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August 2018

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Commodore’s Comments

The Boot!

I sprained my ankle – ironically, during a visit to the gym. (Rule #1 – don’t hurt yourself, you idiot!) Anyway, after a few hours of denial, I decided to get it looked at. Since it was fairly late Friday afternoon (good planning!), I went to my local ER – a place I’m becoming as of late all too familiar with (good writing, too!). Almost no waiting, they took pictures from a portable x-ray machine, the doctor examined me, they took more pics, and after a wait…, pronounced me nothing broken. Walked out in my ace bandage, with some follow-up instructions. Ten days later, I gave up on waiting for the scheduled appt and went to the walk-in clinic. Review pics, exam, more pics, show ‘n tell, then fitted with the boot. After 10 days without much support, the boot is your friend. Now I’m in it.

Searching for the positive, “You can easily cheat yourself out of the knowledge to be gained from mistakes. If you ‘ride out your mistake’ you will learn, …valuable information about how to handle it should it ever happen again” (Keith Code – A Twist of the Wrist). Sounds like it should be applicable to my gybes, even though “riding it out” doesn’t seem to last very long.

So, I’m doing what I can to be ready for the Endless Summer. Ask me about Rule #1.

Endless Summer

is the first weekend in October. Preparations (site, sailing, food, shirts, entertainment, & beer truck) are well underway. This is the primary fund-raiser for SPSC. We will accept donations. Most importantly, we want your participation! Please plan on joining us!

Rum ‘n Rootbeer

I almost turned around to head home. The boot, you know. But I had my cooler, and my zero-gravity lounge chair (Rest, Ice, Consumption, & Elevation), so I continued.

Upon (my somewhat late) arrival, I was offered a friendly beverage. Heard that registration “sold out” – gotta be a good sign! Set up in some shade – near some fabulous windsurfing babes. Soon, I was off on a golf cart ride, in search of an inside straight. Not much of a hand, but I got to visit some exotic places, and meet some great folks. The poker run was a lot of fun!

Then we ate some great food. And cake! The SPSC does potluck well.

Nice party, Bob.

Meanwhile, I’ll be riding it out. Maybe I’ll lay off the single-leg hurdle hops.

It has always been thus.
Joe Sisson
SPSC Commodore

Sailboarding at Shell Point in Full Swing by Jennifer Sheffield

Free classes in the sport of windsurfing are in full swing at Shell Point Beach, on Apalachee Bay east of Medart, in Wakulla County.

The classes are offered by the Shell Point Sailboarding Club (SPSC) for the remainder of the summer. Students sign up for four hours of professional instruction, on a single day, and after that participating in open club practice days is encouraged to continue learning technique.

This 72-member social club is the longest in existence for this activity in the Southeast. It operates on the public beach maintained by the Wakulla County Department of Parks and Recreation. With Gulf access and optimal sea breeze, this coastline provides ideal conditions for a wind enthusiast,

Lessons include orienting the board; up hauling, or lifting, the sail; and ways in which to tilt the boom to catch the wind. This sport does not require strength, or a specific body size, just developing surefootedness and “remembering you have knees,” said member Andrea Schewndinger.

Sailboarding differs only from windsurfing by its design. The latter became popular when the joint that attaches the sail to the board was trademarked in 1970, making equipment viable downwind. People were sailboarding before that, but the mast was fixed, as on a sailboat.

Many principles, however, are the same as with boating. “You tell the board where to go,” said Bill Olson, an instructor at SPSC.

“Part of it is muscle memory, and the other part, is a realization of the wind,” he said.

In addition to lessons, the club hosts several events.

On Sunday, August 12 is an old-fashioned beach party, for kids and adults, called the Rum and Root Beer. And in October, anyone can join the fun and frivolity of its Endless Summer Sailboard Classic that includes a competition both for experts and for novice boarders. Distance races are ongoing, and a musical “Wind Ceremony” kicks off the season.

“If you go to coastal places such as Pensacola,” said founding member, Perry Morris, “there are so many places to sail, but they are split up. Here, it is Shell Point that brings us together.”

For information about membership or club trips, contact Bob Graves at 850-508-1587. Lesson sign-up is done, on the club’s website, where a calendar, can also be found www.20knotsnob.com.

Club Meeting Minutes - July 10, 2018

Called to order at 7:33, with 16 members in attendance.

Minutes approved unanimously.

Commodores Comments – It’s been a busy and productive month. Bob cut his foot.

Vice Commodore – He got bifocals. The amazing news is that he was at the meeting!

Scribe – Thanked Brennan for the article he wrote about NIMBY. Need others to do the same. Still waiting on Mr. Andrews for articles on the Galapagos.

Purser – not present, so the Scribe read from the board notes. We have money in the bank and 72 membership!!!

NIMBY comments: The NIMBY came out on the plus side partly in due to the generation trophies donations by the Hansards. The wheel came of Joe’s trailer 2 miles from his home.

Rum n’ Rootbeer – Poker run and prices announced.

Endless Summer – July 31st will be the first meeting to get the pieces in place to put on this great event. Need replacements in some areas and folks are wondering if there will be a GUMBO contest or not. Kristin stepped up and said she would coordinate those efforts and proudly announced she was accepted into the hussy sisterhood.

Presnell is still November 8-11, Veteran’s day weekend, so if you don’t have reservation, get of your chair.

Training - The club unanimously approved a budget of $1,500 for a new training board. Bob G. mentioned there are now practice days for beginner windsurfers who have joined the club.

Work at beach: Joe said he may build a picnic table instead of buying a kit which seems flimsy. Discussion ensued on all types of picnic table.

Hose: Need a new hose or connector. Perry mentioned cutting up the 75ft hose into smaller segments for ease of use. Move one section to the spigot by the drying platform.

Perry said Joe gets lug nut award which Perry had gotten posthumoursly (I know, posthumously, but humoursly works). Bob spoke about his boat adventures over the weekend and it was decided that the lug nut award can also be used for bodily harm and equipment malfunctions.

Lee mentioned Windy’s immaculate reception after she went offline for about 12 hours.

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