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January 2019

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Commodore Comments

As your honored Commodore, I stand on the shoulders of giants. I’m here to wish you one hell of a New Year!! I know mine personally will be a very busy one of great upheaval, but moving onward and upward!!

As most of you know, I was introduced to the club by way of crewing on the beer truck for the 25th Anniversary Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta. I’ve only been actively sailing for the last 6 years, but I don’t plan on letting up anytime soon.

For those of you around when Andrea broke her leg, did you see her on the dance floor most of the night at the Holiday Party?? No slowing her down!! Her doctors are urging her to give up windsurfing as being too dangerous for her, but I tell her they simply don’t understand the sport. That’s why this club exists. We enjoy windsurfing for a variety of reasons and in a variety of conditions. We’re here to spread the love, as it were.

So as we ponder our new direction for 2019, remember that windsurfing is appropriate for people of just about any physical ability. It’s not an extreme sport, unless you want it to be. Martinis are still a different matter.

SPSC Commodore

Let's start 2019 in support of this fabulous, fun club. There is something every month, from montly club meetings, event organizational meetings, training lessons, to the scheduled events. We hope to see you at some or all of these. The continued success of the club depends upon our input.

Right out of the gate, is our '14th Annuual "LAST" Fiesta Key Trip', February 2nd - 9th. Contact Past Commodore, Joe Sisson for details. This is then followed by the infamous "Wind Ceremony" featuring the "Festoons" while on their world tour sabbatical. Vice Commodore, Kristin Korinko is this year's event chair. If you would like to help Kristin, give her a call.

Here are a few benefits available to members:
  • Comprehensive Website: http://www.20knotsnob.com
  • Online Message Board
  • Online Club Directory
  • Online Wind Information for Shell Point
  • Online Newsletter
  • Yahoo Group Serve List - see the information in the footer section of our webpage
  • Club Meetings - 7:30pm, 2nd Tuesday of the month at Beef O'Bradys on Thomasville, Rd
  • Fun Events throughout the year
  • Free Lessons during the summer
  • Online "For Sale" Listings
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Shell-Point-Sailboard-Club-SPSC-201391639892363/
  • Personal email accounts: Let Deb Berlinger know if you would like a "20knotsnob.com" email account.

Again, your involvement keeps this club a long-term, successful club. Contact a club officer or board member and ask how you can participate or offer a suggestion.

Officers and Board Members
Adam Bennett, Commodore
Kristin Korinko, Vice Commodore
Wright Finney, Purser
Bob Graves, Scribe
Joe Sisson, Past Commodore
Bob Andrews, Board Member
Lee Chapin, Board Member
Rose McCaffrey, Board Member

or me, Deb Berlinger, Board Member and Web Master

SPSC Holiday Party 2018 from DJBOBBYG Perspective

This year’s party saw generous donations of toys going to kids in the Bay area that were devastated by Hurricane Michael AND money donated to the SPSC Volunteer Fire Department. The weather outside was frightful but we had a fun turnout anyway, though probably one of the lowest turnouts in quit sometime. Lots of folks from years past didn’t show up but the ones that did brought the house down.

Our chair for the party, Adam, setup a lovely Christmas tree with handmade ornaments for everyone to take home. He and Andrea did a great job on them. Thanks to Lee Chapin for hosting us at the Marzuq Temple and to Milly for once again serving up everyone’s favorite beverage.

The DJ tried some different types and styles of music that went over like a lead balloon. Appears we are too old to dance to punk style music, so many of the classics came back. While playing YMCA for the first time in a long time, there were requests to play In the Navy by the Village people to ‘honor’ our two Navy veterans, Dave and Stan. Was great to watch folks have fun with it. The DJ thanks all those who went out to Shake their Money Maker!

Party concluded at midnight and the clean up was quick!

Festivus 2018

This year’s celebration of the upcoming "Festivus for the rest of us" started out with our first miracle. Festivus celebration starts at 3pm, though darn few of us were there, however, Mr. Finney was there right on time, an occurrence that has yet to be seen at a Festivus celebration.

This year’s feats of strength challenge was between our Commodore Joe Sisson and the upstart Vice Commodore, Adam Bennet. It was a challenge of intellectual strength administered by no other than Professor Jim and his trusty musical side kick, Rosie! The category was Beatles trivia and it had everyone’s attention, though only Joe and Adam could answer. The first category was Beatles album covers! They had a lot, and some were very difficult. Second, and this was tougher, with Joe answering first, and them going back and forth, was the Beatles girlfriends/wives. Last, and lots of fun, was Rosie playing snippets of Beatles songs with the first one answering getting the point. Rosie and Jim had everyone’s attention and it was a blast trying to remember. Adam edged out Joe by a couple point, both mentally fatigued by the end, and in great need of some libations that were left over from the Christmas Party.

Dave brought some firewood down and the weather, as the sun set, was perfect for standing around a fire and getting warm. The comradery was excellent and, due to the devastation everyone knows of in regards to Hurricane Michael, no one appeared to have any petty grievances to air, realizing that good fortune had indeed befallen us.
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