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February 2019

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Blah, blah, blah..Keys...blah, blah.....
Vacation over. Time to get back to it. We have a big season on the way, and it all starts with the who-knows-how-many annual Wind Ceremony! Once we’ve completed the rites of re-tying the cosmic thread that propels us across the water to glory and beer, we have a very busy season of lessons. Our biggest out-reach program. If you haven’t come down to sail on a lessons day, you really are missing out. Come show your enthusiasm for the sport with the curious, the out-going, and the eager to learn. Soon, it will also be time for the biggest event of the year, the Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta, April 26-28th. Or, as your Commodore calls it, “My favorite weekend!” I hope to see many of you at the Quarter tonight for our monthly meeting.

SPSC Commodore

Wind Ceremony - March 23

Come one come all to the 2019 Wind Ceremony at beautiful Shell Point Beach

3:00pm Registration
5:30pm Food, enjoy the feast only if you bring a food dish
7:30pm Bon-fire and Music

Register online now.

Club Meeting Minutes - January 8,2019

Commodore called the meeting to order at 7:31

Commodore: Doctor told Andrea she shouldn’t windsurf again.

Vice Commodore: Adam new a$$h@!e and Bob is awesome!

Scribe: thanked Deb for her great article on what being a member of the SPSC is.

Purser: We have big bucks in the bank aka WE GOT BANK! Still have some sales tax, Christmas party, and beach repairs that need to be paid. Our memberships are at 63. Old Business

Christmas Party: Ornaments were great and there are a few left over for some folks unable to make either the Christmas Party or Festivus. Millie did well even though there were fewer attendees, so thank you for ensuring she comes back!

Festivus: Thanks went out to Jim and Rose for the Beatles competition. Grievances were aired at the meeting due to the lack of grievance airing at the Festivus celebration.

Events for 2019
Fiesta Key: Tents are not allowed anywhere. Lee mentioned he had space at Santos being available if anyone wishes to use it. SNL part 2 is the costume party for this year.
Midwinters: They are March 8-10 and Bob and Joe indicated they may go.
Wind Ceremony: Happening on March 23 rd and Kristin is the chair
Corpus: Tents ARE allowed. Dates set for March 30-April 6
Smith: The Smith chair asked everyone to think about sponsors.
NIMBY: Wright still looking for a place, with some choices sadly effected by Michael.
Rum ‘n’ Rootbeer: being chaired by Rose McCaffery, date not yet set.
Endless Summer: Date dependent on football schedule.
Atlanta Fall Classic and the Kona North American Championship dates still to be determined.
Presnell: Perry said it’s on like Donkey Kong for November and maybe we could do a practice on there in the Spring.
Christmas Party: Lee put in request for a Saturday night. Hope it comes through
Festivus: This year will be on the trues Festivus celebration day, December 22.
Lessons: Bob said days are set but not published. Sundays will be practice days and he is considering doing a Summer race series.

Other Items
Windy - waiting on weather window. Have new solar panel and battery. Need to also rebuild ladder.

Announcements: Leah is NEW President of Board of Realtors CONGRATULATIONS!

Kristin motioned to adjourn and Perry seconded with all in favor. Adjourned at 8:07.

During the meeting Baab had a video of his Baja, California trip on the screen and many of us stayed later to watch more. Great video of whales, sea lions, and other incredible stuff from that part of the country, though the undersea border wall is hindering the migration of some sea life.

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