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March 2019

March Club Meeting Agenda

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Commodore Comments

Commodore's Comments: Aah, there's nothing quite as exhilarating as having your throttle jam open on W Tennessee Street at 6pm. But doesn't the approaching windsurfing season sound like a whole lot better thrill ride? Well, it's on it's way, BUT..... In order to enjoy a summer full of wind, we must first gather for our yearly rites, rituals, and rum-inations. We must re-tie the Cosmic Thread once more, and what better way than to the strains of the Swami, and his tremulous troubadours, The Festoons? March 23rd, people! March 23rd is the date. Get yourself registered so you can get a shirt that fits, plan your potluck contributions, find your wind wish stick, and remember the most important thing of all; The more you drink, the better we sound!

**No commodores were overly freaked out during the afternoon's adventures. **

SPSC Commodore

Wind Ceremony - March 23

Come one come all to the 2019 Wind Ceremony at beautiful Shell Point Beach

3:00pm Registration
5:30pm Food, enjoy the feast only if you bring a food dish
7:30pm Bon-fire and Music

Register online now.

Fiesta Key 2019 by Rose McCaffery

As a fledgling member of the SPSBC this was my first trip to the Keys with the club and what a trip it was - my side still hurts from laughing so much.

I was full of anticipation upon my arrival as I admired the aquamarine waters and imagined getting out on that water. The weather was perfect all week albeit for the more experienced windsurfers the wind could have been stronger but there was still enough wind to get out on the water on multiple days. I was happy as a newbie just to be able to get out and back on my board in this new environment as I have never tried windsurfing anywhere besides at Shellpoint. The club members were there of course to always lend a hand if need be getting my stuff rigged correctly and helping getting in and out of the water. I always felt safe knowing that somebody had my back and cannot say enough good things about the outstanding, wonderful, gracious, funny, good people in this club.

The first day out I found myself following a pod of dolphins with a smile on my face and then I realized it was time to tack and go back as I didn’t want to get to far away from the safety of the shore.

The RV park was a perfect setting with so much to do it was hard to choose! The morning of the first day revealed smooth clear water perfect for paddle boarding and I was lucky to see a manatee, dolphin, dogfish sharks and other sea creatures. Later I spied a fellow camper snorkeling right from the shore at the campground and catch a lobster!

As each day was coming to an end, I was invited to attend the perfectly blended and tended martini ritual with a beautiful sunset to cap it off and even got to see a green flash!

The week included a group ride over to Long Key to see what was left of the original Keys railroad and another group ride throughout Key West with many stops at various establishments creating memories that will forever be ingrained on my brain!

Another unforgettable evening was the Saturday Night Live dress up event with an appearance by Gumby and Mr. Bill! Oh NOOOOooooo. I was able to participate in a great game of Left, Center, Right the park hosted as well as a fun game of Bingo, meeting new people from all over the country. Many of the folks I met at the campground were there previous years and all stated they remembered those windsurfer people because they liked to have fun and the other campers enjoyed watch us out windsurfing.

Fun is an understatement considering the Cards against Humanity, horseshoes, and car ride game on the ride back from Key West, or just sitting around the pool and in the jacuzzi chit chatting and laughing over memories made. It was a perfect vacation with great people that I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and get to know better.

I look forward to going again next year!!

The Boathouse aka Kon-Tiki by Joe Sisson

The initial concept was a windsurfing equipment topper for my pickup truck. Kinda like the windsurfing trailers so many of our associates drag to the beach, but instead of hooking up a trailer, this unit would slide into, and fasten to the bed of my truck. Keeping my equipment inside the topper would minimize the tedious loading and unloading of equipment at home, while providing weatherproof storage for all the gear. Want to go sailing? Simply slide the unit into the truck and fasten it down. When you get back home, just slide it off onto it’s home base (details to be worked out later). This arrangement would also allow me to tow the boat trailer, so I could take even more toys on our expeditions. As an added benefit, a bed in the base of the unit would provide sleeping accommodations. I’d call it the boathouse, since it’s a house for (windsurfing) boats, or a maybe a house (camper) shaped like a boat.

The design is single, hard-chine plywood construction over a wood frame covered with fiberglass/epoxy for weather resistance. With the nose, or bow cantilevered out over the truck cab, it needs to be light, since I have a half-ton truck, and sturdy, ‘cause I don’t want it coming apart or flying off as I speed along I- 95 around Miami on the way to the Keys.

So, I’ve been working on this project for some time, like maybe 3 years? Anyway, I was determined to take it to the keys this year, since I hadn’t been able to get it done for the last two keys trips. Of course, once again, the project was not completed in time. I got to the point where I was ready to splice the plywood panels before fitting them to the frame when the dismal realization that I didn’t have enough time hit me, again. Of the many contingency plans I considered, I decided to load the boathouse frame on the truck, load my equipment into the frame, and carry a large tarp to stretch over the frame when I arrived at Fiesta Key.

The trip started quite well. To save time, I decided to go I-10 to I-75, initially easing up to a modest 60 mph. After all, this was the road test and maiden voyage rolled into one. If I leaned forward and looked up through the windshield, I could see the nose of the boathouse vibrating slightly. I made a mental note of the approximate ¼” deflection, in case it should become more pronounced as the trip progressed. Eventually, I got up to the posted 70 mph speed limit. I stopped at a rest area on I-75 and checked it out. Everything seemed to be firmly in place – no loose, broken or missing pieces. With renewed confidence, I proceeded on to Highlands Hammock.

The next day, after stopping for lunch at Alabama Jacks (in downtown Card Sound), I rolled up to the gatehouse at Fiesta Key RV Resort. The attendant checked my name against her list and directed me on to the office. I completed my registration without incident. All seemed to be in order. Back outside in the parking lot, Bill (that’s his name) told me to follow him in his golf cart to my campsite. I told him I’d been here before and knew where I was going, but he insisted that he show me the way. Once we arrived at site 704 (I think), I could see him eyeballing my rig. Bill asked, “Where are you staying”? I told him of my ? plan to stretch a tarp over the frame. Bill said “They don’t allow home-made campers in here. They’re probably going to ask you to leave”, adding “but I won’t say anything!”

Bill went on about his business. I drove to the pool and unloaded my equipment, then returned to my site to set up camp, i.e., pull a tarp over the frame and bungee it down. Then I inflated my mattress and readied my sleeping arrangements.

Bob A helped me with the tarp, noting he’d heard resort personnel talking over the radio about my apparition. Regardless, I enjoyed that night in my spacious and comfortable accommodations.

Next day Sunday I met Bill again. He was working the gatehouse as I left the facilities. He asked if they’d asked me to leave yet, and said I could probably find a motel. I told him I might stay here with one of my friends to which he replied I would need to park outside the gate.

A few minutes later I went to the office. Initially they said the manager would not be in until Monday, and that I could stay until then. I told them I wanted to resolve the situation if possible, and they offered me an opportunity to speak with the assistant manager.

After waiting a few minutes (to let my shame settle in), I was called back into the private office. She was nice enough. She could not allow me to sleep in the back of my truck. She asked, “What can we do to resolve this situation?” I told her I didn’t want to cause any problem and that I could stay with friends. Would they refund my money? Yes, they would, and I could park in overflow parking (which happened to be 50 feet from my campsite, in plain sight of the office). I had to bring Perry into the office to say in person that he would allow me to stay in his camper. She gave me my refund receipt, and that was it.

I pulled the tarp off the frame, moved my rig to the overflow parking spot, and moved my pop-up tent to Perry’s site. Over the course of the week, my failed camping rig was given the Kon-Tiki moniker. Some would say that my “FEMA” tarp lead to my being kicked out of the Fiesta Key RV Resort.

Thanks to great friends, I was able to stay the entire week at Fiesta Key. A couple of nights here, one or two there, another over there, ultimately earning the prestigious “Most slept around” award.

I was disappointed, no doubt, since I’d designed my topper with Fiesta Key in mind. However, I haven’t given up on the boathouse. You might see it again!

February 12, 2019 Shell Point Sailboard Club Monthly Meeting

Location: 4 th Quarter Bar and Grill 12 members present.

Rick approved of Adam’s use of the front and back of the paper for the agenda.

Called to order at 7:30

Commodore Report: Beef O’ Brady’s does not have June 11 th available for a club meeting so we will once again go to the 4 th quarter for the June meeting. Adam started out the meeting by wishing he had been in the keys and mentioned he played pit orchestra in Thomasville for Peter Pan.

Vice Commodore Report: Kristin asked people to attend the Rockitz on February 23 rd at the Legion. Scribe report

Scribe Report: Bob asked Joe and Rose for articles about the keys and mentioned we saw the green flash two days in a row!

Purser Report: We have money in the checking account and 64 memberships (yet only 12 people at the meeting?)


Clearwater Midwinters (March 9-10) – All sail board classes represented.

Wind Ceremony (March 23) – Registration is up but no artwork yet. Bob will provide tip jar to Kristin. Need a budget to present at the club meeting in March. Was suggested that the tip jar be a Cheese ball container so any thieves would be easy to recognize. Band requested the money from last years tip jar to offset room rentals at Grassroots.

Corpus Christi (March 30 – April 6) – Bob is looking for campground with electric and water. Bill suggested Mustang Island.

NIMBY – Nothing to report yet Rum ‘n’ Root Beer – Rose has lots of game ideas but no theme yet.

Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta (April 26-28) – Nothing new. Implored everyone to look for donors.

Presnell (November 9-11)

Atlanta Fall Classic (October 19-20)

Lessons are posted on-line.

Doors for trailer
Drying Racks
Fixing Windy – need good weather condition to prop ladder in boat

March 5 th board meeting at Bob Graves home Adjourned at 8:10pm. I have no idea who motioned or seconded. Heck, I made up the time of 8:10pm.

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