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July 2018

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Commodore’s Comments

The NIMBY was a huge success, in spite of a number of individual challenges.  The Paradise Inn proved to be a terrific venue, well-suited to our group and purpose.  The weather was near perfect, with plenty of wind(!!) and no storms! My sincere thanks to Mr. Finney, and all those involved in the coordination and execution of the event.  Friday’s yachting expedition, happy hour with martinis, hors d’oeuvres, and a very useable waterproof smartphone case; Saturday’s long-distance racing, hot dogs on the beach, another happy hour with oh so tasty mystery punch and more hors d’oeuvres; very cool and functional trophies, and of course, the many participants, all contributed to a memorable weekend.  I thank you all and wish you the best!

Coming up next, the Rum n Rootbeer!  Come join us for more fun in the sun! 

It has always been thus.
Joe Sisson
SPSC Commodore

2018 NIMBY by Brennan Fogarty

The long-distance races of NIMBY are daunting for novice sailors, and can be exhausting, but well worth it! I didn't think I could sail 7 miles last year at Port St. Joe without getting eaten by a shark or accosted by an over friendly dolphin. but I made it! What a great feeling of accomplishment! As a junior member of the club, I am astonished at the level of expertise, and skill wielded by the other members and I have a great amount of respect for what it takes to compete in these races.

This year I was ready with extra sunscreen, and chugged water right before the race. We all rigged big sails like we would at Shell Point and I think some of us would have preferred to go for a meter or two less! The wind was consistent out of the West on the way there and shifted slightly from the south on the way back. We were all bunched up going into the first Jibe, but after that we got scattered to the wind! I didn't see the leader again until I parked my rig at the beach and drank what was the fastest beer of the weekend (1st place there). After crossing the bay 4-6 times most of us enjoyed a tremendous afternoon and weenie roast on Pensacola Bay. Is anything better than floating in the water with an ice-cold beer, and grilled meats?... I will wait.... that was worth the 3 hour drive from Tallahassee.

After a couple hours we headed back, and the slight shift in wind allowed me one less bay crossing to get back. There we re-acquainted ourselves with the members who did not make the trip, and one who was told he had to get on the boat for his gross incompetence (although he claimed it was the rig, I can assure you it was operator error).

The day was capped off with beach snacks and a tremendous punch from Mr. Wright Finney. Not sure what was in it, I heard him say  Pussers Rum, and I think the rest was what sweet dreams and questionable decisions are made of, and a dash of Nutmeg.

What is also quite remarkable is how many attendees do not sail....Some people drove boats to rescue our dear friends who thought they could sail. Some of us brought food, some of us just brought ourselves! We all contribute something to the race and the weekend and that is what makes it special. I look forward to the next one!

From the opening ceremony of Martinis to the trophy presentation on Sunday, it was a fine weekend, perhaps one of the finest. 


The Rum n’ Rootbeer for 2018 is on the horizon, August 12th to be exact. This year’s event will be two, two, two events in one!!!! We will be ramblin’ and gamblin’, with beach games to start things off. Bring swimsuits because the dunk bucket still works and there will be a component on (not in) the water.

The second event will be a poker run!!!! Mr. Perry Morris will run the poker run for those who wish to participate, with the top hands taking home CASH MONEY! A poker run is an organized event where participants must visit five to seven checkpoints, drawing a playing card at each one. The object is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run.

Registration is at the beach starting at 1:30pm
and closing at 4pm. Beach games start promptly at 2:30pm and the Poker Run promptly at 4pm.

Registration for the R n’ R is $10 which includes a swag item and trophies for the first three places. It is a team event, with teams being determined after registration. The swag item this year is a double wall plastic party cup, aka, an insulated cup to keep your beer cold and concealed!

Registration for the Poker Run is $5. If swag items are still available, they can be purchased for an additional $5.

Please bring a nosh to share with others at the close of all festivities and while the winners and losers are made public. Nonalcoholic drinks will be provided, so BYOB. Remember, be discreet in how you drink on the beach.

This event is sponsored by the Shell Point Sailboard Club, COABI, and the Rum n’ Rootbeer Foundation.

Club Meeting Minutes - June 12, 2018

Meeting came to order at 7:30 with 17 in attendance. A quiz was given to see who read the newsletter. The quiz was poorly written and poorly graded, but the scribe was surprised at how many people had actually read the newsletter.

Most in attendance were taken aback after reading the Commodore’s comments, not realizing how deep and spiritual he truly was. He does indeed embody the dude, and not just because he wore a robe and was drinking a Caucasian.

Vice Commodore reported he was having his first eye appointment in a long time. No, it’s not related in anyway to our mission.

Scribe thanked the other authors for the newsletter.

Purser indicated we have $,@&%.66 in our checking accounts, and Bob A. exclaimed we were on the verge of becoming a 5 figure club! We have 69 memberships + 1 Mr. Robert Nelson who was there and was rejoining the club. Wright wanted to make sure the check cleared first.

The Smith Regatta raised enough to give the American Cancer Society a check for $19,000. Thanks was given to all those who work year after year on this event and to all those who attended and donated.

Upcoming NIMBY will not make any money. Bill Olsen suggested we raise the price and, at that time, the fiscal conservatism of the folks showed through. Someone asked about available boats at NIMBY. Wright’s boat and Bob Andrews boat, skippered by Lee, are for sure. Joe’s probably will be as well and Bill and Amy’s boat. The course will use 5 marks. Hot dogs, buns, and fixings we already have as well as water for the boats.

Rum & Rootbeer will have a Poker run.

We need to all start thinking of sponsors for the Endless Summer.

Atlanta Fall Classic is a big one. BE THERE!

Presnell is over the weekend in November of the Notre Dame game.

Fiesta Key no longer accepts tents according to Danielle. The 700 and 800 spots are all the same.

Christmas Party being chaired by Adam.

Bob G. spoke about training. Needs a 370 or 400 mast for some donated sails. Expressed desire to get some new boards. Bob also mentioned if you have old water shoes to donate them to training for students who forget.

Spoke about getting a picnic table back down by the trailer.

Swap meet being organized by Mack will be a garage sail of used equipment.

Robert Nelson asked if anyone had a fin for an F2 Strata.

There were no awards or recognitions.

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