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April 2018

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First up - the Wind Ceremony.  In my considered opinion, this iconic event defines the Shell Point Sailboard Club - getting together with good friends on the beach for food, music, dancing, and windsurfing!  The t-shirts are (as always) fantastic, the pot luck was super good, the windsurfing was awesome, and the ceremony/music was incredible!  As the commodore, I thought it my duty to enjoy some of that spring sea breeze.  I was not disappointed.  Planning in the harness with feet the straps with an 8.5 on my Equipe - well, it doesn’t often get much better.  My thanks to Kristin for coordinating the event, all the folks that brought the great food, Digger for the firewood, Homestead for the shirts, the registration, set-up and clean-up crews, and, of course, Swami and the Festoons for the fantastic performance!  It has always been thus.

Next - Corpus Christi. So, BobbyG, Baab, Bill, and I made the big trip to Texas for some world class windsurfing at Worldwinds, Bird Island Basin, Padre Island National Seashore. Arriving late Saturday, we sailed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. (We took Wednesday off due to an arriving cold front.) After fooling around with my own equipment on Sunday, I realized I wanted to maximize my sailing time (and get some professional advice on board and sail size), so I decided to rent for the rest of the week - good decision! Winds ranged from the teens to mid-twenties, with gusts over 30 mph. I started Monday with a 5.0 sail on a Goya Volar 115-liter board, later switching to a 4.2 on a Carerra 116 as the wind rose to the mid to upper 20s. Freakin awesome! Tuesday found me on a Fanatic Blast 115 with a 5.5, then moving to a 6.4 back on the Volar. On Thursday I sailed a 7.0 on the Carerra, then switched to a 7.5 on a Blast 130 in somewhat lighter wind. Friday started with a 7.0 on the Carerra. After one run I switched to a 5.7, then almost immediately to a 4.7 as the wind rose. After a break, Olivier put me on a Volar 105 with a 4.5 sail. With wind in the mid-20s and gusts over 30, this combination provided the ride of my week! I highly recommend the Worldwinds experience – site, equipment, and staff. I’ll be back!

Coming up on the annual cycle - the Smith Regatta. Don’t miss it!

Joe Sisson
SPSC Commodore

Club Meeting Minutes - March 13, 2018

Meeting came to order at 7:43

Quiz administered with only 2 perfect scores by our esteemed Commodore and Mark V.

Officer Reports:

Vice Commodore report:  Vice Commodore was missing

Scribe report:  Bob thanked all contributors to this month’s newsletter and is trying to get the Swami to revive Swami toons.  The new contributors were Bob Andrews, Kristin Korinko, and Sandy Layne.   Minutes approved no changes

Purser report: Wright reported we have a positive balance in our bank.  We have spent no money over the last 2 months, ever since we took away Wright’s amazon prime account.  There are 67 memberships in the club.  Mark pondered aloud as to whether this was the first pursers report given on-time, or, at the time in the meeting it was supposed to be.

Old Business:

Past Events:  Midwinters was represented by Dave Stanger and Dan Olivier.  Apparently the Exocet Carbon 380 were the boards to beat on the water, both being sailed by folks from Virginia.

Beach report and Wind Ceremony: The beach MIGHT be ready for the Wind Ceremony, but if not, we will set the stage up in the parking lot by Dave Spitzer’s house.  If event is in parking lot, bring tents, tables and chairs.  We could also use some hay to put down on the ground as a dance floor.  Fire will need to be in a container of some sort. Perry mentioned we need to at some time check the water and electrical to make sure it has all been repaired. The morning of the Wind Ceremony, from 9-11, there will be trash pickup along Shell Point road.  The Wind Ceremony in pre-registrations already has 47 shirts sold to 22 registered people.
Chris and Donna normally bring wind wish sticks.

A $3,000 budget for the Wind Ceremony was put forth and approved.

Smith Regatta: Bob spoke about the Smith and the need for auction items.  Wright reminded everyone that though we have a permit to drink on the beach for the Smith and Endless Summer it does not apply to the Wind Ceremony.

Upcoming Events

NIMBY – All systems go
Rum n Rootbeer – Bob will chair
Endless Summer – ready
Atlanta Fall Classic – ready
Presnell – Will depend on tides, FSU games, and Perry’s work schedule
Christmas Party – Friday the 14th
Festivus – Either the 16th or 23rd

Meeting adjourned at 8:35

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