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August 2019

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Commodore's Ramblings

Wasn't Rum n' Root Beer a blast?? Big ol' thanks and congratulations to Rose McCaffrey for such a great job on a successful event! Lessons have been going great, and we're up to 83 memberships!! About the most ever.

We have a few more lessons left, so anyone that's been saying they should try it, get them signed up now.

We've started getting ready for Endless Summer, coming the weekend starting October 4th. There will be another organizational meeting next week. Stay tuned for that official announcement. If you can think of a local business that we should approach for sponsorship, please let us know. It's going to be an awesome weekend!

Don't forget the club meeting on Tuesday at Beef O'Brady's, and sail on! We now return you to your regularly scheduled Florida sweat-fest.

2019 SPSC Commodore

We are still loading 2019 . . . Feista Key, Wind Ceremony, Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta, NIMBY, Rum n' Root Beer are behind us and with many more to come . . .

Next up is the Endless Summer Sailboard Classic, October 4th - 6th. An organizational meeting will be scheduled the week of August 19th. An announcement will be sent. Our Commodore, Adam, is the chair for this event. If you want to help, give Adam a call and volunteer (540-335-4216 or lunaru4ea@nettally.com). We don't know what Adam will do to top his proposal at the Smith Regatta. He will have to work extremely hard to beat this:

Birds of a Feather – by Rose McCaffery

Thank you to all those who came out for the 2019 SPSC Rum and Rootbeer. Your support is appreciated. As this year’s chair of the event I hope you all enjoyed the egg-sighting event and were all emu-sed.

A special Thank you to all those who helped me throughout the process. It’s not an ostrich to say I could not have done it without your assistance. I enjoyed chairing this event for the first time and had fun coming up with this year’s theme of “Birds of a Feather Flock Together” along with all the bird themed games. Special recognition is due to the ladies of COABI who were just im- peck-able tweethearts for helping SPSC out again this year. The COABI cool chicks reached out to me to offer help months prior to the event and showed up so fly all dressed in pink with matching flamingo headbands. I cannot stop raven about how these ladies were so auksome as the Wild Geese and even had a stud puffin join in the game. When it came to assist with judging during the other games they made sure there was not any fowl-play happening.

The only egret I have about being this year’s chair was that I did not get to play any of the games but watching quacked me up! Ok, by now you’re probably so plover all the bird puns and I’d hate to make this unpheasant and hawkward so I will end by saying it was too Coo!!! Owl see you later.

Rum ‘n’ Root Beer 2019 aka Birds of a Feather

This year R’n’R event was wonderful. Rose McCaffery was the chair and came up with some awesome games on top of the incredible artwork on the shirt (with 91 of them sold). Rose has only been with the club for 3 years yet volunteered to create this year’s games. When you think about what it takes to create games that allow multiple people (in this case 30) to play at the same time and then give instruction to this noisy group of people on how the games are played, it takes creativity and patience and Rose came through with both.

This year Rose enlisted the help of some ladies (and 1 man) from COABI to help judge and play other parts in the games. Big shout out to those folks for helping AND bringing 3 tables and a tent for us to set up over the food.

As the time for the beginning of the games approached, (3pm) ominous dark clouds gathered on the horizon, so Rose delayed the start by 10 minutes. I don’t know what she did during those 10 minutes, but the dark clouds disappeared, and no storm even threatened the rest of the day.

I knew the day was going to be a success when the first game began and laughter erupted. The first game consisted of one teammate pushing another on a floating chicken or duck around buoys called “which came first, the chicken or the duck”. The other great games were Flipping the Bird root beer chug followed by Wild Goose chase, Bird Box challenges 1 and 2, Bird Bath, Feed the Birds, and finishing off with a live game of ANGRY BIRDS!

The winners each received a handmade bird feeder made by Rose with bird seed to get it functional right away. The potluck had LOTS of food. There were a lot of new faces in this one, all of them with big smiles pasted on their faces the entire time. This Rum ‘n’ Root Beer will be talked about for some time.

Windsurfing Lessons by Ronald Harrison

Wanting to fill Katie's summer with some adventures and make memories before the ever-increasing pull of high school activities and, ultimately, college drags her away, I happened upon a FREE four-hour windsurfing lesson at Shell Point Beach, conducted by the Shell Point Sailboard Club (SPSC)!

Before I get into our day... let me just say... what an amazing program. Run, do not walk to your computer and check out what they offer. We enjoyed our lessons and our day SO much that we will be joining the Shell Point Sailboard Club (SPSC) TOMORROW. And I can't imagine how we won't be lifetime members. It is an amazing group that offers an amazing amount of fun.

I mentioned in another post, earlier, that the words, "That was SO fun!" has been repeated by EVERYONE about a million times since we left. As a father and husband... that makes my heart explode. Judi and Katie had SO much fun and were GREAT! I was so worried about them getting the hang of it, but the instructors were great and really got them going. We have already planned to go back as soon as we can!

So, here are just a few pictures and videos from the day. I made a rookie mistake and took too many videos and pictures when we were just starting out/learning. So, later... when we had the hang of it AND the wind really picked up, the battery was dead. And we were having SO MUCH FUN that nobody wanted to run to the beach and change the battery!

Yes, the afternoon winds were just perfect for beginner sailboarders looking to go a lot faster! One of the chuckles of the afternoon was an instructor trying to tell Judi how to change her grip to coax a little more speed out of her board and Judi being like, "Nah, I'm flyin'. I'm good like this. Thanks. Buh-bye!" as she zoomed by.

I'm on cloud nine over the amazing day we had and cannot recommend a trip down there, enough!

Campground Hosting in Maine by Chris Graves

(Click on images for larger view)

Want to beat the heat? Come host in Maine!

If you enjoy coastal Maine there are opportunities to host at a Maine state park and spend the summer rent free. The chores are very easy and when you’re done that’s itfor theday. Rangers are readily available so they deal with any camper related issues.

Maine expects about 15 hours of labor per week per rig. In exchange for volunteering you get a site with water and electric that would normally cost about $50 a day.

This year we are hosting at Camden Hills State Park a short bike ride from the town of Camden. Mount Battie is located within the park and is popular for tourists as the view of Camden Harbor and Penobscot bay is spectacular. There is a great amount of hiking and biking in the park and access to a small rocky beach for swimming. The elevation runs from the shores edge to 1400 feet over about a two mile run.

This will be our second year at this park and are thinking of doing it again next summer.

The park is need of volunteers for the balance of this season if anyone is interested in coming up. They close October 15 Terry and I plan to leave around mid September.

SPSC Meeting July 9, 2019

Called to order at 7:34
Forgot to take attendance

Commodore: Getting married sometime between April 4 and April 18.

Vice Commodore:
I have a new board, new bike, new job and new band. Year of change.

Scribe: Thanked John Mascaro for his great article about the NIMBY in the newsletter. Don’t be a Dick, be like John and submit an article.

Purser: Have money in the bank even after paying for insurance. Have 81 memberships.

Old Business – Those who went said NIMBY was GREAT!

Rum ‘n’ Root Beer: Saturday, July 20th , after lessons, we will practice some of the games. July 19th deadline to guarantee shirt.

Endless Summer: Nothing new to report

Presnell: Stan is going as are a bunch of others.

Xmas: Shriner hospital, Cash or toys.

Festivus: December 22, 2019

Lessons: 4 left, 2 in August, 2 in September, one for a scout troop and the other for the FSU Sailing club.

Memorial Committee: Has had volunteers. Flagpole will be dedicated

Windy: On-going

Lug nut award went to Kristin after a day in which the mast track on her board came out and she got a flat tire on her car leaving the beach and something else.

Adjourned at 8:01
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