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Rum N' Root Beer 2017
Splish...Splash Rubber Ducky

Chris and Elizabeth created one of the best Rum N' Root Beer events of the summer for the SPSC! Fifty plus registrants, 4 teams, and 32 participants made this year's R N' R an outstanding event for the whole family.

The rain ended right at 2 pm making the afternoon perfect partly sunny day on the beach for getting wet. The combination of a slip 'n slide, 3 oversized (4ft) rubber duckies, 100 small (3in) rubber duckies, a few noodles, a couple of goggles and super soakers resulted in a fun afternoon of splishin' and a splashin'.

Folks were reelin' with the feelin' and a movin' and a groovin' with exciting rubber ducky games; "Duck Slider," "Lake Ella Duck Bob," "Jane n John Wayne Duck Shoot," and "Ducking Tank."

Rubber Ducky you're the one! The 4 teams made R N' R so much fun! "It's 3:00 o’clock somewhere" coming in 1st, "Raisins in the Sun" coming in 2nd, "Blue Angels" placing 3rd and the "Shuckers" finishing in 4th place. Each team presented with Commemorative 2017 Rum N Root Beer 3-inch Rubber Duckies!!!

The final Splash' and becoming a main stay for our Annual Rum N Root Beers is the Dunk Bucket! (Thank you Juan Ten) Each opposing team member throws a tennis ball at the target, hoping to hit it and release the bucket of water on the opposing team member sitting below. On a sunny 90 degree day we always have a few volunteers willing to "sit in" and take one for the team - including myself :)

Last but not least, the "Root Beer Chugging Contest" with Bill coming in 1st and Kristin with a close 2nd. Buurrrp!

Our potluck feast ended the day and a fantastic time was had by all!

Of course, all of our SPSC events require teamwork and a little help from everyone. A big shout out to DJ Bob for providing the microphone, music and shade tent. Linda for setting up the tables, plates, and silver wear. Bill for bringing water and Bob A for bringing the ice.

If you missed us this year, "like" our SPSC Facebook page or visit our web site, www.20knotsnob.com to stay informed and receive updates for all of the SPSC events.

Click on Rubby Duck to view event photos

East West North South Festoons

Your Commodora in service with pleasure,
Mary Rolling

Lessons Roundup for 2017 by Bob Graves

(Click on Image for Larger View)
Lessons are quickly ending for this year, though we have one more on September 2nd and will hopefully schedule the FSU sailing club later in September. We started way back on April 22nd when the FSU Sailing Club brought down 12 very eager students who learned rapidly with everyone having a great time. One week later was the Smith Regatta, but before that began, we gave lessons to a group of eight girls scouts on the Friday before the regatta began. Then on May 11th we gave our annual lesson to the Venture Scouts who always bring a lively and willing group down. The winner of the Endless Summer's novice fleet was a Venture Scout. We have had six scheduled lessons open to the public through the year, all the classes having at least 12 students.

No lessons would be possible without the willingness AND enthusiasm of our VOLUNTEER instructors. Year after year they give up their Saturdays to come out and help other people learn the sport. The instructors who have been there to teach, and who I owe everything to for making these lessons a success, are, in alphabetical order; BOB ANDREWS, ADAM BENNETT, LINDA DOWNEY, TINA MAZANEK, BILL OLSON, MAC PASCHALL, JOE SISSON, and CHARLIE YONTZ.

Training has taken on different forms throughout the years, with many people in the club taking on the task of managing it. Thanks to the club for supporting the training efforts and to all those who have donated useful equipment.


SPSC Meeting Minutes - July 11, 2017

Meeting called to disorder around 7:34.

Commodora's Opening, and Notes:
  • NIMBY was an adventure, especially out on the water.
  • Big shout out to Brennan. Mary was adrift, alone, and scared when he arrived.
Scribe's Report:
  • Minutes approved.
Old Business:
  • Deb Berlinger was unable to attend the last meeting of the SCSMR, but she did say it was a stellar year for the regatta. Goal of $15,000 was surpassed as $16,000 was donated
  • Deb gave a special mug to Robin McD for the largest donation to the event, of a Force 5 sailboat for the auction.
  • The new "Windy" is up and running!!!! Big thanks to the R.O.A.D.ies, et al.
  • Past Commodore Graves . . . No, the other one . . . reported that Doug Smith came down to the beach on a lessons day. He loves the new Windy and wanted to help out, so he donated $200 to the club.
  • Bob says the next thing to do is to take the lightning attenuator from the old tower out to the new Windy.
  • Deb showed us how to create an icon for our smart phone's home screens that takes us directly to Windy's data.
New Business:
  • Deb then let us know that Cracker Jack is up for a vote in a Humane Society contest. This benefits foster dogs.
  • Rum n' Root Beer Proposal & Budget:
    • Rubber Duckies (This should be "entertaining"): $298.
    • Performance shirts (More expensive.): $1,100.
    • Total budget estimated at $1,500. (Above, plus $100 wiggle room.) To which Merck queried, "you better be sitting down for this part", ...No REALLY!!! . . . "Will that be enough?" . . . See?? I TOLD ya!!!!!!!
    • Rum n' Root Beer budget of $1,500 approved UNANIMOUSLY!!!
    • Event is scheduled for Sunday, August 6th, 2pm
Purser's report:
  • NIMBY expenses, all in/out.
    • $18 positive final balance.
    • Sorry for the long slog race
    • .
  • Insurance premium of $1,643 paid.
    • $800 reimbursed by Smith Regatta.
  • Windy phone line is $52.76 per month. Florida allows a termination fee.
  • Membership: 74. Most in 14 yrs.
  • Membership parking cards distributed.
  • Commodora wanted to add a note about NIMBY, that we need to organize amongst ourselves to be sure we have boats per passengers.
Upcoming Business:
  • Lessons:
    • Openings in August and September for more students.
    • Last lessons included "visiting professor" Dan Olivier.
    • FSU kids were great. 2nd class for them in September.
  • Rn'R:
    • Thanks for budget.
    • This is third Rn'R on a Sunday.
  • Endless Summer:
    • 30th event.
    • Goal is to stick close to well known logo.
    • European gentleman from Seaside has indicated he'd like to be here.
    • Shell Point has food trucks and music that Friday night. They reached out about our event.
    • We're going with Shell Point's music for Friday. Reggae! At pavilion.
  • Xmas party: Friday, December 15th.
  • Keys trip:
    • February 3rd through the 10th.
    • Reserving same area as last year, 700s and 800s.
    • 15% discount.
    • Email coming.
  • Regional:
    • Atlanta: Fewer going.
    • Miami
    • Clearwater: October 28th and 29th.
  • Celebrations:
    • Lee Chapin, R.O.A.D.ies, etc, for Windy.
    • Wright Finney for a great NIMBY!
  • Next Board Meeting: August 1st.
  • Next Club Meeting: August 8th.
Adjourned at 8:17pm with no further incident.

Club Officers and At-Large
Board Members 2017

Commodore: Mary Rolling
Vice Commodore: Joe Sisson
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Bob Andrews
Ric Edmonds
Danielle Deprelle
Mac Paschal
Past Commodore: Chris Graves


"Whitton Effect"

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