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March 2018

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SPSC Commodore’s Comments

Some folks told me I’d need to get another job - or else I’d go crazy.  I don’t know about that. Sounds like a character disorder. Actually, I find myself quite busy!  Sometimes I wonder how I ever found time to go to work! Now I realize that time is the most precious of commodities. “...Too many things to see and do - too many for one day…”   It’s good to have options, but many times we have to make tough choices. Just this past weekend I had to choose between Midwinters and one of those “favored” family functions. Of course, I made the proper choice.

I’d also heard retirement would take a lot of adjustment. That is very true.  This retired life can be very challenging. Just recently I found myself stressing about my project.  (You know, the windsurfing topper for my truck.) It’s been taking too long. I’m not making enough progress! Then I recognized the trap I’d fallen into, thinking I needed to be in a hurry to get done.  I just needed to have a talk with my retired self - to re-clarify expectations, and get my mind right. All good.

Good wind on Thursday, March 1 at SPB.  It was blowing 12 (mph, my handheld Kestrel) when I got there just after 11.  I pulled out the 7.5, but before I got it unrolled, the building breeze brought me to reconsider.  Instead, I rigged and sailed a 6.5, later moving down to a 5.5 as the wind approached 18-20 with gusts higher.  BobbyG was there. Gerry joined us. Hugh arrived a while later and rigged a new 4.5. Mac also showed up to enjoy some great sailing!  The coming weeks are the best time of the year for sailing at Shell Point.

The Wind Ceremony is on for March 24 - barring really bad weather.  If the pavillion is not available, we’ll put the ROAD stage in the parking lot across the street.  Register online in advance to get your desired shirt size. Bring something for the potluck. Make the best choice with your time.

WE NEED WIND for this coming year, so get ready for some cosmic fun lead by Swami and his misfit band of Festoons! The band this year has lots of new songs and of course the classics that will get you off your butt and moving your feet, or at least tapping a toe, except for Rick.

The main event, the music, starts around 7:30pm in order to get in 3 hours of foot stompin’ music. Registration for this event is just $20 which gets you one great Swami designed long sleeve shirt, and, if you bring a food dish, a meal ticket as well. If you don’t bring food, you cannot participate in the feast. The pot luck will begin sometime around 5:30. With no theme for this year’s dishes, bring what you make best. Registration on the beach starts at 3pm. If all you want to do is listen to the greatest wind surfing band perform, you are welcome to come and listen to the music, no fee required.

3:00pm Registration
5:30pm Food, enjoy the feast only if you bring a food dish
7:30pm Bon-fire and Music

Online Registration Through March 21st

A Novice view ... from the south!

By Kristin Korinko

As one of the newest club and board members, I’d like to bid all of you a most appreciative welcome. I truly am enjoying the Shell Point Sailboard Club way of life and am honored to be a member and among kindred spirits!

On February 5th, I left the 850 and headed south down to the Florida Keys to take part in the latest “Last Fiesta Keys trip.” Driving down through Homestead anxiously yet cautiously taking in all of the sights and sounds of south Florida. There were affected areas by the latest hurricane season that are in disrepair, I was pleasantly surprised at the splendor of the Fiesta Key campground. The pool and hot tubs were warm, welcoming, and functional. The staff were friendly and accommodating. But of course, the best part of the trip was connecting with new friends and reconnecting with the seasoned veterans! The sunset martinis never disappoint in Shell Point... however, the green flash at sunset in the Keys added that special touch that simply made the keys’ trip THE KEYS TRIP!

The bicycle trip in Key West was one of the main highlights. I’m not only a novice windsurfer but also am relearning just how to ride a bike the correct way. Making the ride from downtown through to Louies’, the Green Parrot, Mallory Square, and the three-story Bull, Whistle, and “the Garden” also did not disappoint for libations and scenery.

The ladies of the club (allegedly referred to as the “Hussies”) enjoyed an “udderly uplifting” experience at a shop known as the Lions’ Lair! Thanks to Sandy Layne for sharing this surprise find in Islamorada.

In sum, I returned home to Tally well-rested, sun tanned, and excited about the next out-of-town excursions with our group.

See you at the Wind Ceremony!

The 2018 Annual Keys Trip... From a Non-Sailor’s Perspective

Sandy Layne, Windsurfing Groupie

I’ve been going on the annual Fiesta Keys trip for more than 15 years now, missing a couple along the way. We have upgraded our accommodations from tent camping to “glamping.” The park now has more cabins and shotgun houses for rent which Mark and Kathy took advantage of.

The park itself offers so many activities besides windsurfing and there’s something for most everyone. We participated in a Poker “Walk” from the Rec Center to the “Beach” and really thought Kathy was set to win with her hand... but alas she did not. We faired better at Bingo where Kathy DID win, as did our entire table, all part of the SPSC family; Mark, Sandy, Phil and Rosemary, who walked away with around $100.

Karaoke was fun and the crowd was treated to Bobby G’s rendition of “I wanna Windsurf Like You,” made famous by Swami and the Festoons. I was called up to do a couple more numbers by popular demand and did a version of Janis Joplin’s “Me and my Bobby G”.

Several from the group really enjoyed the park’s restaurant, The Lobster Crawl, which welcomed “Bear” the dog with a big ‘ole slice of bacon and a dish of water. The fresh seafood from the restaurant really can’t be beat.

The hot tub and pool were visited daily by most of the group, and it gave us a perfect vantage point to watch those windsurfing. Sunset Point was another daily event at sunset, of course, with martinis or Manhattans in hand. We made quite a stir in our togas. (Next year’s theme has already been announced: Saturday Night Live Characters, Part 2) We had a crazy hat night as well and saw the elusive Green Flash this year. It IS real!

Sherry and Dan enjoyed snorkeling and trying to catch the lobster hiding just along the seawall... seeing rays, barracuda, snapper, and starfish as well. Bob and I went kayaking along with Kathy and Mark. Seeing an iguana swimming across the marina was very interesting. John and Juliet biked to Long Key, then a big group biked to Robbie’s for breakfast one morning. Bob Andrews took several us out for a boat ride on his new boat.

One day is set aside for a trip to Key West, where we do our own version of a pub crawl. There is lots of bike riding, enjoying street performers and conch fritters at Mallory Square, all culminating in a great dinner. This year had us at El Siboney’s for some excellent seafood and Cuban cuisine.

?Most days we enjoyed communal cooking (or not) with everyone doing just what they wanted to do. Often the evenings were spent enjoying some fine dessert provided by Mr. Finney and/or tasting scotch. We all got together for a Superbowl party and had some tasty game day food, each cook aiming to outdo the others.

One morning a group of seven of the ladies (i.e. Hussies) made a trip to Islamorada to visit the Lion’s Lair. It is a special shop dedicated to providing a proper bra fitting and the girls were uplifted by the experience. Topping that was a stop at the Lazy Dayz for excellent apps and yummy drinks.

So, although the annual Keys trip did have windsurfing each day (except the Key West day) there is plenty to keep one busy in and out of the park... you might even get to read that book you’ve been wanting to read!

“Bob”bing Around the Keys

By Bob Andrews and prodded by Bob Graves

The 2018 Keys Trip was a very enjoyable and for a brief time way too exciting event for yours truly. We had probably the most consistent winds in the past 10 years. Only one day was calm. The rest of the week provided 10+ knots out of the East. The last day it was up close to 20 knots. By then I was too lazy to rig a smaller sail. So I hopped up to challenge the gusts and chop with a silly confidence that exceeded my abilities. After sailing out a ways and realizing I was considerably overpowered, I tacked to return only to lose control and bailed off the stern of the board. NO big deal. I've done this hundreds of time before. Swim to the board. Get up and get going again. But the swim to the board didn't work. The board always outruns the sail and turns the mast up into the wind and the rig just wallows drifting very slowly downwind. Except for this time. This time the mast stayed perpendicular to the wind, clew upwind, luff catching enough wind to keep the rig powering downwind faster than I could swim. MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

Fortunately, alert windsurfers on shore noticed that my board was drifting, and I was not getting up on it to sail back. A frantic search for my motor boat keys ensued by Lee and other boat savvy people to no avail. While this was going on, Lt Dan set out on his board to look for me. When he reached the end of the western sand bar, he jumped off and looked towards my board, a good 200 feet west of the sand bar, and did not see me on the board. I saw Dan there, so started yelling, and he turned his head and spotted me not to far from where he was. He sailed out and ferried me to the sandbar. About that time, a fisherman in a Zodiac who had been flagged down by Perry, went out to assist. He picked me up, dropped me at my board, and I was able to sail it safely home. Happy ending!

Lessons learned: careful how you bail off your board when out of control. Sailing overpowered can invite too many opportunities to regret your choices.

Thanks to all onshore who had my back.

Club Meeting Minutes - February 24, 2018

Prior to the meeting, with the Commodore once again regally attired in his bathrobe, shorts, and flip flops, someone went to order him a White Russian, only to find out Beef’s didn’t have the ingredients to make it!

Strange thing, practically everyone was assembled in the backroom prior to 7:30 which allowed his high holiness to commence the meeting promptly at 7:30.

The minutes, which were published on-line in the newsletter, were approved.

Officer Reports:

Commodore was saving is comments for later

Vice Commodore commented that Bob G. was an asshole. All nodded in agreement, including Bob G.

Scribe mentioned articles by Bob A. and Bill have been promised.

Purser said we have money in the bank after paying our taxes and the Christmas party expenses. No big upcoming expenses. We have 64 club memberships. (Please note that this report was done at the end of the meeting due to the Purser’s absence at the beginning)

Old Business:

Beach re-nourishment. Lot’s going on. A sea wall is going up to preserve the tree and pavilion by the bath house.

Keys Trip – Great Weather and sailing. Highland Hammock was really nice and Santos Epic. Most damage from hurricane seemed to center around Marathon. Key West looked fully recovered. Perry mentioned Fiesta Key gave everyone a swag bag. Gravel is now everywhere in the campground. All those who went said a great time was had by all.

Commodore said next year the trip will be from February 2nd to February 9th.

Perry said more people should consider joining in on the pre and post Keys camping to help break up the trip and to visit other parks. Next Keys trip can’t be booked until March 15th.

New Business:

Mack brought up having a float for Spring Time Tallahassee, though having one this year would not give us enough planning. We have the trailer for it.

Upcoming Events

There are LOTS of events that people in the club go to that are open to everyone, some being club run events, some being members getting together and doing their own thing events.
  • Midwinters – March 9-11 at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center. All boards welcome
  • Wind Ceremony – March 24 - In asking for Volunteers, Kristen offered to chair it. Joe will help her.
  • 45th Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta - April 27-29.
  • Corpus Christi – (March 31 to April 7) - Bob G mentioned upcoming trip
  • Bonaire – several people raised their hands when asked who was going. Two different groups at two different times.
  • NIMBY – June 22-24 at Pensacola Breach and the Paradise Inn is the motel with the Pensacola Beach RV resort available for camper folks. make reservations NOW!
  • Rum n’ Rootbeer – Needs chair, tentative date of August 5th.
  • Endless Summer - October 5-8 – during the Miami game. Chris made an off-hand comment about maybe getting Viagra to sponsor a wind sock for the beach.
  • Atlanta Fall Classic – the 40th anniversary of this event on October 12-14
  • Kona North Americans – October 20-21 at Pensacola Beach hosted by Tom Pace.
  • Kona Championships – October 25-29 at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center.
  • Presnell - (November) – Either during the North Carolina State Game or Notre Dame Game. Depends on tides.
  • Christmas Party – dates pending
  • Festivus – December 23rd

Closing comments

Commodore asked about the $650 for fiberglass doors on the trailers. This, along with the skirting for the bottom of the trailer, will wait until after beach re-nourishment.

Bob G. spoke about lessons and mentioned the schedule for the summer is posted on- line. He also mentioned the need to set aside some days for folks who have taken lessons and joined the club to come down and practice.

Adam asked for adjournment at 8:31, Bob G seconded, and all were in favor.
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