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September 2018

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Commodore’s Comments

I suggest a mission statement – “to promote the sport of windsurfing”. With last Friday’s session, the training season is officially over. Many of you know the joy of showing someone the basics, then watching as they progress throughout the day - tired and worn out, but reluctant to give the board up, eager to go again, thrilled by the feeling of being pulled along by the wind.

clutched by the suction

sheep are grazing

with mild erotic abandon

Okay, so we’re not on the Caribbean. However, the training program provides our reason to be on that coveted stretch of beach. Only a few may join the club, but our clients seem to universally enjoy our efforts to share in the fun. Let’s see how many new members we get after participating in our training program.

My pursuit of pleasure takes many forms. I had a couple of hours before the football season kick-off party - time enough for a scoot through the country. I backed Red out of the garage and headed north on Meridian. The big boxer pulses along, like a prop plane cruising at an altitude of 3 feet. She could go on as long as I’d like, only pausing every couple hundred miles for another tank of high test. The gently curving canopy makes for a nice ride. Once north of Bannerman, traffic thins to where I might meet only a single car (or truck, or tractor) on a segment of my hour-long vacay. Suddenly, unexpectedly I might add, she shuts off - just south of County 12. I coast around the corner onto the pull-off. As I’m unable to restart, or even diagnose the problem, my self-reliance quickly drops to near zero. I get my go-to shop on my cell – can you come pick me up? They’re not able to help. At least they were honest about it. Running through my list of options, I try to call my son. No service to support voice calls. What? I just got off the phone! Let’s try a text. A few minutes later, I feel the buzz of a reply. I try a voice again – success! I blurt out “I’m broken down at Co. Rd 12 and Meridian come and get me” as quickly as I can, thinking service may once again evaporate.

Ben comes to my rescue. I leave Red by the side of the road and go home to get my truck. Now what? Put the bike in the back of the truck? Too high risk. Rent a trailer? Maybe. Remembering my June boat trailer mishap, I decide to give AAA another chance - after all, I’m paying for the motorcycle plus coverage. I call from within cell service. Sure, we can help. Yes, “Towing Service 1” can handle motorcycles. They’ll be there within an hour and will call within a few minutes. An hour later with no word I call “Towing Service 2”. They arrive, load the bike on the flatbed, and follow me home. I make it to the football party – about 4 hours late. All good, except maybe for the yet-to-be determined repair bill, and a bothersome case of red bugs, courtesy of my roadside wait! Pleasure indeed.

The 31st Annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic is just around the corner. With an awesome Swami t-shirt design, great food and entertainment, and classic Endless Summer racing, you won’t want to miss it! We’re still accepting sponsors, so hit up your local purveyor of goods and services. And don’t forget to register on-line in advance to save $ and guarantee your shirt.

See you Tuesday at Beef’s!

It has always been thus.
Joe Sisson
SPSC Commodore

Endless Summer Sailboard Classic Wings

Just in case you're unaware:
Endless Summer regatta wings this year will be provided by Deb & Jack.

Why? Judy & Rick's Regatta Wings LLC (formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shell Point Sailboard Club) has been SOLD!

You know Deb & Jack will treat you right so give them a chance & your support.


Rum ‘n’ Root Beer and Poker Run, 2008

The planning stages for this year’s event got started slowly, with mistakes made in timing and exactly how we were going to pull this off.  I would like to thank Deb for putting up with changing the verbiage on the event a few times.

However, despite all that, the Walker Creek boys pulled it off.  Bobby G. handled the Rum ‘n’ Root Beer aspect of it and Uncle Pervy handled the poker run and provided the queen waterbed mattress for the belly flop contest.  A big shout out to COABI for providing lots of volunteers for the poker run and making each stop interesting.  If you haven’t been to a Rum ‘n’ Root Beer event, the picture is all you need to know about them.  Strange things happen.

There were 38 people registered for the R’n’R and the poker run hit max capacity of 50 participants way before it began.  The 50 insulated cup swag items, a part of the R’n’R registration, were also purchased by poker run folks, selling out before events got started.

The Rum ‘n’ Root beer foundation, founded by Bob G. and Bill Olsen, will be closing shop, so someone else will need to pick up the mantle for future events.  Sadly, we had Cohen and Manafort manage our foundation, with all the money in our ‘off shore’ accounts in Key West.  In addition, our money laundering kept clogging up the drains.  The poker run, however, may became a staple down there, with all participants having a great time, including all the volunteers who made the poker stops fun.

Lessons 2018 Wrap Up

We had another great year of lessons thanks to our dedicated instructor volunteers: Tina Maznek, Joe Sisson, Bill Olson, Mack Paschall, Linda Downey, Charlie Yontz, Adam Bennett, and Bob Andrews. We started lessons on May 19 with the Ventures Scouts and will be finishing up September 7th with the Pioneers and Patriots girl scout troop, bringing the total number of lessons days to 9. NOT including the two scout troops, we have given instruction to 74 people. With the scouts factored in, the number reaches approximately 90. When you consider that each lesson has at least 6 trainers available between the hours of 11am and 3pm, that’s well over 200 volunteer hours from the club.

One thing we tried new this year was to have a practice day on the Sunday following the lessons day, for members only, encouraging people to join the club if they enjoyed the lesson. A practice day only requires one instructor from the club to go down and help get equipment for the people that wish to practice. No lesson is given, though some instruction is dispensed throughout the afternoon when someone is seen struggling.

This year we have had great weather throughout. We have met some great people along the way as well. My deepest thanks go out to all the folks mentioned earlier who volunteer their time.

Andrea’s Leg – written by Adam, performed by Andrea

At last Sunday's Practice Day, Andrea, in her second year of sailing, successfully brought the board back in to shore. The dismount was a different story. She jammed her foot, rolled her ankle, and jammed her leg all the way up to her hip. This drove her tibia into her knee joint hard enough to crush the bone. She's been unable to bear weight since. We didn't have it looked until Monday when it was apparent it was more than a sprain. She had surgery on Wednesday morning to fix this and is recuperating nicely. Her season is done, however, as she won't be allowed to put any weight on it until after Endless Summer.

Here's where the story gets funny, though. This has been the greatest recruitment tool, ever! "How did you injure yourself?" (She's had to answer dozens of time to her cadre of professionals.) "I was windsurfing." "Really?? I gotta try that!" As the comedian once joked about amusement parks; "Four people just died." "Can we get on??" The tech who initially saw to her at the ER had just taken our lessons the day before this happened. The nurse that night wanted to know more so she could sign her kids up. All the surgery interns wanted to know more. Even the in-home physical therapist was intrigued!

We cannot thank enough the people there that day who assisted and continue to do so. Especially Linda, Bill, Kristin, Carol, Mike, Laurie, Rose, and especially Perry and Mary. Andrea was unable to shower after being in the water Sunday, and when we knew it was going to require surgery, I texted Mary and asked about getting her in just to get her hair washed, knowing that that was going to be the hardest, most down-the-list need to be met for a while. Mary not only washed it but gave it just a quick trim. Through this ordeal, she was easily the most glamorous patient in that whole hospital.

I know that the response we got that day would have been equal, no matter who was around from the club, as anyone would've gone out of their way to help another club member and friend at a time like this.

Workday, August 19, 2018

What a work day we had on Sunday, August 19th! Joe and I arrived at the beach around 1:10 for a 1pm start time, figuring Wright would be there around 1:30. Wright was already there!?!?!?!!!!, unloading some lumber and handing it to Rose who was also already there. John had already headed down to the Chase to straighten it up. Feeling a bit sheepish, I jumped out of the car to help and Joe hobbled over to give instruction. Based on the picture, how many wind surfers does it take to build a board rack? Three to supervise and the rest to hold something, apparently.

We started in on everything, with inclement weather on the horizon. Bob G went about trying to find the water cutoff valve that was buried by the new sand, Rose removed the trailer skirting from the east side to move it up further, and then the rains came fast and furious, which cleared the beach and gave Wright the opportunity to do something “unplanned.” Joe took the lead on this endeavor, and with Rose’s help and Bob popping by every now and again, it got done!

We uncovered some skirting that was buried under the trailer (thanks for helping me pull it out Brennan) and Mark fashioned some more skirting to finish going around the trailer. Around 3:30pm, Stan, Bill, Kristin, Bob A., Linda, and Perry came down to help. With their help and encouragement, we got the board rack put up next to the trailer, providing more privacy for those who enjoy using the shower and a place to slide the boards that were stacked under the trailer. Thanks to Mary for taking the pictures.

All in all, we did the following: Built board rack; dug out water shut off valve and put new plastic cover on it; replaced hose in front with one donated by Rose; fixed the hose by the shower by cutting it in two and making two 30’ hoses; put two new shade tents in the chase; chase got cleaned up and organized; electrical problem in fuse panel by trailer determined (something got cut during the beach replenishment, decreasing our power); finished skirting around the trailer; water line on east side of trailer uncovered and leak fixed; shower valve replaced; chain on back of trailer and stairs to past commodores put in place; AND one special modification that took a couple hours to get done.

Club Meeting Minutes - August 14, 2018

Prior to meeting, much discussion about Joe’s foot injury.

Meeting came to order at 7:14 with 15 folks present. More people trickled in, so that by 7:50 we had 21 people present.

Minutes approved as being AWESOME!

Commodore report – said all he had to say in the newsletter. Read it.

Vice Commodore report – Showed pictures of his awesome belly flop onto a water bed from the Rum ‘n’ Root Beer.

Scribe report – Thanked Jennifer Sheffield for her article about our training.

Purser Report – We have dollars in the budget and got a great deal on the new Exocet training board. Upcoming expenses are for the trailer/beach fix up and the Rum ‘n’ Root Beer. We have 76 total memberships, most in a long time. Dues are due at the next meeting in September.

Rum ‘n’ Root Beer (August 12) – Kristin and Joe said Bob G. did a great job and others responded with huzzahs and claps. Perry was also congratulated on a great job with the Poker Run and he thanked Coabi (Communities of Apalachee Bay, Inc.) for getting volunteers to help.

Endless Summer (October 5-7) – Café Donaldo is staying open for another year as is the Gumbo contest. Joe requested a budget of $5,500 for the event and all were in favor. Joe read through the budgets from previous years to justify is asking for so much money. Joe then went through the list of sponsors to get feedback. Will need help with setup, with John being the lead and Bill responsible for the beer truck enclosure. Help by all is needed on Sunday for tear down, though this request somehow confused the scribe who needed clarification. Saturday dinner has not been settled yet. Lots of discussion about fish. Bob Andrews mentioned they could use the great fish haul from the Fort Myers area.

Fall Classic (October 13-14) – Weather is going to be great. Perry mentioned a bike ride on Friday.

Mike Boll asked about Kona Board rentals for the ES. Though it wasn’t considered. Bob G. mentioned Cody will probably take rentals to Atlanta and maybe could come through here on the way and offer them here as well. Bob G. will be checking on this.

Kona North Americans (October 20-21) – Pensacola
Kona Worlds (October 26-31) – Clearwater
Presnell (November 9-12) – it’s a go
Holiday Party (December 14) – Adam asked for theme suggestions

Festivus will be on December 16th !

Fiesta Key (February 2-9) – Rose indicated she wanted to go and is looking for a roommate. Danielle has a spot where we are and is hoping for the best with her tent.

Workday will be Sunday, August 19th, beginning at 1pm.

Mack will have a Swap day to coincide with the last practice day.

Upcoming Election:
And the nominees are:
Commodore: Adam Bennett
Vice Commodore: Kristin Korinko
Scribe: Bob Graves
Purser: Wright Finney
At Large: Bob Andrews, Deb Berlinger, Lee Chapin, Rose McCaffery, Mack Paschall, Mark Powell

John Stacklyn got lug nut award for his motor misfortune.

Kristin thanked club members for supporting the Rockitz.

Adjourned at 8:44

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