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November 2018

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Commodore’s Comments

Well, it’s been quite a month. Starting off with Michael, you may already know that we moved the training trailer off the beach, back to the relative safety of Snug Harbor. We were lucky the wheels went round and round, and the tires held air. Probably saved the trailer from complete destruction, and avoided contributing to the mass of debris crashing into our neighbors. Thanks to BobbyG and Baab for their willingness to make it happen! ROADies Rule!

Next, another thanks to Michael, the Atlanta Fall Classic was cancelled. Not all was lost, however, as many were able to score a commemorative fleece. They are really nice, and warm, and way cool!

Next came the Kona North American Championship, hosted by Tom Pace at the upscale Pensacola Yacht Club. BobbyG, Baab, and I were there representing SPSC. We enjoyed challenging racing conditions (for us old-ass dudes, anyway), and came away with 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd in the Grand Master class! (See, there is something good about getting old!) It was good to see so many of our sailing friends from all over, along with some serious racing talent. We also enjoyed visiting with Mike and Kathy Haskins, who welcomed us with a place to park the trailer and fed us morning and night!

I missed the Kona Worlds, instead spending a week in upstate New York, where the temperature never left the 30s and the drizzle never stopped. It’s a lovely place to visit!

Of course, one more tribute to Michael, our planned camping trip to Presnell’s had to be cancelled. They’ll be back, and so will we!

We’ve been working on getting the beach ready for the return of the training trailer. Several of us met for an afternoon of shovels, PVC pipe, concrete blocks, and wheelbarrow action. You know you have a good group of people when a work day becomes a good time at the beach. With any luck, we’ll put the trailer back where it belongs next weekend!

See you at the club meeting! You can call me Grand Master.

Joe Sisson
SPSC Commodore

R.O.A.D. Worriers Strike and Strike Again Before Michael’s Attack!

This saga stars old time ROADies Tools (Bob Andrews), Fractions (Joe Sisson), Huh? (Bob Graves), newcomer Hunny Bunny (Sandy Layne) and ROADie in waiting Teensy (Tina Mazenek).

At 8pm on Monday, October 8th, a strike was called on the east end of Shell Point beach to commander the training gear in the trailer sitting on the beach. Teensy was first on the scene and started to derig sails, finding a great, lightly lit drive way right across the street at the Aloi’s home (found out later he left the light on so we could get stuff done). Hunny Bunny and Huh? showed up and started helping her. Shortly thereafter Tools came rolling in with his wonderfully empty windsurfing trailer, followed by Fractions. We had a variety of flashlights and other implements of deconstruction. By 9:30pm, the contents of the training trailer were sitting in Tools trailer and the back of Huh?s car.

After the hard work, members of the group gathered that night in the training trailer for a safety meeting that I was not privy too. From that meeting came the nugget of an idea to move the trailer off the beach, with our Commodore knowing we only had a day to get it done. Decision to move the trailer was not only because the storm might destroy it, but that it might destroy neighboring homes.

On Tuesday morning, Close Enough (Lee Chapin), who was on assignment in Jacksonville, asked Huh? to move the band trailer from their lot in Snug Harbor where there are other homes, to my desolate lot at the Lakes of Shell Point, where there are no homes. I asked Tools for help, and we got the trailer moved and Tools informed me Fractions wanted to move the trailer.

Tools, and Huh? got to the trailer about 11am and started taking off Wright’s skirt. Tools was originally getting a little frisky with the screws in removing the skirt until Huh? recommended a different way. Only one right way to take off Wright’s skirt. We stacked it all in the trailer and began removing all the wonderful lumber under the trailer, removing concrete block, etc. Fractions came down and removed the fencing the only way possible, using power tools! We attempted to extract the trailer with Joe’s truck, but the tongue weight was too much. Thankfully the Aloi’s across the street were kind enough to come over and assist. No doubt, the Aloi’s probably thought they were watching the three stooges before stepping in. With his diesel truck, the trailer, to all our shock, smoothly moved out and is parked in the Lakes of Shell Point, within Snug Harbor.

The picture of the stairs shown here are from after the storm. We never moved the stairs since they were embedded well in the sand and were extremely heavy. The storm surge picked them up and carried them to the parking lot after making a mess of them.

"Cause for Applause" - Mrs. Janice Finney

On Friday, October 26, Mrs. Janice Finney was inducted as one of this Falls five "Circle of Gold" award recipients by the FSU alumni Association. This award is given in recognition to those Florida State University alumni who embody the true spirit of FSU-"Vires, artes, mores" -- Strength, skill, character. Mr. Bill Olson and I had the pleasure of witnessing this honor bestowed upon Janice for all of her tireless and relentless advocacy over the years.

When Janice stood and presented her acceptance speech, it was in true NOLES fashion. An alumna from the class of 1975, she served as the director of admissions for Florida State before retiring a years ago. She maintains a steadfast interest in the implementation of admission policies and procedures, and readily assists all FSU Administration, staff and faculty when called upon. I believe that the best moment that we observed that evening was how proud our Purser, Mr. Wright Finney (Janice's husband), beamed with pride and admiration. I wanted to share this moment with the club because I firmly believe that we need more GOOD NEWS in our lives today. As a behavior analyst, I also try to reinforce such wonderful accomplishmentS! CONGRADUATIONS MRS. FINNEY!

A Fallen Member - Hulon Emerson Whitton

Hulon Emerson Whitton passed away the morning of September 26, 2018 at TMH, the day after his 87th birthday. The final hours of his life were spent cradled in his daughter's arms, who adored him. The weeks before his passing, he was enjoying hula hooping with his granddaughter and listening to her Latin presentations and piano music. He loved hearing her play and she began her love of music through him. Born in Holmes County Florida, the son of the late John Carl Whitton and Lattye Sheilds Whitton, he graduated from Ponce De Leon H.S. Afterwards he served in the U.S. Navy and graduated from the Florida State University. He was an avid runner and windsurfer and enjoyed many years of membership in the Gulf Winds Track Club and the Shell Point Sailboard Club where he had many good friends. He was a friend to everyone who knew him, young and old. His parting phrase was always, "Have some fun", and that's how he liked to live his life. When he shook your hand, he held on to it for a minute - a trait specific to him. In the summertime when his children were growing up, he spent most every weekend at the lake house, driving the boat for hours, helping each of their friends learn to water ski. He enjoyed every minute of it; his patience was endless.

Club Meeting Minutes - October 9, 2018

9 members present

Officers Reports
Commodore – Trailer moved. We spoke some on the help we got from the Aloi’s and the trials and tribulations of moving it.

Vice Commodore – A Bob still an asshole. Drained kegs at the Endless Summer. Wright explained why we didn’t have as many kegs.

Scribe - Article from new author, a member of the American Heritage girls scout troop

Purser – Nothing to report

Swap Meet: Went well for some of the new members.

Endless Summer: Spoke on how awesome John Gilbert was and how, even though he managed the site, was able to clinch the party animal award. Bob G. mentioned the county had put some orange fence mesh in the ceiling. Concerns over the clamshell containers once again used by the caterer.

Upcoming Events
Atlanta Fall Classic - (October 13,14) – Bob G still hoping to go

Kona North Americans - (October 20,21) – Bob G, Joe, and Bob A. hoping to go

Kona Worlds – Dan Burch

Presnell - (over the holiday weekend of November 10) – Still on if it’s there

Christmas Party - (December 14 th ) – for dues paying members

Festivus - (December 16th ) – at Shell Point Beach around 2pm

Miscellaneous: Training equipment is safe in Bob Andrews trailer. Perry Williams award will be redone to fit more names on it. Trailer: Wheels turned. Need new jack for it. Left steps on the beach. Jim and Rose did a great job at the beer truck.

Meeting adjourned about 8:30.
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