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Commordore's Comments November 2017

Fall is in the air! This is always a bittersweet time of year for me. Fall is my favorite time of year bringing cooler temperatures and color changes for our landscapes. Sadly, it frequently brings a north wind to Shell Point and cooler water temperatures. Not my Forte when it comes to windsurfing. I hope you will be joining me as I take advantage of paddle-boarding on the rivers and at Shell Point, morning power walks, and off-road bike rides.

We have just two events left on the calendar as a I prepare to bid my farewell as Commodora; the SPSC Annual Christmas Party and Festivus. Our annual SPSC Christmas party at the Shriners Club, Friday, December 15 @ 7:30. Hosted by our soon to be Commodore elect in waiting "Joe Sisson." No doubt he will create an excellent holiday event for all of us to remember.

Following that Sunday starting at 3pm, the Festivus.
    "Festivus is a secular holiday celebrated on December 21st. It was created by writer Dan O'Keefe and introduced into popular culture by his son Daniel, a scriptwriter for the TV show Seinfeld as part of a comical storyline on the show. The holiday's celebration, as shown on "Seinfeld," includes a "Festivus pole," practices such as the "Feats of Strength" and the "Airing of Grievances," and the labeling of easily explainable events as "Festivus miracles." Celebrants of the holiday sometimes refer to it as "Festivus for the rest of us," a saying is taken from the O'Keefe family traditions and popularized in the "Seinfeld" episode."

Now you know how and why. The 'where' is at Shell Point Beach on December 17th, anytime after 3 pm. Come out and show your feats of strength or air your grievances. This is the only time of year that we will let you "whine"! Ha ha. If nothing else, come out to see the feats of strength between myself, Commodora Mary Rolling, and Commodore Elect Joe Sisson.

I hope to see you at our last club meeting of the year where I bid you a farewell and memorable year and we celebrate to ring in the new.

East West North South Festoons

Your Commodora in service with pleasure,
Mary Rolling

2017 Kona North American/Gulf Coast Championship

by Bob Graves

Kona North American/Gulf Coast Championships at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center was a great event. This is the one event we go to that is all about the race. Some of us participate in five races through the year, two at Shell Point, which has great races, but has great participation by non-racers and is a very social event, one at Lake Lanier which is race focused, but allows for non-participant registration and watching college football on the big screen in the club house, then two in Clearwater, where the only registration is for racing, though spouses and such can participate in the food and drink, I believe, since no one checks, and it's the most expensive of the events.

One of the joys in going to these events is the company of the SPSC Race Team that go as well, Bob Andrews, Bill Olsen, Joe Sisson, and Dan Burch. Always good to see others such as Steve Campbell and Steve Bogan who show up at our events at the others as well. Hopefully we can get more SPSC racers to these events in the future.

The one thing I marvel about in the windsurfing community is the lack of egos. Sure, the good racers know who they are and are out to win every race, but they are all very approachable and are willing to answer questions and just shoot the breeze with you.

The event this year saw us get two races in before lunch in winds between 8-10mph. A race after lunch was started and half completed before the wind gave out and the race abandoned. We all sailed very slowly back to the center. Sunday brought winds gusting to over 26mph from the northwest and the race committee deemed the conditions to be unsafe for course racing and decided, as we do at Shell Point when faced with this dilemma, to do slalom racing.

50 boards on the water, not just registered but sailing, and I came in around 45th or 46th and had a blast. Even that far back in the back I was probably no more than 10 minutes from the leaders. Trophies are given for 1-3 for overall, 1-3 youth, 1-3 female, leaving about 42 people with no trophy, but you can bet most of them will be back at the next event since I recognized (since they are sailing in the back of the pack with me) many people from previous years. It's about the race, not the winning, and that's what makes this sport so enjoyable.

2017 Fall Classic

by Bob Graves and Chris Voith

What a wonderful trip this was. Perry, Bill, Joe, Sandy, and I got to Old Federal Campground on Thursday afternoon. Old Federal is the campground you can see to the right of the Lake Lanier Sailing Club. On Friday, Bill, Perry, Joe, and I took off for the Chicopee Woods Bike Trails, having no idea what was in store for us. We started on the Tortoise loop, which apparently is how you get on all the trails, and did the 2.6 mile loop fairly easily, so decided to go further. We opted for the White Tail Loop, which is an Intermediate ride, to find out half way through that at least three of us were not yet at the intermediate level, but we pushed on. This trail was a major challenge. After 10.5 miles, we packed everything up, drank lots of Gatorade, and headed to a liquor store then back to camp were an intense game of Labyrinth took place.

On Friday evening registration began and Chris Voith, our host, had beautifully embroidered denim shirts for the participants. In a tradition Chris Graves started, SPSC provided all the fixin's for some fine eating Friday night, with pot stickers, chili, rice, pulled pork, and more food than could be consumed and was enjoyed by everyone.

Saturday morning brought no wind, same in the afternoon. The biggest "gusts" were probably 3 knots, so no racing took place. However, that did not dampen the spirits of the racers. Everyone sat around watching football, eating snacks, drinking their beverage of choice, chatting, and playing foosball.

Sunday morning had the boards on the water at 9am for the only race of the day. The wind started out a feverish 4 knots that dwindled to about 3 when the race started and from then on was between 0 and 2. Those who started all finished, so trophies could be presented!

The rest of this article is from Chris Voith: I would like to thank SPSC for Friday's meal and especially to Perry & Leah, et al for Martinis, Manhattans and hors d'oeuvres on Saturday night, and to Bob, Sandy, and Bill who helped clean up on Sunday! Pam Burke made lunch on Saturday happen. Jim & Pam Burke were Saturday night's cooks with Bill Herderich (and others) on the Grill. Pam is/was a longtime windsurfer going back to the Tudor/Mistral days. Jim & Pam are a big deal in Lightnings now. Steve Haase was grill meister for Sunday burgers.

Franz Halaschek, Kevin Osburn and Reggie Strickland helped on Race Committeee. These guys go way back in windsurfing in Atlanta. Kevin & Reggie were at the first Atlanta windsurfing regatta in 1978.

Big shout out also to Cody Steward (KonaHead) and Brendan Healy (Neil Pryde foil guru) for bringing their shows on the road. Also to Gene Mathis (Windsense), Chinook, Zhik, Whitecap Windsurfing and Sandy Point/Aerotech/Epic Gear for supporting the Fall Classic.

Club Meeting Minutes

SPSC Meeting Minutes - August 8, 2017

SPSC Meeting Minutes - October 10, 2017

Club Officers and At-Large
Board Members 2017

Commodore: Mary Rolling
Vice Commodore: Joe Sisson
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Bob Andrews
Ric Edmonds
Danielle Deprelle
Mac Paschal
Past Commodore: Chris Graves

Club Officers and At-Large
Board Members 2018

Commodore: Joe Sisson
Vice Commodore: Adam Bennett
Scribe: Bob Graves
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Jack May
Danielle Deprelle
Kristin Korinko
Mac Paschal
Past Commodore: Mary Rolling

"Whitton Effect"

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