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May 2019

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Commodore Comments

Much love to the Chapin and Bogan families at this time. Both will be very much missed.
Sail on, Lee and Steve!

2019 SPSC Commodore

"Not In My Back Yard" Road Trip Regatta
Friday, June 21 – Sunday, June 23, 2019
Location: Navarre Beach, FL
Chairperson: Wright Finney
Email: wfinney@fsu.edu

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Notice of Race: NIMBY XXIII June 21 – 23, 2019 – Navarre Beach, FL

Smith Regatta Results

Though the prediction for Saturday was for very little wind, we had a decent sea breeze and were able to get in 4 races before 5pm. Below are the results. The Race committee; Mark Voigt, Rick Knerr, Tina Mazanek, and John Gilbert, did a great job with the races, with the first one being the lone exception. Mark decided to throw out one race and count everyone’s best three. See results.

April 9, 2019 Shell Point Sailboard Club Monthly Meeting

7:32pm meeting start. 16 people present.

Mary Rolling did a presentation on clean water and some charities Athena and Aveda work with. Spoke about the Apalachicola River Keepers and what they do. More can be found out by going to : https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/save-a-drop-disasters-stop/maryrolling

Commodore: Adam thanked Kristin and Chuck for a rousing Wind Ceremony.

Vice Commodore: Kristin gave out airline booze for gifts for the volunteers. The event made money. Kristin opened the floor for discussion on club paying for grassroots rental. Discussion was shelved until board could discuss. However, it was noted we missed Bradley who missed the event after all the hard work due to an injury.

Scribe: Bob thanked Kristin and Joe for articles in the newsletter. You too can get thanked if you would just write an article. Minutes were approved.

Purser: Wright said we have money in the bank. Upcoming expenses are for infrastructure such as getting the training trailer in tip top shape and drying racks. The Smith regatta pays for itself and costs the club nothing. Our memberships are up to 69.

Other Business: Bob G. spoke about Corpus trip. Leah has butts for $35.

Training: Bob G. said all the dates are set for training. Bob requested $434.50 for new training sail. Everyone approved.

Smith update: Bob G. said ACME Rhythm and Blues is the band and Shrimp or Chicken are the dinner options.

NIMBY: Wright working with Juana’s to provide something for our regatta. We will be yachting Friday afternoon. Book your room NOW.

Rum ‘n’ Root Beer: Rose needs people to help. Several in attendance volunteered. Same people that always volunteer. Thank goodness for them!

Review: Joe spoke about fixing the training trailer foundation.

New: Cleanup day before Smith? We can get it done on that Friday. The fridge is working in the chase.

Joe: Keys trip survey. Spoke about it. Wants feedback. Joe asked people to work on different ideas.

Events for 2019:
Stephen C. Smith – April 26-28
Spring into Liquid Regatta – May 25-26
NIMBY – June 22-23
Rum ‘n’ Root Beer – August 3?
Kona Worlds – August 15-18, Lake Garda, Italy
Endless Summer Sailboard Classic – October 6-8
Atlanta Fall Classic – October 19-20
Kona North Americans – Unknown
Presnell – November 8-11
Christmas Party – Saturday, December 14

Meeting adjourned. Didn’t notice the time, but it was after 7:32 pm.
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