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December 2018

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Commodore’s Comments

With hurricane season gone, the training trailer is back on the beach, complete with lattice, new plumbing (and a new shower platform!) and stairs accessing the past Commodore’s lounge. Our thanks to Bob Andrews for the extended use of his trailer to store our training gear during the storm and recovery.

We attempted to resurrect Windy, but that will require more than we were prepared to take on during that visit. Now awaiting better weather.

If you go sailing, please be aware of obstacles that may not be readily apparent. Daymarks, various shrubberies, and possibly crab traps await the unwary.

Two more events: the Christmas party, and Festivus! Come on out and see your friends with their clothes on!

As I slide off into the twilight of Commodores past, I ask that you continue to support our training program. I’m convinced that visible public interaction is key to maintaining our presence on the beach.

We’ve been working on getting the beach ready for the return of the training trailer. Several of us met for an afternoon of shovels, PVC pipe, concrete blocks, and wheelbarrow action. You know you have a good group of people when a work day becomes a good time at the beach. With any luck, we’ll put the trailer back where it belongs next weekend!

It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve.

See you at the Christmas Party, and Festivus!

Joe Sisson
SPSC Commodore

2019 Club Holiday/Christmas Party

Annual Christmas
Holiday Party
Friday, December 14, 2018

Since I don't have a parade tonight, I guess I'll finalize some details about the Holiday Party coming up on Friday the 14th. Again, we're returning to the Shriner's Marzuq Temple on the corner of Tharpe and N Monroe. 7:30pm. We'll need volunteers to decorate, and just a few items. Does anyone have a tree that could be borrowed? Also, a few extra tree stands. We have a ton of lights and ornaments. As usual, this is a 'covered dish' event, so bring your best culinary experiments to share. We'll provide turkey and ham.

In keeping with the tradition of lending a hand to the less fortunate, we are seeking donations of a new, unwrapped toy for the Hurricane Michael Christmas Toy Drive. These toys will be handed directly to the children of Bay County who suffered devastating losses from Hurricane Michael. As you know, we dodged quite a bullet here to the East, while areas West are still recovering.

Thank you!! We look forward!
Vice Commordore Adam

Corpus Christi Annual Trip

Bill Olson spent his teen years living in Corpus Christi, Texas, and has family there. About five years ago, he invited whoever would listen to Corpus to windsurf at Worldwinds Windsurfing, a great windsurfing shop on Bird Island Basin at Padre Island National Seashore. The first venture out saw Bill, Perry, and Bob G. make the trek in May. That week Perry introduced our martini tradition to the crowd that gathered at Worldwinds, leaving them scarred for life. Whenever we’ve come since then, folks that didn’t know us say “Oh, you’re them!”

After that first trip, we missed the next year, but have made it the last three years which has seen Bill, Joe, Baab, and Bob G (Perry still has a job!) head out there in early April, apparently a much windier time then May. The deep water is usually Sabout five and a half feet, and the water is relatively flat, depending, of course, on wind direction and speed. When on the beach at Worldwinds, you are facing west, an orientation that takes some getting used to.

In talking about our trips, other people have indicated an interest in giving Corpus a try. This year (2019), many of us will be there from March 30 to April 6. Several of us will be taking travel trailers and leaving earlier so that we can get there about March 30th . There is primitive camping right on the beach next door to Worldwinds ( https://www.nps.gov/pais/planyourvisit/bird_island_basin.htm ), and another campsite ( https://www.nps.gov/pais/planyourvisit/malaquite_campground.htm ) further south. For a list of non-camping accommodations, see https://www.worldwinds.net/accommodations.

If you have any questions about the venue, please feel free to ask Bill, Baab, BobG, Joe, or Perry. While in Corpus, we have visited the USS Lexington, went to the first Whataburger that was built, gone to the Texas state aquarium, and seen Robert Earl Keen at the Brewster Street Ice House. There is great sea food and Mexican food (remember, Texas used to be part of Mexico) to be had in this area and many sites we have yet to visit.

The LUG NUT Award

The Lug Nut award was first conceived after our last trip to the Keys. Perry and Bill were riding together, and before Perry got to Perry, a wheel came flying off his camper. Thanks goodness it had four of them back there. He was just driving along, looked out his side mirror, and saw a tire bouncing down the road. While Perry was putting a new tire on, with one lug bolt missing, Bill went looking for the offending tire to no avail. Perry had just remounted all his tires after replacing them, so, in his words “It was on me” in reference to the failure.

That trip to the keys also had Joe replace his alternator on his truck once he got there and saw Lee’s trailer have plumbing problems after a stop at Santos on the way back.

It was then decided by the powers that be (Perry and Bill) that a lug nut award should be given for someone with mechanical issues, with special consideration given to those instances where the mechanical issue could have been avoided, thus the saying “it was on me”!

The award was fashioned by Bill and Kristin and is to be awarded by the current holder of the award to whomever they think is worthy of it due to mechanical mishaps. Awarding of the trophy needs to be done in a very public forum to create the most amount of embarrassment for the recipient. It is truly an award that no one really wants.

Though Perry was the inspiration for this award, the first official recipient of the Lug Nut award is our Commodore, Joe Sisson! Though others were close to earning it, Joe got it because: 1) He had truck trouble (alternator) on the way to the Keys this year, (2) Lost a wheel on his trailer on the way back from the NIMBY in Pensacola, and (3) His motorcycle broke down on the way to a football kickoff party. Congratulations?! Joe!


Thanks to all our generous sponsors for the 31 st Annual endless Summer Sailboard Classic. Please visit all the company sites by clicking on any of the company logos to go to their website.


Ketchum Realty – Leah Chapin (Cash donation and product)
Athena Salon – Mary Rolling (Cash donation)
Anonymous (Cash donations)
Paul & Pam Hansard (Trophies)
Don & Sharman Franklin (Café Donaldo proceeds from lunch concession and Gumbo awards)




Club Meeting Minutes - November 13, 2018

14 were present for the meeting at 7:32

Officers Reports

Minutes approved at 7:34pm. Bill said they were the best minutes yet.

Commodore – Joe showed off his awesome watch for being first place Grand Masters at the Kona North Americans.

Vice Commodore – Andrea getting better. Friday is Andreas birthday and the Rockitz are at the legions at 8pm.

Scribe - Complained about the Commodores comments always being submitted late. Bill will be adding info on website (with Debs help) to update the information.

Purser – Endless Summer outcome still not certain but it’s looking like the club might be in the black on it, so the club balance was estimated. Membership stands at 47. Upcoming Expenses will be the trailer re-insertion and getting it ready, plumbing and electrical fixes, and prettying up our site.

Endless Summer: Mary got 1 st for gumbo and our esteemed Commodore, Joe, got 3 rd . All the gumbos were GREAT!

Fall Classic: Though it was cancelled, many of us still went ahead and purchased the great fleeces. Very warm.

Kona North Americans - In Pensacola with Tom Pace providing a great environment. Wonderful Mika and Cath Haskins let us camp at their home.

Kona Worlds – SPSC represented by Dan Burch where he placed 2 nd in the silver fleet for Grand Masters.

Presnell - Cancelled due to significant damage to their property.

Holiday Party - 7:30pm, Friday, December 14 th . Linda has the booze to Adam’s relief. Millie will be bartending again. Meet at noon on Friday to setup. Not sure who the charity is yet. Budget approved for $750.

Festivus - 3pm, Sunday, December 16 th . Need wood for bonfire.

Fiesta Key - February 2 - 9, 2019.

Hurricane Recovery - Already worked two weekends getting stuff ready. Hope to put the trailer back on November 18 th after replacing all the tires. Beware due to some hazards in the water. The channel markers are the responsibility of the county. Can call marine patrol to remove water hazards.

Wind Ceremony - March 23, 2019

Recognitions - The first ever lug nut award, created by Mr. Bill Olsen, was given to Joe Sisson, our esteemed yet unlucky Commodore.

Kristin recognized Janice for getting the Circle of Gold award from FSU Alumni Association: “ The FSU Alumni Association's Circle of Gold recognizes worthy individuals who, through their service and achievements, personify the university's tradition of excellence".

Adjourned at 8:24
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