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June 2018

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Commodore’s Comments

June already? In the immortal words of John St. Sure (Prof. Chemistry - Vero Beach High), ‘Time is gettin’ few’.

I’m taken aback by recent events in the public realm. Another entry on the list of ‘those who left us much too soon’ leaves me in shock, with a feeling of loss. What the .…? In contrast, I’m heartened and encouraged by this close-knit group of friends and associates we call the Shell Point Sailboard Club.

Hey! Check out the newly ‘carpeted’ rigging area on the east side of the training trailer. It works! Thanks to Uncle P. for this brainchild and the PBJL (no, it’s not a sandwich – in this context) quick response team for making it happen.

Did you see that Windy is working? That’s Lee Chapin in the halo of resurrection on top of the tripod, washing away the bird poop and installing the Aves parking deterrent. Lee is the man! Thanks to Baab for the logistical support (boat), BobbyG for the photos, and yours truly for remembering the spike.

Many of you have participated – as student or trainer – in our training program. This universally positive service provides our ‘raison d’etre’ (help me Danielle!) on the beach. To that end, I’m pushing for good, functional equipment, that gives our customers their best shot at a positive windsurfing experience. After all, what’s our mission? To encourage and promote the sport of windsurfing. (I made this up - your comments and suggestions would be quite welcome.)

As you know, the trainers spend many hours on many Saturdays throughout the summer, standing waist deep, coaching and encouraging (nagging) their trainees, often times wishing they were sailing, maybe watching the best wind of the day go by. Support your local trainer!

The NIMBY is coming up. I’m looking forward seeing you at this celebration of our religion/culture/way of life. SPSC Style!

Make your reservations for Fiesta Key! The deadline for getting a discounted spot with the group is somewhere around June 18! Don’t get caught in a ‘I was too late’ situation. Your friends will be there.

Presnell’s (say pray’ uz na’-el) too! If you were there, you know. If you were not, you should have been. Give ‘em a call.

Atlanta Fall Classic. Of course!

So, Saturday afternoon, apres training, I’m sitting (okay standing) in the shade of the palm/juniper. The tide is way out. I can see far and wide. A very steady 7 knot breeze is just washing over me – cleansing, almost sacramental. I ask myself, ‘Where would I rather be?’ You know the answer. SPB – a special place in time.

Keep an eye on your friends.

It has always been thus.
Joe Sisson
SPSC Commodore

45th Annual Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta

by Bob Graves

I was fortunate to be chair of the regatta this year. I say fortunate because of the great group of people who year after year make sure this event is a success and raises needed money for the American Cancer Society.

Thanking people in an article or via speech is always fraught with forgetting someone crucial to the success of this event. Though many folks on the Smith Regatta committee have an area of expertise, they all help each other and make suggestions that are listened to. After the event, we all get together and assess what went right and what could be changed or improved on.

The folks on the committee that do this year in and year out to make this a success are, in alphabetical order: Adam Bennett, Deb Berlinger, Leah Chapin, Lee Chapin, Stan Derzypolski, Linda Downey, Wright Finney, Angel Gainey, Michael Gainey, Marianne Gengenbach, and Lisa Stephany. New to the group, though no less valuable, was Kristin Smith with the Venture Scouts and Dotty McPherson.

Though these people were on the committee, doing the planning and ensuring things work properly, we had a bunch of other people who volunteered to help with all aspects of the event, from setup Friday afternoon at 1pm to shutdown Sunday afternoon around 4pm. We had some of the kids help move chairs to and from ABYC for supper, volunteers at the registration desk, beer truck, helping set stuff up, at the auction, running the races, selling food, etc. Volunteers, the people willing to work to ensure others have a good time, are the reason this event has gone on for 45 years. Hopefully next year we can count on you again, or you can help for the first time.

If you would, please let me (djbobbyg@gmail.com) know what you thought of the event, what worked, and maybe what we might be able to change or include to make the event more enjoyable.

Corpus Christi’s Bird Island Basin and Bonaire’s Lac Bay

by Bob Graves and Bill Olson

As many of you know, I’m a mediocre sailor, not able to race worth a darn and my short boarding consists of attempting to go fast in one direction, falling in, turning around, then coming back in the other. However, I will attempt to compare the sailing venues at both Corpus Christi and Bonaire.

The Wind: Bonaire has consistent directional wind, always coming from the east/southeast, which sets Lac Bay, a body of water on the windward side of the island, as an ideal place (east side) to sail. This year, we were fortunate to get 20 to 22 knot days every day. Bird Island Basin (BIB) can get wind from most any direction, depending on fronts that move through. The orientation of the launch area is to the west. When we were there in early March, the winds were from 20 to 30 knots. Due to the flat land, you could catch the wind from whatever direction it blew.

The Water: Lac Bay is protected by a reef, so the waters stays relatively flat. The waters are also very shallow, with very few places reaching my waist. Even though there are no weeds, many boards have weed fins so that when you hit bottom, it won’t be a sudden stop. The northern half of Lac Bay is very deep, about 20 feet, and heads over to a mangrove forest. BIB is protected by a barrier island, ensuring flatter waters as well on most days. With a straight north or south wind, the water can get choppier due to a longer fetch. The water here is also very shallow for a distance, then it drops of so that most of the water will be between 4 and 6 feet deep. The main difference in the shallow water is that the basin is consistent where the deep and shallow is, but Lac Bay has shallow mixed in with deeper waters. Water at Lac Bai is gin clear and the bottom is sandy. BIB is more like Shell Point, a little murky and a little mucky

The Rentals: Jibe City, the windsurf shop we have rented gear from, has a wide assortment of boards and sails of all sizes. The sails are all rigged with lots of outhaul, so they are a bit flat. Basically, you carry the board to the water and one of the workers will attach the sail to it. Worldwinds Windsurfing will hand you the board and sail for you need to attach the sail to the board. The equipment at Worldwinds appears to be in better shape, due, probably, to less use. The rental prices at both places are comparable.

Note: Lac Bay is a good place to learn a skill that might land you in the water a lot, because you can beach start your board from anywhere in the water. I worked on my carving jibe there, which landed me in the water a lot, but finally got a few. However, at 190 pounds, I had to use a board with more volume than I normally would so I wouldn’t ride so low in the water on starts and lulls. At Bird Island, you would need to water start which takes more energy and a little more time but there you can use any size fin you want or foil if that’s your desire.

Bird Island Basin Windsurfing: The windsurfing area is ranked by Windsurfing Magazine as the best flat-water sailing site in the continental USA.

Lac Bay: Thanks to steady trade winds Bonaire is one of the top windsurf locations in the world.

Bonaire and Corpus Christi: Corpus Christi has a bunch of other places to sail as well, such as in Corpus Christi Bay, where most of the regattas are held, and in the gulf. Bonaire also has other locations you can sail, but you would need your own gear and the launch areas are not as plentiful. Neither Jibe City or Worldwinds allow you to take care to other areas.

Bonaire 2018

by Chris Graves

The weather was as expected in what has become the location for the best windsurfers in the world, many of which come from the island.  Lac Bay will test both your skills and endurance.  The winds where very good running from 15 to 28 knots but usually sitting in the low 20’s. I sailed a 5.6 as the week progressed with a fanatic 106 wave board.  There were some weeds so Mike and I elected to use a weed fin.

Hugh unfortunately injured his ribs the second day but we were blessed by some great video and stills he shot while in the middle of the bay.

Jibe city treated our club very well and remembered us from last year, they gave us Saturday morning and insurance included in the regular price. The staff is fantastic, and the place is fun to just watch the action.  In addition to Jibe City there is a new Dunkerbeck Pro Center and the “Windsurfing Place” has new equipment.

The range of skills you will see on a given afternoon on Lac Bay is interesting. I am on a 5.6, powered up, and a boy of about 100 pounds is on 7.0 slalom sail going faster than you can imagine, meanwhile, Caeser Finies (look him up, his freestyle is amazing) is on a 4.8 flying along and pulling flat water loops!

Looking at two weeks next year, it takes a week just to get broken in!

Approximate costs:
Airfare $750-$1000
Sorobon per person triple occupancy $70
Jibe City $400 a week
Taxes $12 per day per person.

Please enjoy the video most of which was shot by Hugh.

Windy is Full of Crap

by Huh?

As many of you know, Windy has not been working for some time due to bird poop in the chute and is in dire need of a good enema. Because she is located on the Tripod, like a swami atop a great mountain top, she is difficult to get to, especially with the weather we have had. Many of you may wonder “Why the F&%$ did they put it way out there?” The Great One answered.

When Windy resided on the tower by the training trailer she was good at letting us know about winds from the southeast to the southwest, but outside of that, all the structures on the beach messed with her, and we did not like anything messing with our girl. When time came to put up a new one, out to the tripod it went. Being a novice at the installation, I asked lots of questions. Since people enjoy sailing mostly in southerly winds, Lee had us put the sensor up about 6 feet high on the southern most corner of the platform, allowing un molested winds to register properly without any effect from the platform. In addition, the solar panel was mounted about 10 feet below Windy, on one of the legs of the platform. The easiest place to put it would have been right under Windy, but then wind would have rebounded off the panel causing Windy to go into a tizzy.

Does all this mean Windy is perfect? Hell yeah, because it was installed by four infallible humans; Fractions, Tools, Close Enough, and Huh? We must remember that the wind on the beach is going to be a slightly different then wind where Windy is. However, when you sail, you aren’t on the beach, so all is good

We still need to get out there and install the spike on top of Windy so she stops eating S#@%! We need a calm day which we have had none of lately.

R.O.A.D. Worriers Strike Again

R.O.A.D worriers intern, Mr. Morris (he has not earned a code name yet), noticed lots of seaweed had washed ashore due to Alberto. Since the installation of LOTS of sand to replenish the beach, much of which was redistributed after Alberto, areas to rig sails and not get tons of sand on them diminished. The best area, since it was untouched with new sand, was to the east of the training trailer. Intern Morris had the good idea to take the piled-up seaweed along the shore and lay it out carpet like in the rigging area. His idea was endorsed and then executed.

Fraction, Huh?, and intern Morris went to the beach with pitch forks, rakes, and other implements of destruction and began moving the piles from the shore line to the rigging area. Fractions was tasked with carting the stuff and laying it out in the precise manner that he is known for, while intern Morris and Huh? filled the wheelbarrows. Wiggles came down about when we were moving the last amount from the shore to the rigging area and was helpful in smoothing the area under the watchful eye of Fractions.

Another mission accomplished. Next up, giving Windy an enema and arming her to fight of Cormorants!

Club Meeting Minutes - May 8, 2018

Club Minutes, as taken by Perry Morris, deciphered by Joe Sisson and published by Bob G. May 8, 2018

The meeting was called to order by a big burp (seismic belch?) at 7:33 pm.

There were 10 attendees at the meeting.

The lack of minutes (no newsletter) was approved by the attendees.

The Purser reported a positive balance. There are stage trailer expenses, including a railing added for safety. NIMBY will be an in and out. Insurance expense will be helped by a contribution from the Smith foundation. The club has 2 new members, with a total of 69.

The Smith regatta was great!

The slack audience at this meeting was attributed in part to Bonaire.

Joe noted upcoming NIMBY.

Bobby G is running the Rum n Rootbeer. Perry discussed a poker run.

Endless Summer – Trophies are in the works. Perry will check with COABI about Friday night.

Discussed Atlanta Fall Classic. Plan on a Chicopee mountain bike ride on Friday.

Based on a review of tides and potential attendees, Presnell will be on November 8 – 11, the weekend of the Notre Dame game.

Fiesta Key dates for 2019 are February 2 thru 9. Joe has been in contact with Kelsey, the ralley coordinator, and expects a call back regarding our group rate later this week.

Windy awaits repair. Joe offered his boat. Bob’s boat may be available as well.

Lessons are coming up, with the Venture Scouts up first. The schedule is on the website

. Mack discussed a swap meet as a means of providing functional and affordable equipment for new members coming out of the lessons.

Linda asked for new membership cards, especially for the trainers. Wright said the older cards would work.

Linda expressed the need for a picnic table by the wind garden near the training trailer. Wright asked that he be sent an email for followup.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

Club Meeting Minutes - April 10, 2018

Called to order at 7:14. 17 members present.

Commodores report – Coprus Christi was Great! Danielle wants to go next year.

Scribes Report - Scribe thanked Kristin for takin board minutes while he was gone.

Purser Report – We have money in the bank even though we paid the expenses for the Wind Ceremony and have not yet banked the revenues. Mike asked about the CD. No one has a clue how much is in it. Membership is at 67.

Wind Ceremony – Kristin thanked all those who helped. The county did not charge us a permit fee. Turns out, Kristin is a great bouncer. Danielle asked who left a picture in her car.

Corpus Christi Trip – lot of talk with Bob A, Bob G, Bill, and Joe recounting some stories. Spoke about the rental gear and camping.

Smith Regatta – Lee spoke about trophies and an image on the cups. Bob G, the chair, once again pleaded for donations and volunteers.

Atlanta Fall Classic – Stay at Old Federal.

Kona National – In Pensacola

Fiesta Key – Joe Sisson is still the lead on this.

Windy – Lee showed use his innovative way to keep the birds off. ROAD worriers are trying to find a calm day to go out and get Windy going again.

Awards & Presentations – Perry Williams award was given to Adam Bennett

Lee – Pork Butts $35 apiece. Big butt discussion after that announcement.

Action Items:
Need to put railing on rear of band trailer. Will cost about $100.
Need to get trailer ready for Smith
Fix Windy
Rig Training equipment for Smith

Meeting adjourned.

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