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February 2018

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SPSC Commodore’s Comments

Just got back from the Keys. It was good, great, epic, awesome! The weather was near perfect. We saw the green flash one sunset. The water was cool, but not cold - I never wore any neoprene. The wind blew almost every day, with winds ranging from 8-10 to over 16 mph - enough for some of our more 'selective' sailors! On the one calm day I got to experience a dingy tour of Zane Grey Creek! The yearly pub crawl thru Key West via bicycle was fantastic! So caught up in the moment, the commodore even visited(?!) the Garden of Eden! For those that made the trip, I know you had a great time. If you weren't able to go, more opportunities are coming up! From the Wind Ceremony, to the Smith Regatta, to NIMBY and beyond, good times with good friends await. See you at Beef's on Tuesday!

Club Meeting Minutes - January 9, 2018

22 Members physically present. Many checked in and out mentally during the meeting.

Meeting came to order at 7:39, when the Commodore rose, resplendently dressed in a bathrobe, t-shirt, sandals, and shorts, with a white Russian aka a Caucasian in his hand, gaveled us to order. His royalty introduced everyone to the current board members that were present; Jack (at large), Bob G (scribe), Danielle (at large), Wright (purser), and Mary (past commodora).


Commodores Report - “I have nothing”
Vice Commodore – comment not available
Scribes Report – Bob G got a little carried away in demanding articles from everyone to cover up the fact he had no minutes to report on, a tactic he got from 45.
Pursers Report - We currently have a positive balance in the check book but still owe money for the Christmas party. We apparently bought a little too much beer, with the observation that as club membership gets older, people have shifted from Bud to Bacardi, Genesse to Gin, Pabst to Pinot, Goose Island to Glenlivet, Pabst to, ahh, you get the point. They all discovered late in life that liquor is quicker. We owe the state some sales tax money from the Endless Summer Sailboard Regatta. We have 63 memberships which is healthy for this time of year.

Old Business:

Christmas Party - Someone commented that Joe did a splendid job and he received a rousing round of applause from the crowd. Our lovely bartender did very well and loves tending at the Christmas party, so if we want her back, she is willing.
Festivus – People shared about how much fun it was and how the vice commodores challenge was excellent, with Mary taking the second round but Joe ultimately proving he was Commodore worthy.
Beach re-nourishment – The only indication that work has started is that a big piece of ground moving equipment is sitting by the beach. We do not have to move the trailer at this point, though we will if it means getting more sand under it. No one has seen a diagram of what the intentions are. Sand is only going as far as the mean high-water mark. Signs are up saying the beach is closed until March 15th . Should be ready by the Wind Ceremony.

New Business:

Training trailer – Board approved replacement of back doors at a cost of $650 after the RFP went out and all the bids (one) came back. Joe put it to the club for a vote, with all in attendance voting yea, no dissenters, and Mark was present. Lattice replacement on trailer will be postponed until beach re- nourishment is complete.
Smith Regatta – the chair, Bob Graves, mentioned that planning was underway and mentioned donations are needed.


At this point, a young lady name Grayson came in and interrupted us, but for good reason. Grayson represents FIT, Families In Transition, the organization we made donations to at the Christmas party. She was thankful for our donations and gave us some information on how the donations will be used. We all appreciated the feedback.

Upcoming Events

There are LOTS of events that people in the club go to that are open to everyone, some being club run events, some being members getting together and doing their own thing events.
  • Fiesta Key – lot of people in attendance going. Bob Andrews updated us some on the status of Fiesta Key, saying the area we stay in is all open, but the east side is not fully functional. Joe mentioned the Fiesta Key guidelines and will send them to Deb for publishing on the web.
  • Midwinters – March 9-11 at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center. All boards welcome
  • Wind Ceremony – Need Chair for March 24th event
  • 45th Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta - April 27-29.
  • Corpus Christi – some discussion, no date set. Usually coordinated by Bill, Bob, Joe, Perry, Bob
  • Bonaire – two groups going at different times this year. Mary spoke some about Bonaire.
  • NIMBY – June 22-24 at Pensacola Breach and the Paradise Inn is the motel with the Pensacola Beach RV resort available for camper folks. Mary mentioned the need to have a better count on available boats so that if a rental is needed to accommodate everyone, it can be done in time.
  • Rum n’ Rootbeer – Needs chair, tentative date of August 5th.
  • Endless Summer – Waiting on Football schedule
  • Atlanta Fall Classic – the 40th anniversary of this event on October 12-14
  • Kona North Americans – October 20-21 at Pensacola Beach hosted by Tom Pace.
  • Kona Championships – October 25-29 at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center.
  • Presnell – No date set. Dependent on tide and football schedule.
  • Christmas Party – dates pending
  • Festivus – December 23rd


The winner of the Perry Williams award, Adam Bennett, sadly was not present to receive this award, but everyone there recognized his accomplishments and applauded boisterously. Mr. Finney, on behalf of the club, presented Mary with the Endless Summer Chairs award and Commodores award. Again, everyone burst into applause and thanked Mary for her service. Bob Andrews asked where we could get cool bathrobes like Joe’s at which time Bob Graves immediately made a motion to adjourn which was rapidly seconded and his highness adjourned us.
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