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December 2017

by Deb Berlinger

This is a change of pace; your web mistress is actually writing an article.

First, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas or Holiday Season and a Safe New Year. And I hope you enjoyed the wonderful Christmas Party, organized by our incoming Commodore, Joe Sisson. And Festivus was, I am sure, a kind airing of grievances and stupendious displays of strength, and fire jumping (ouch).

Second, I extend a big thank you for your support, articles and guidance for the club website and newsletter. It is a pleasure working on the website and keeping it meaningful.

Everyone be sure to congratulate Mary Rolling on a successful year as commodore. It is time for her to pass the job to incoming commodore, Joe Sisson. Mary is still on the board and will still have influence on success in 2018.

On to next year. Here is a list of your incoming officers and board members:

Officers Board Members
Joe Sisson, Commodore Jack May
Adam Bennett, Vice Commodore Danielle Deprelle
Wright Finney, Purser Kristin Korinko
Bob Graves, Scribe Mac Pascal
Mary Rolling, Past Commodore  

Now a few words from Joe:

"Hi! My name is Joe Sisson and I am your new Commodore. We just wrapped up a cool Christmas Party and a fun-filled Festivus - hope everyone had a great time! We have lots to look forward to this coming year, starting with beach re-nourishment (whatever that means!) We’ll be sharing what we learn, so stay tuned! Have fun and be safe. See you in 2018! Festoons!" ~Joe

R.O.A.D. Worriers saga continues, the November Chronicles

by Bob Graves

(Click on images for larger view) Once again, we had to saddle up and head on out on a mission. One of the ROADies was sitting at home looking at Windy when he realized the speed and direction were no longer recording, resulting in him going "Huh?". Huh? then contacted Close Enough, the team leader and it was determined something was amiss with the sensor since the battery strength and cell signal data was still being sent. We decided to go out on a foray to the tripod on the last day of November, a beautiful Thursday afternoon with calm seas. Living up to his nickname, Tools had recently acquired a new/used boat that he pulled out and we launched. As we neared the tripod, we notice all the cormorants on it, realizing our anti bird stringing of filament was just a slight hindrance to them, with one of the nasty birds sitting atop the sensor. Once out at the tripod, Close Enough 'scampered' up the ladder to see what was wrong, thinking it might be a cable and noticing that the birds had been up there frequently.

After checking the cable and such, Close Enough detached the sensor only to find bird poop had entered it as well. After cleaning it out and reattaching it, we started getting data again. Whilst Close Enough was atop the platform, Tools 'scampered' up the ladder and began cleaning off the solar panel which had taken quit a few hits from the birds. Huh? stayed in the boat and handed up tools or cleaning products requested by the others.

This mission was without Fractions, who was on his way to another destination, or Wiggles, who had just returned to town and was still recovering. It worked out well since, after fixing Windy, we took off to celebrate in the boat to Panacea where we all had a beer at Mad Anthony's Water Front Grill, a pretty nice restaurant and bar. On the way back, we had equipment failure and, due to the calm demeanor of both Close Enough and Tools while Huh? kept shouting "We're All Gonna Die!", a solution was determined, and we made it back to shore.

Club Meeting Minutes

SPSC Meeting Minutes - August 8, 2017

SPSC Meeting Minutes - October 10, 2017

No minutes submitted for November meeting

Club Officers and At-Large
Board Members 2017

Commodore: Mary Rolling
Vice Commodore: Joe Sisson
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Bob Andrews
Ric Edmonds
Danielle Deprelle
Mac Paschal
Past Commodore: Chris Graves

Club Officers and At-Large
Board Members 2018

Commodore: Joe Sisson
Vice Commodore: Adam Bennett
Scribe: Bob Graves
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Jack May
Danielle Deprelle
Kristin Korinko
Mac Paschal
Past Commodore: Mary Rolling

"Whitton Effect"

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