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June 2019

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This month we've said goodbye to some incredible people within our club.  The absolute best way to honor them is to continue the stories of good times with them, but to also grow the club and promote the sport.  The first rule of Shell Point Sailboard Club is to talk about Shell Point Sailboard Club.  Also, it's how you talk about the club.

All summer long we give FREE lessons, because we want to share something fun; and we want everyone to know that anyone can give it a try.  You don't have to be really athletic, or own a bank.  You just have to enjoy yourself.

This club is ALL about the good times, but we don't stop there. We're excellent stewards of our beach, and the rest of the outdoors.  We're also ambassadors of board sailing, and really all forms of hydro-happiness.  We're there for each other through windy days, unbearable sadness, immense happiness, injury, illness, a bad case of the blues, or an extra case of beer.

So lift a glass to Lee and Steve, but remember that you'll cross paths today with a the next potential Lee, Steve, Hulon, Brian, Andrew, Mark, Perry, or Dan.

2019 SPSC Commodore

"Not In My Back Yard" Road Trip Regatta
Friday, June 21 – Sunday, June 23, 2019
Location: Navarre Beach, FL
Chairperson: Wright Finney
Email: wfinney@fsu.edu

Registration Form

Notice of Race: NIMBY XXIII June 21 – 23, 2019 – Navarre Beach, FL

NOTICE OF EVENT: Rum 'n' Root Beer - Saturday - August 3, 2019

Location: Shell Point Beach
Chairperson: Rose McCaffery
Contact Info: (850) 264-5417
Email: rvmccaffrey312@comcast.net
Details: Go to the R N' R page

The Legend of STRETCH! By Anonymous

Many of you have heard of Sasquatch and the Yeti, but Santos trails near Orlando has their own mythical being and his name is Stretch! No, we don’t have pictures of him, you just must believe.

On the way to the Keys, Perry and Bill stopped at Santos for a day to do some bike riding when they first encountered this magical man named Stretch. Stretch took the boys on a tour of all the cool places in his kingdom of Santos and showed them how to conquer some of the more challenging obstacles. Stretch even had martinis with them one night. The next day after this magical visitation, Perry and Bill had to finish their journey to the Keys. They had found out that this magical being rode his bike from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his dog, all the way to Santos, with a brief stop in Tallahassee!

On the way back from the Keys, Perry, Bill, Joe, Becky, Randy, Sandy and Bob G stopped at Santos for a couple nights. The first morning we awoke, Perry, Joe, Bill and Bob G got on their bikes and headed for the trails and low and behold, Stretch appeared from the woods. He once again was gracious enough to show the newcomers in the group the trails and the challenges. Stretch was excellent and giving pointers and showing patience, not pushing anyone to do anything they didn’t feel comfortable doing. Stretch was able to ride all the challenging areas with ease. In the week before the first siting and the second, Stretch had broken his clavicle, which didn’t slow him down one bit. Whilst riding behind him you could observe him ride by a pinecone and then kick it off the trail with his back tire. We were in awe.

Later that evening, Stretch joined the group for martinis and dinner. The next morning, we woke up, and there was no sign of Stretch anywhere, even though we rode some of the trails again before taking off for home.

So, if you ever go to Santos for some trail riding, be on the lookout for Stretch, a man/spirit? who lives in those woods.

Corpus Christi 2019 by BobbyG

This year we set out March 28th with trailers in tow to make our yearly Corpus trek. Pulling trailers, we decided to break the trip into three days, leaving on a Thursday to go to Lafayette, LA and leaving there on a Friday to go to Corpus. We did the same on the way back but stopped at Bayou Segnette state park in New Orleans in order to visit NOLA for a day. Both campgrounds were wonderful.

In Lafayette we stayed at Acadiana State Park. Joe, Perry, and I rode some mountain bike single track that was a blast and very nicely built. The park also had a wonderful boardwalk through a nature preserve that was very lush and a joy to walk through.

We arrived in Corpus Christi and stayed at Padre Balli Park, right on the Gulf of Mexico, separated only by some sand dunes. Once at the campground we met up with my brother Chris and his wife Terry, Mike and Cathy Haskins, Danielle, Bill, and Kristin.

When we got to Corpus the weather was nice, but before the day ended, cold weather and pouring rain made its presence known. Danielle had flown to Corpus with Perry bringing her tent and some stuff and me bringing some other stuff in our trailers. The weather was so bad the first two nights that Danielle stayed in the trailer with Sandy and me. The weather throughout the week was not great, but we did get one good day of windsurfing in, got a day of mountain biking in, and went out and did some bird watching at Port Aransas where we saw these pink spoonbills.

What really made the week special was when Bill’s brother, Scott, and his wife Margo invited ALL of us over for a great enchilada dinner with all the fixings! Great food and great people. In addition, the martinis we had at World Winds were a lot of fun because we got to meet new people and reacquaint ourselves with folks we have met in past years.

Our stop in Bayou Segnette was very interesting. The campground is truly in a bayou, with water separating each campsite and the only way to get from one to the other without getting wet was to take the roads. In order to get to the city of New Orleans, we hopped the Algiers ferry to cross the mighty Mississippi, costing us each $1. We toured New Orleans by foot, stopping to listen to many of the street musicians, with the best being Doreen Ketchen, an amazing clarinet player. Had some great food at the Oyster House in New Orleans as well.

Next year we will be going in May to ensure we get warmer weather and we will be taking more time to get there.

R.O.A.D. Warriors log, May 2019

(click on images for larger view)

Grandpa Baab, aka Tools, was in town the weekend of May 25th, so we decided to take his boat out to see ifwe could get up on the tripod to get Windy going. In the boat with Tools was Huh?, Fractions, and ROADie in training Uncle Pervy. Alas, there was way too much roll to set a ladder or to keep the boat tied, so instead of wasting the trip out, we ventured over to the flats and pulled out the tree that was a menace to all of us. It is currently sitting in the empty lot to the east of the training trailer. We then went to the cold hole because it’s there.

For those that have been to the beach on a busy weekend, you may have noticedcars and trucks parking right on the beach on the east and west side of the training trailer since hurricaneMichael had taken out the fencing. These cars were a nuisance, so we decided to act.

On Thursday, Fractions and Huh? went down toShell Point to put up some 4x4 posts to prevent cars from driving onto the beach. There is no way to stop the golf carts who feel driving on the beach is a right. Thankfully, Linda D. had seven six-foot 4x4s at her house due to a hurricane Michael deposit. With our trusty PHD, a shovel, and hoe, we got to placing the posts so cars couldn’t get in. Close Enough was with us in spirit the entire time. The pictures show the results.

While down there, we had noticed the planter around the tree had a board that had broken, resulting in less space for us to sit when we forget ourchairs. We replaced that 1x6 piece with a new piece from ACE inCrawfordville.While there we also purchased a couple 2x4s to get sturdier supportfor the back of the trailers where we offload the gear. The slats slide into the brackets put on the back and provide great support while on the past commodore’s lounge.

The best thing about working Thursday was that there was a steady 10-15 knot wind from the south, keeping us not hot. We were ready to rig and sail by 1:30, with our reward for our work steady winds from the south, between 13-15 knots, which kept smiles on our faces the whole time!

Camping in New Mexico

by Chris Graves
(Click on image for larger view)

The New Mexico Park Pass is an affordable $225 for a year of camping. Add $4 daily if you want electricity. You can also pay $14 daily or $10 for improved non electric sites if you don’t have the park pass.

Most of the camp sites are non reservable so you can take your chances for a site or make reservations online. If you must be plugged in make reservations. If you can dry camp for a couple of days you are good to go at most any campground as they will let you camp in “overflow”. The campgrounds are also self service, you fill out a small form, put a copy on your car and RV then place your money in the envelope and put it in the iron ranger.

Most of the campgrounds have picnic tables and shade shelters. Some of the sites can be tight or very un-level so its best to scout out the camp ground.

You can stay at a campground for up to 14 days after which you must leave for at least 6 nights. There are about 35 parks so one could bum around New Mexico for an entire year.

The scenery is spectacular.

I would like to see if any club members would be interested in caravanning to New Mexico next May.

SPSC Meeting in the year 2019 on May 14th

at Beef o’ Brady’s on Thomasville Road

Meeting started at 7:32

The attendance was so embarrassingly low that I am not going to divulge the number. Come on, try to make at least 1 meeting this year.

Commodore: Adam barely survived the Smith. He is now engaged to Andrea but they do not have a set date for wedding. He will be getting married at SP. A video of the proposal should be forthcoming.

Vice Commodore: Congratulated Adam.

Scribe: Minutes accepted

Purser: Wright is away so no purser report other than we have money in the bank, Bob bought a new training cell, insurance is due at the end of June, membership is at 75, use your old beach pass to get on beach if they start asking for money.

Smith: Thanked volunteers which, coincidently was everyone at the meeting with the exception of one person who was out of town. Registrations were up over last year.

NIMBY: Book your room NOW. To late by the time you read this.

RnR: In talks with the great Swami about shirt design.

Endless Summer: Nothing yet

Fall Classic: Still happening in Atlanta. Last year Hurricane Michaels spoiled it for u.

Christmas Party: December 14th. Kenny Ayers is also a Shriner.

Festivus: December 22nd

Training: Bob thanked the club for the sail

Other Business:

Concrete that held the old Windy is becoming a menace, even though I have seen several beach goers use it as a table.

Flagpole dedication to Lee will be done at the Endless Summer. The flagpole was put up by Lee. We need to get it cleaned up. Perry suggested putting spreader bars on the pole.

Next months meeting is at the 4th quarter in the backroom due to scheduling conflicts with Beef o’ Brady’s.

Adjourned at 8:04pm

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