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April 2019

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Commodore Comments

The last month has been a bit of a blur. Final Wind Ceremony prep, RockitZ gigs, moving, etc, so this will be quite brief. Wind Ceremony was an absolutely beautiful night, and the band played on! Looking ahead now to the Stephen C Smith, and for the pace of life to mellow just a touch. Thanks to everyone that made Wind Ceremony a success, and thanks to you all for your patience with your frazzled Commodore.

SPSC Commodore

46th Annual Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta - April 26 - 28, 2019

Early registration on or before April 19th, will save you $10 per registration (including a Guest Registration)!

It all begins Friday the 26th:
5:00pm - 8:00 pm - Registration Pick up registration bags and late registration.

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Corn Hole Contest on the Beach for registered participants only. Sponsored by Skybox Sports Bar & Grill in Crawfordville.

See Full Schedule on the event website.

Register online now.

“Come one.. come all to the 2019 Wind Ceremony at beautiful Shell Point Beach!”


Wind Ceremony – Saturday, March 23, 2019

According to our esteemed Commodore Bennett, it is that time again! “In order to enjoy a summer full of wind, we must first gather for our yearly rites, rituals, and ruminations. We must re-tie the Cosmic Thread once more, and what better way than to the strains of the Swami, and his tremulous troubadours, The Festoons? March 23rd, people!”

And boy oh boy.. WE DID! The wind blew briskly not angrily that day!

This year’s Wind Ceremony proved to be one of the most well-attended and enjoyed by all who were in attendance! We ordered 179 shirts—a very hot commodity crafted by Swami himself! All of the T-shirts SOLD OUT! Thank you very much to Ms. Sandy Layne, Mrs. Judy Kneer, Ms. Linda Downey, and Ms. Andrea Schwendinger for your unwavering support and guidance during the registration process. A special hug to my kindred, Bill Olson, for assisting me with the T-shirt labeling and organization. A HUGE shout out to the WebMistress herself, Ms. Deb Berlinger, for keeping the data up-to-date!

There was food—in abundance—as usual at any SPSC event! Thanks to all who joined in the Pot Luck with creative edibles and libations! A special note of thanks goes out to Ms. Rose McCaffrey, Ms. Judy Kneer, and Ms. Linda Downey for set-up and organization of the smorgasbord of delightful food and condiments for all. Yummy!

Once the registration and pot luck concluded, it was time to commemorate the Wind Ceremony with none other than Swami and the Festoons . I had the privilege of attending one of their rehearsals as well as the final dress rehearsal prior to the Wind Ceremony. As a fellow musician, I knew that they would ROCK the beach and never ever disappoint. Hats off to all of the band members who are Swami Kohlhagen, Adam Bennett, Jack May, Bob Graves, Perry Morris, Tina Mazanek, Richard Hill, Dave Denmark, Paul Hansard, Brian Ledger, Don and Sharman Franklin, guest fiddler-Gavin, and Donna McMahon. (Bradley- you were missed but we are so happy to hear that you are on the mend!) With Rick Kneer and Wright Finney at the mixers, their groove was as smooth as Perry’s martinis and the beat rolled on deep into the evening. Set-up for any musical act is no easy feat. John “Jeaubert” Gilbert was indeed “Johnny-on-the-spot” with all of the necessary setups for lights, camera, and action! Joe Sisson, Bill Olson, Wright Finney, Rick Kneer, and Perry Morris all joined in to ensure that the sound and stage were set and lit. Limbo didn’t disappoint and all Wind wishes were blessed by the Swami while we took part in not one but two bon fires at the beach. Thanks to Chris and Donna McMahon for the wind wish sticks and to one of my favorite Gators Dave Denmark for the laying down the firewood.

In sum, I LOVED chairing this event for the second time! I am happy that I didn’t have to chase anyone off stage this year! The best part of this club is the PEOPLE that you grow to love and enjoy each other’s company. Now.. onward into Summer and hope to see you all at the Smith Regatta in a few weeks.

Kristin Korinko, Vice Commodore

Trailer & Site Repairs by Joe Sisson

On Saturday, March 9, a group of dedicated club members met at Shell Point Beach to work on the training trailer. The piers supporting the beach side of fthe trailer had become nothing morer than a jumble of concrete blocks. We rebuilt the piers on new concrete pads, and added two additional piers just behind the rear axle to provide a more solid foundation. The shower was also repaired to working condition. Our thanks to Wright, BobbyG, Sandy, Bill, Kristin, and others who participated in the workday! - PC Joe

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March 12, 2019 Shell Point Sailboard Club Monthly Meeting

15 members present
Meeting called to order at 7:30.

Vice: Out sick today, but thanks Sandy, Andrea, Rose, Rick, and Wright for help on the Wind Ceremony
Scribe: Thanked Joe Sisson and Rose McCaffery for great article contributions to the newsletter
Purser: We have money in the checking account Currently have 65 memberships

Wind Ceremony:
- $3000 budget request for Wind Ceremony and approved by members present.
- Special thank you to those folks who have stepped up and have agreed to take on stations at Wind Ceremony:

  • Registration (shirt pickup)- Sandy Lane & Andrea Schwendinger
  • Pot Luck - Rose McCaffrey
  • Band set up - Rick Kneer, Wright Finney
  • Band security - Bill Olson/Kristin
- The shirt color is Forest Green
- Pre-registration ends 3/14!
Smith: Get Grill out. Bob asked for donations and sponsors

NIMBY: Going to take place out at Navarre. Information on where to stay coming out shortly. Will have to rig at Juana’s because shore front motels to costly.

RnR: Rose needs assistants

: November 10th, Veterans day weekend.

Christmas Party: Lee got us on SATURDAY, December 14th.

Training: Bob G. said all the dates are set for training. Hoping to get money for a new sail this year.

Fiesta Key: Current issues are that it is expensive, we were scattered, and tents are not allowed. Joe said they are booked up through February which is when we normally went. Joe is going to send an email out about what to do.

Lug nut award was given to Adam due to the throttle on his car getting stuck open.

Joe presented with a plaque officially making him a past commodore.

Mary was presented with the Perry Williams award plaque. Due to her being in witness protection, no picture is shown.

Joe spoke about the workday at the trailer and the stuff that was done in putting supports under it.

Leah had raffle tickets for a custom-built play house.

Action Items:
- Get Windy up and running. Weather conditions have not been kind. Standing a 15’ ladder on the bottom of a boat and having someone scamper up requires very calms water. For those that don’t know, Hurricane Michaels destroyed the ladder that was built on the tri-pod.
- Fix double back doors on trailer
- Replace door knob and lock on Front Door.
- Grease lock on outside board rack
- Build a sail drying rack

Adjourned at 8:30pm
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