

2019 SPSC Commodore

Next club event is our annual Holiday Party, Saturday, December 14th. Again, we're returning to the Shriner's Marzuq Temple on the corner of Tharpe and N Monroe. 7:30pm. We'll need volunteers to decorate, and just a few items. Contact Kristin Korinko, (850) 294-3493, for volunteering and decorating. As usual, this is a 'covered dish' event, so bring your best culinary experiments to share. We'll provide turkey and ham.

Since October is not over yet, consider going to the Trick or Trot fun run/walk at Shell Point, October 31st. Presented by COABI, check out the details and registration.

My First Scalloping Adventure by Rose

It was just a great day! Yes! Was my immediate in a nano second response to the impromptu scalloping trip invitation by Joe. I was so excited to go (picture me bouncing up and down big smile on my face). So that morning up early with sandwiches made, gear stowed and tanks full, off we went, Bobby G, Joe and I headed to Port St. Joe.

We met up with Paul and Pam in Presnell at the boat ramp. Side note: Nice sneak peak of the campground ahead of the November trip. Bathrooms were quite nice just fyi.

Hopping off the dock onto the Hell's Bay, we then headed out towards Black's Island. Where to stop was the question now? The perfect spot for a scallop. To me all the spots looked great with sandy bottoms interspersed with sea grass. I surely would snuggle down in that if I was a scallop. A stop here and look and see and a stop there and look and see then repeat. Nothing. Hmm maybe I just didn't know what to look for. I saw a whole bunch of orangy spiky things that I thought better than to reach and a grab. Apparently if it was sea urchin season we'd been flush by now.

So back up on the boat and scanning the horizon we saw Paul come up out of the water and wave us over to his spot. As we drew closer, I saw he already had a big bag chock full of scallops. Pam and Paul had found the elusive mother lode!! My excitement grew as I once again slid my mask over my head into place and quickly got face down in the water. It didn't take long to spot the scallops now and my little hands were picking up all I could grab. Sure enough we had our limit in no time. I could have kept going but alas Captain Joe said we had plenty. Being the wiseman that he is, he said we needed to save time to clean them.

Having never cleaned a scallop before I was given a short lesson on how to disassemble a scallop the most efficient way in order to get to the little piece of heaven inside. I watched the first few and then gave it a shot myself. Well, let's just say the first dozen I cleaned before I got the hang of it looked more like hell than little white chunks of heaven. Plus, as I looked over at the cooler full of scallops waiting for execution, I was now a tad overwhelmed by the enormity of this aspect of scalloping. Cleaning resumed and we got better at it the closer to the bottom of the cooler we inched. I'll have to say I did have a twinge of guilt with the first few I cleaned as they had a tendency to click at you open and closed, as if to say, No you don't want to eat me. I stuffed that thought away with the one of garlic and butter instead.

The ultimate result of this incredibly perfect day was a beautiful meal made and enjoyed with friends. It truly was a perfect day.

Scalloping by Joe Sisson

A few of us SPSCers went scalloping on Wednesday, August 21, 2019, Paul’s birthday.

Just a week and a day after my Stumpwhumper adventure (my bike is a Stumpjumper, but I’ve temporarily renamed it for the noise I made when I hit the ground!), with a broken rib for show and tell, I wanted to get in a scalloping trip before the end of the season. For the record, I was on medication.

I was able to recruit a highly qualified crew: BobbyG and Rose would join me on my boat.

I went through my gear bag – mask and fins, but no snorkel! Fortunately, Coral Reef on CCNE had a fine selection, and I was able to pick one that coordinated with my mask.

Our plan was to meet Paul & Pam, with their boat and crew, at Presnell’s at 11 am. I drove from Tallahassee, pulling my boat behind Bob’s Sequoia. The weather was beautiful, and we arrived a bit early without incident.

We launched the boat and saw Paul & Pam arrive. Leaving Presnell’s, the water was shallow anywhere outside the channel. Way out through the channel it eventually got deeper. With freedom to move, we headed southwest toward Black’s Island.

We went around the west side of the island, found some shallow water, and started looking. No luck.

Just a note - With the broken rib, getting out of the boat was a concern but turned out to be fairly easy. Just sit on the edge and push yourself off, trying to avoid any sudden contact with the bottom, or anything for that matter. Getting back in the boat was a bit of a challenge. The first time I climbed in over the transom, using the poling platform to pull myself up. Later, thanks to low freeboard and a wide gunwale, I was able to back up to the side of the boat, put my hands on the edge, then just push up to get my butt on the side and swing my legs over into the boat.

By this time there was a nice little breeze out of the south. We saw some boats clustered on the south and southeast sides of the island. We got as close as we could without being too obnoxious.

We kept looking, and found a few – one here, another there a few minutes later. There were many sea urchins to check out. In spite of the beautiful conditions, it was pretty slow going.

Eventually, after a couple of hours of hunting without much success, we got up near Pam & Paul’s boat. I heard Paul say not so loudly as to alert other boats “Hey Joe – this is a good spot here.”

I picked up more scallops in 5 minutes than we’d picked up the entire day so far. In the right spot, you could pick up as many as you could handle with a single breath. My crew continued to gather scallops for another 45 minutes.

By this time there appeared to be a big storm brewing to the north, seemingly heading south towards us. It was time to start cleaning.

Back in the boat, with two novices and one not-overly-skilled cleaner brandishing an assortment of oyster and scallop knives, we started cleaning. The storm seemed to be heading our way. I started motoring back toward the launch site, my crew still cleaning. Heading back north, now we had a headwind from the storm.

Once we got back to the channel going into Presnell’s, we found Pam & Paul anchored, tunes playing, still cleaning. We anchored alongside and continued cleaning. The storm to the north seemed to dissipate and the wind slowed.

We cleaned scallops. Then we cleaned some more. There was more cleaning. We filled the first pint container. Still cleaning. Finally, we finished cleaning our catch. We had about a pint and a third of fresh scallop meat.

We headed back into the marina at Presnell’s and loaded the boat. We took turns in the showers while talking to one of the campers that insisted on sharing his extensive knowledge of boat loading, outboard motor repair, you name it, he talked it.

Ready to go, BobbyG drove us home. Me and my rib were eager to get back on my serious meds. We went by the Bowery Station in Apalachicola, thinking we ? might stop for a cold beverage, but it was closed! Bob delivered us safely back to Tallahassee by around 9 pm. A good day!

With the crew together again Sunday afternoon at Shell Point, Sandy offered us scallops alfredo over pasta. Extra good!

Lessons Wrap up for 2019

We had a great year in lessons and lots of folks who took lessons joined the club. I want to thank Tina Mazanek, Joe Sisson, Mack Paschall, Linda Downey, Bill Olson, and Adam Bennett. Would also like to thank Rose McCaffery for coming down and assisting learning how to teach others to sail. Grandpa Bob Andrews was unable to help us much of the year because he was in Orlando but was here when we taught the FSU sailing club folks. Charlie had a busy summer and ended it by getting married to a wonderful lady named Theresa. Hopefully we will see him again next year.

From the Venture Scouts opening the year for the 7th time and the FSU sailing club closing the year, it was fun! We were fortunate and didn’t have bad weather at any time. We did have some days where the wind was lax, but usually, sometime during the lesson, things would fill in fine.

Something we started last year but took up a notch this year was practice days on Sunday after a lesson for people that are in the club. The practice day is open to any club member to come down and use the club equipment. A couple of our students really took off in their skill level and we hope to see many of them at events and when lessons and practice days start next year.

SPSC Meeting September 10, 2019

7:32 called to order

Commodore: Talked about shirt design. AWESOME! Andrea trying on bridal dresses

Vice Commodore: Thanks to folks about getting her legacy information. She is working on the plaque.

Scribe: No new articles. Wants one on scalloping. Chances are he won’t get it.

Commodore: read off list of candidates for the elections and ballots distributed.

Lessons: Going well. Practice day went real well when Will Harms brought down his Windsurfer LT and let others sail it.

Endless Summer: September 25th deadline for Sponsors. Last on the 18th . Future in-laws will be running the hot dog stand now known as Café Rez. Early registration closes on September 27th . We will be having Posey’s at the Fire House, We have generators and some electricity for the electric fryers for wings. Bill and Kristin doing breakfast.

Purser: We have cash in the bank and are in good shape. Will need $200 for tri pod ladder and $650 for trailer backdoors which has already been approved. May need to purchase some heavy duty extension cords for the ES. Had a high of 85 members for 2019. It is now time to rejoin! Budget for Endless Summer is $5,000.

Ballots handed out
. The new board is; Commodore: Kristin Korinko, Vice Commodore: Rose McCaffery, Purser: Wright Finney, Scribe: Bob Graves, Past Commodore: Adam Bennett, At large members: Jack May, Joe Sisson, Mark Powell, Deb Berlinger.

Went over events for 2019
: Spoke some on Christmas Party. Kristin mentioned when she and Bill are going to Bonaire. She passed the Lug nut award to Perry and Joe due to both having a bike accident in the same week. Flagpole dedication will be at the Smith Regatta.

Meeting Adjourned

2019 Sponsors


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