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Commordore's Comments October 2017
30th Annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic

This year's Endless Summer Sailboard Classic Regatta was a huge success even with Irma putting a damper on preparation and planning. It takes a village! With 90+ registrants, 28 sailors on the water, and the wind! Yes, The Wind Gods blessed us with wind!

We were put off our schedule and planning for this year's 30th Annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic due to hurricane Irma. Not something I like to have happened, as I am a planner! With our September Club gathering cancelled and then a call for a special meeting for chairs to come together one last time to confirm racing, timing, registration, dinner, sponsors, etc. So many things to consider!

"It Takes a Village," is an understatement. I am referencing ALL chairs, non-chair, and sponsors that it takes to prepare and then volunteer their time for three solid days. Did I say ALL? Yes, I will be including everyone!!!

Let's start with Wright Finney. I honestly think SPSC wouldn't exist without him! He has remained constant when most of us have chosen other paths but inevitably find our way back. He is there from set up to shut down! Lee Chapin was there Friday morning delivering our Fabulous Stage, ice and providing a boat for running our races and being on the racing committee along with Tina, Mark & Perry. DJ Bobby G for music, sound system and donations from Worldwinds. Ketchum Realty/Leah Chapin for sponsorship and breakfast on the beach with Donna McMahon. Linda Downey for planning, Adam Bennett for monitoring the beer truck, Bill Olsen N" Kristen J. Korinko for Clean-up duty. John Gilbert for pretty much everything, Deb Berlinger for online registration. Sandy Layne, Joe Sisson, & Andrea Scwendinger for registration on the beach. (BTW, they sold all of our shirts this year!!!!) Rick Knerr & Judy Knerr for wings and fries for Friday Supper. (YUM!!) Mark Voight providing Ezzy, Chums, and Vapa for sponsorship, Tina for providing us with Dakine for sponsorship. Bob Andrews for helping assist Lee. Dave & Elizabeth Denmark for providing us with scrumptious hotdogs and lunch on the beach. Donaldo's with Don & Sharman Franklin for planning & running the Gumbo Contest. A big thank you to all that provided gumbo for the contest and to the judges for their taste buds n' time. Winners are as follows; 1st place - Donna McMahon, 2nd place - Judy Knerr & 3rd place - Elizabeth Denmark! Last but certainly not least, Mack Paschall for our fantastic Trophies!!! Whew, I hope that's everyone if I did forget to mention your name, many apologies!!

This was our first year working with our neighbors down at Shell Point Beach. Kristina, a resident, coordinated a band for Friday night on the beach for the locals and was kind enough to include us. No Name Cafe with Chef Drew served our dinner for over 90+. This year's door prizes were incredible with items provided from Ezzy, Worldwinds, Dakine, VAPA, Athena Salon and Catalina Cafe. Top prizes include; Ezzy 6.8-meter sail that went to Jacksonville's Richard Wallace, Chinook Pro 1 Alloy Boom 167-227 donated by Worldwinds that went to our own Mack Paschall and a 430 90% Carbon Mast donated by Worldwinds that went to Mr.Wright Finney.

The Endless Summer Sailboard Classic wouldn't be if it weren't for windsurfers. Twentyeight sailors on the water, including our 8 in novice fleet. Blessed with light to medium wind on Saturday and 20+ on Sunday made for the great weekend of racing. Did I say; "It Takes a Village?" now you know!

Our 30th Annual Endless Summer Classic created a great end to our last SPSC racing event of the year. Maybe our last racing event but we still have our Annual Christmas Party chaired by our Vice Commodore Joe Sisson, Friday - December 15th, and our Festivus that following Sunday, December 17th @ 3:00pm at Shell Point Beach. Hope to see you at our next club meeting or on the water!

Your Commodora in service with pleasure,
Mary Rolling

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30th Annual Endless Summer Regatta ‘A’ & Sport Fleet Racing

The 30th Annual Endless Summer Regatta saw a mixed bag of racing conditions. Saturday we raced off the beach with winds differing from the start at the beach end of the course and a different set of wind conditions at the offshore end of the course. We could not seem to get any decent winds at both ends at the same time. On Sunday we had a lot of wind so we set the start offshore a short way. We had so much wind that not everyone was comfortable offshore. The conditions Sunday kept Perry and John busy rescuing folks. After two days of racing we managed to get only four races in. The results for ‘A’ fleet and Sport fleet are as follows;

"A" Fleet Unlimited Sport Fleet - H Sport Fleet - L

1st Dave Stanger

2nd Mark Powell

3rd Paul Hansard

4th Chris Voith

5th Steve Campbell

1st Jack May

2nd Brennan Fogarty

3rd Bill Olson

4th Adam Bennett

5th Bob Graves

1st Bob Andrews

2nd Eric Robine

3rd Pete Boland

4th Julea Williams

5th Emma Nacleria

We had 24 racers on the water for a couple of races and some very close finishes. Two of the fleets had multiple ties that were not determined until the Sunday race. Congratulations to everyone who came out to race.

A big thanks to our race committee; Perry Morris, John Gilbert, Stan Derzypolski & Mark Voight. A big thanks to Mac for great trophies, that were not only pleasing to the eye, but functional at the beer truck after the awards.

Lee Chapin

ROAD Worriers September Saga

The ROAD worriers scan the carcass of a sea creature of unknown origins after slaying the towering beast and bringing it to the ground, gently, so as not to destroy this rare find. However, this picture only shows the original ROAD worriers, and not our newest member, Wiggles. The name was appropriate because, as we tried to take the tower apart by brute force. Linda came in and said, "just wiggle it back and forth and side to side" and lo and behold the pieces came apart more easily.

Thank goodness there were five ROADies that day, our fearless leader Close Enough, Fractions, Tools, Huh?, and now Wiggles. Tools scampered halfway up the tower with three lines and fastened them to the tower. Wiggles, Close Enough, and Huh? pulled the lines tight while Tools and Fractions jimmied the lower part of the tower up. When it came loose, we gently moved it so that the base was on the sand, then lowered it gently to the ground. I was impressed the way it all happened. Once on the ground, we continued to disassemble the various parts and stored it away.

Parts of old Windy have been saved for burial. However, there is not a "truly physical" windy. The components at the 'crack' house was far different than the ones on the tower by the training trailer. In addition, Windy's voice changed somewhere in there either through puberty or hormone treatments. The latest rendition of Windy is silent but very visual with a bunch more information, but she is now, as she always has been, our go to gal for information on wind conditions at Shell Point.

Bob Graves

SPSC Meeting Minutes - August 8, 2017

Posted November 8, 2017

Called to order at 7:35pm, we started by giving each other massages!! I had the duty, as scribe, to be made an example of. How to receive a massage. This job can be very, very tough, sometimes.


    Rum n' Root Beer
  • Amazing pictures by Rico!!
  • 50+ attended. 32 participants, 4 teams.
  • Event in the black.
  • 2 shirts left. XXL and L.

  • Scribe’s report:
  • Minutes accepted.

  • From Board Meeting:
  • Memorial for Windtalker.
  • Work day later this summer.
  • Both will be decided later this summer.

  • Nominations:
  • Joe nominated Commodore.
  • Adam nominated Vice Commodore.
  • Mack Paschall for Scribe.
  • At Large Nominations included Jack May, Bill Olson, Kristen K, Mike Levine, Sandy Layne, Bob Graves, Danielle, Paul, Bob Andrews, Robin McDougal, Gretchen DeYoung.
  • Voting to occur at September meeting. (Note: September Meeting canceled due to hurrican Irma)

  • Mobile Bandstand:
  • In the Chapin's yard with flat tire.

  • Purser's Report:
  • 75 members, including Dr. Kristen K, who has just joined. Also, Rose McCaffrey has rejoined us from the Injured Reserve list.
  • Dues due Sept. 1st, the Fiscal New Year.
  • Mike Boll had to inquire as to the amount due when dues are due, due to him forgetting. $35 single, and $45 for family memberships. For you, though Mike we have a special offer of low monthly payments of only $99.99!!!
  • Dues can be paid with Endless Summer registrations.
    Endless Summer:
  • September 29th - October 1st.
  • Endless Summer usually has it's own dinner and entertainment on Friday evening, but now it's the same Friday as Shell Point's event.
  • Meeting on August 18th to discuss all of this.
  • Merck mentions that Ezzy, Chums, and Whirlwinds are on board for Endless Summer.
  • Need to once again poll fleet about interest in a Kona Fleet

  • Lessons:
  • September 2nd
  • Practice day, August 19th
  • 100 people at lessons this year
  • Bob Andrews points out that nobody drowned, nobody got lost, nobody was injured

  • Atlanta Fall Classic:
  • October 13th - 15th
  • About 10 present at meeting are making the trip

  • Kona North American Championships
  • October 27th - 29th, Clearwater, FL

  • Xmas Party
  • FRIDAY, December 15th
  • Vice Commodore Sisson to Chair event

  • Keys Trip
  • February 3rd - 10th
  • Joe will forward an email from the campground.
  • Those in 800 sites, only 15 amps.
    Mary thanks Chris Hill, Lizzy Denmark, Linda, both Bobs, and Bill for all their work on Rum n' Root Beer. Also, anyone she may have forgotten.
    Board Meeting at Joe's
    Next club meeting includes elections
    Bob interjects that he'd like to consider alternate methods of dues payments. Venmo, et al.

Meeting adjourned without further incidents

Club Officers and At-Large
Board Members 2017

Commodore: Mary Rolling
Vice Commodore: Joe Sisson
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Bob Andrews
Ric Edmonds
Danielle Deprelle
Mac Paschal
Past Commodore: Chris Graves


"Whitton Effect"

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