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July 2019

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How's your wind?  Getting any good sailing in?  I hope so!

The countdown begins to the Birds Of A Feather Rum n' Root Beer Regatta, August 3rd.  Between now and then, there's still two days for our newer members to practice.  July 14th and 21st, Noon to 4pm we'll have our training boards and instructors available.  We would also love to see our more seasoned (a-HEM!) on any of these days, when the wind promises.  It helps for potential members to see what waits for them down the road.  The sailing and fun on the water, as well as the camaraderie on the beach.  

2019 SPSC Commodore

Saturday - August 3, 2019

Location: Shell Point Beach
Chairperson: Rose McCaffery
Contact Info: (850) 264-5417
Email: rvmccaffrey312@comcast.net
Details: Go to the R N' R page

NIMBY 2019 by John Mascaro

This was my 2nd NIMBY (first one was at St. Joe) and I have to say; it was so much fun, I still have a smile on my face. I also have a new perspective on why this event must be moved around each year. Navarre beach did not disappoint; with its white sandy beaches and beautiful waters.

The first night party was awesome with good fellowship and great food as well as Perry’s awesome Martini’s. Saturday brought the regatta which featured some wind as well as fairly calm waters in the back bay which made the 9-mile course doable for a novice like me in about an hour each way. I achieved my lofty goal of “I’m going to finish” so I was very pleased. After the regatta we of course had more libations hanging around at the beach next to Juana’s and the after pool party.

Sunday the wind gods were unkind to us, so we called it a day and gave out awards as well as the always coveted “No Class” award. Some people went home and some of us crashed the campground for a little more relaxing and fun. What can I say, awesome friendships, fellowship, laughter, martini’s, wind, boats, sailboards, white sand, more martini’s, it was a stellar weekend.

If you have not been to a NIMBY in a while or you are that gal or guy that is “just too busy” to get away from reality, just remember, life is short, go get some wind!

See y ’all at the beach.

SPSC Meeting June 11, 2019 @ The 4th Quarter

Meeting called to order at 7:30

Commodore: Mentioned how good it was to see the outpouring of love at Lee’s memorial

Vice Commodore:
Kristin took Smith plaque to St. Leo who loved it and will be with us next year.  She is forming an ad hoc committee to commemorate those who have passed that are dear to the SPSC.

Scribe: Commented that Adam wrote a very nice Commodore’s Comments article.

Purser: We have money in the bank and 77 total memberships.  Insurance is $1690 but the Smith Foundation pays a part of it.  Insurance covers all boats and stuff during events.

Old Business – Smith regatta foundation party saw $25,000 go to the American Cancer Society.  Billy Mason of Panama City received the Dan Smith Award.

NIMBY – coming up.  Hunch Punch, trophies, and SWAG!  Spoke about where to launch boats.  Going to take off from Navarre beach.

Rum ‘n’ Rootbeer – Registration is up.  Rose needs help for setup in the morning and to referee games.  Budget request of $1,000.  All approved.  July 19th registration deadline to guarantee shirt.

Endless Summer – October 4th weekend.  No planning yet.

Presnell – Get you reservations now for November! https://presnells.com/

Christmas party still at the Marzuq temples.  Shriners Hospital is the beneficiary, so bring toys or money.

tried to fix Windy but too rough so pulled tree on flats in instead and then went to the cold hole.

Meeting ended at 8:20pm

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