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Commodore's Comments May 2017

Windy, Windy, Windy!
Love, Love, Love!!
What a great start to our windy season!! From the SPSC Wind Ceremony, to the Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta, and many days between, we have enjoyed 15knots+ windy days. Of course, it also comes with a lot of hard work and participation from our board and club members to run our events. And sad but true, it can also bring on some injuries, minor to major.

No doubt those of you who attended our annual Wind Ceremony know what I am talking about!  We prayed to the Wind Gods, and they have in return blessed us with an abundance of windy days.

I have used these windy days to prep for Bonaire (Ha! Ha! As Adam would say, everyone drink!). I have been fortunate to have my Ezzy Cheetah 6.5; combining it with my 130 ml S Cross Exocet board provided me with the perfect rig for Shell Point and 15+ windy days. And if it couldn't get any better than that, the Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta participants and onlookers experienced the same 15 to 20+ wind for the entire weekend. I can't remember a regatta we have had locally where we have been fortunate enough to have 15+ wind for the entire event! Can you? It certainly makes for the races to go smoother and faster, but can also create a few mishaps.

While I had fun Saturday, on Sunday morning the wind increased to an average of at least 20knots so I decided to rig my new Ezzy Cheetah 5.5 (birthday present to myself 😊). Of course with new equipment, comes new challenges. Short and sweet, I couldn't unhook from my harness and ended up falling on mymast, hitting it pretty hard and thought I might have broken a bone or pulled a tendon on my forearm. Fortunately neither! Just bruised and swollen. Although I can't say that for our one of own, Robin McDougall.

I would like to give a huge shout out to a couple of our novice club members, Robin & Gretchen for the passion for windsurfing and their commitment to the SPSC Team!!  These two women give it their all while out on the water windsurfing! Their dedication & determination are what I have seen, not to mention their commitment to the SPSC as a whole, attending all SPSC events and meetings. I mention them because while attending the Stephen C Smith Regatta, Robin broke her ankle. From Robin's own words, "This weekend was an adventure at the Smith Regatta at Shell Point. I learned beach starts, got a fantastic new sail for a great price, watched Sweet G win 3rd place in her windsurfing division aaaannnnddd broke my ankle. I didn't realize it, but with some encouragement and good advice, I got an x ray. I'm lucky because this kind of break often needs surgery. It's a non weight bearing break (knee scooter) for 6 weeks then a boot. I am incredibly lucky to have Gretchen DeYoung's help with household things, etc..".

Now that is dedication!! No doubt, these two women are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to putting their minds to it and following through no matter the task at hand!

So to you Robin and Gretchen, I leave you with this quote and anyone else out there that has had to wrestle with their windsurfer, "We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with epoxy, carbon fiber, monofilm and our own egos, dreams and indomitable wills. So let us shred. AMEN." - Chris Zeitvogel

East West North South Festoons!

Your, Commodora in service with pleasure,
Mary Rolling

NIMBY XXI, the 21st Annual "Not In My Back Yard" Road Trip Regatta, is scheduled for Friday, June 23 – Sunday, June 25, 2017. We are now in our twenty first year of taking the Shell Point windsurfing "show" on the road to different venues.  This year, we're going back to the site of NIMBY XI – Port St. Joe, FL.  We are also returning to the same accommodations as before – the Port Inn.  The Port Inn is located across the street from a waterfront park, so this is a venue that you can walk to the rigging site, and walk or bike almost everywhere – to restaurants, bars, stores, etc.  Many of the "old-timers" will remember the last NIMBY that was held there, with many daytime and evening activities for everyone within a short distance of the motel.  We extend a special invitation to our sailing friends from the Florida Panhandle and to those in the Atlanta, Charleston, and Florida East Coast areas to join us at this year's NIMBY.  For this event we will return to the location of one of our most memorable past events, and as usual there will be plenty for the non-sailors and kids to do.

See full details.

Funny illustration Art by Bobby Chiu  - construction workers having lunch in air Art wallpaper 3R.O.A.D. Warriors Incursion

By Bob Graves

This mission called for 3 road warriors to leave their families for a mission in a foreign land.  ‘Fractions’, ‘Tools’, and ‘Huh?’ left the safety of Leon County and covertly entered Wakulla county on April 19th, at about 10am (again, time coordination being our nemesis), in the area known as Shell Point Beach, and entered a little shack located on the eastern border of the beach.

With incredible precision, we opened the doors and entered this shack, aka, The Training Trailer, and were shocked, yes, shocked I say, to find the interior clean.  Word must have gotten out that we were coming, but the shack looked as clean as it was when we last entered it in the winter of 2016.  We methodically removed the sails and began re-assembling them, vowing to ensure they all had good down haul. Thankfully we had, and I’m getting technical here, a Crankit and Yankit tool with us.  ‘Fractions’ used the Yankit to rig the sails with the Euro-pin extensions and the Crankit was used for http://www.newbelgium.com/images/default-source-workaround/beer/voodoo-ranger-ipa/voodooranger_ipa_l.pngthe others to get max downhaul. 

After careful consideration and the accurate eye of ‘Fractions’ along with the input of long time trainer ‘Tools’, we decided to stack the sails in the trailer WITH the booms attached.  For some reason the fool that has been running lessons was taking the booms off to hang the sails.

When finished, ‘Tools’ decided to explore further and took his board out on the water to take advantage of the 12mph winds that were blowing.  ‘Fractions’ and ‘Huh?’ did not possess such foresight, so just sat on the beach with Voodoo Ranger from New Belgium, a welcome companion.


Training Update - May

Two great classes to start off the year.  On April 22nd we were visited by 12 members of the FSU sailing club, a very enthusiastic and skilled group of young adults.  One of them, Cara, raced in our Smith Regatta and took second!  These kids all knew something about sailing and were very enthusiastic and determined.  Hopefully we will be able to make lessons available to the FSU Sailing Club every year since there are about 80 of themand we can only take 12 at a time.  This group was a real joy to teach.   A special thanks to all the instructors; Charlie, Tina, Linda, Bob A., Bill, Joe, Mac, and Ric! 

Friday before the Smith regatta, April 28th, we had 6 girls from a home-schooled girl scout troop.  One young lady, as soon as she understood how to tack, was unstoppable.  The wind was around 12mph when we started, dropping to about 8 during the course of the lesson, and these kids wanted more wind!  The ones that did not pick up on it as easily never quit.  They were all pushing it until we finally had to get them off the water at 3pm.  Thanks to Tina for leading the instruction and the ROAD Warriors for providing support.

Next up for lessons is our Venture scout troop, a group we have been teaching for several years.  A product of one of those lessons was Torry who recently competed at the Smith Regatta and had previously sailed in last year’s Endless Summer. 

This picture shows Cara (lightening bolt sail) and Torry (HiFly sail) in a race, with other Novice racers

A Recent Email From Trevor Stone, Club Coordinator for the FSU Sailing Club:

"Hello! My name is Trevor Stone, I am the Club Coordinator for the FSU Sailing Club. We had a day earlier last month where our club sent 10 people to learn how to windsurf. Everyone who went had a blast (myself included)and we would love to send some of our members to your lessons during the summer. Is it possible for us to reserve multiple spots for our members to take for your June 17th class. If it is possible we would like to reserve 10 spots. Looking forward from hearing back from you, and even more excited to get back out on the water! Trevor Stone FSU Sailing Club Coordinator "

The ROAD Warriors are visited by the Hardware Fairy

You no doubt have read the previous article (last months) of the ROAD Warriors quest in getting the performance trailer ready due to the actions of “Close Enough”, “Fractions”, “Tools”, and “Huh?”  I would like to mention that the drum extension was not built by the ROAD Warriors, but by a young ROAD Warrior wannabe by the name of Wright Finney.  This young, NOT retired dude built the drum platform and, with the help of “Fractions”, figured out how to support it off the side of the trailer in a unique fashion.  Elf, Pixie, Fairy, Figurine, Myth, Fantasy, Sprite

However, this article is about the magic that took place to get this trailer done.  The night before we met to finish the trailer, the mythical “Hardware Fairy” paid us a visit.  When the ROAD Warriors showed up at Lee’s house to work on the trailer, lo and behold, there was hardware sitting on the trailer, positioned as to where it should go.  “Close Enough” said he went to bed the night before with dreams of brackets and bolts dancing in his head and woke up to find the hardware already there!  We have all heard the stories of a “Hardware Fairy”, and today we are true believers.  Fortunately, we caught these two picture of him on security cameras so you will believe too.  The one in color is a little fuzzy but the black and white one is clear as a bell and the similarities are evident that they are one and the same.

We got to banging and drilling and measuring and were getting things done.  Every now and then someone would say “boy, we could sure use (insert whatever piece of equipment you need here), and “Close Enough” would enter his garage, aka, Chapin’s Hardware and Electrical supplies, and pull out what was needed.

After watching Crooked Shooz perform on the stage, we were all very much pleased that the hard work and planning worked to perfection. The drummer fit nicely in the drum extension, and the rest of the band had plenty of room for all their gear. 

44th Annual
Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta

Thank You!

Smith articles and race results are scheduled for the June Newsletter.

44th Annual Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta from Neil W. Branch on Vimeo.

SPSC Meeting Minutes - April 11, 2017

Meeting called to disorder approximately 7:30.

Scribe’s Report – Minutes from March accepted.

Purser’s  – Delayed until Wright’s arrival.

Wind Ceremony – According to Joe Sisson, we “sold all the dang shirts!”  (We still have a few left from 2016, though.)  Thanks to assistants for the event, and thanks to Swami and the Festoons.  Monsieur Sisson even survived a gravity storm.  $900 was made by the event!!!  Rik Edmonds described Joe Sisson as “One hell of a used car salesman” for his ability to sell shirts.  “What’s it going to take to get you into this long sleeved number tonight??”  Fantastic sailing that day.  The meeting then toasted a VERY successful Wind Ceremony.

Windy Update – Lee Chapin told us that Oregon says it’s on the way.  The tripod has been inspected and is in surprisingly good condition.  Will need minor ladder repairs.  As soon as the new sensor arrives, it will be bolted on.

Safety Report – NOT a safety meeting!  Rik Edmonds reported on the intention to form a committee to create safety regulations for training days.  Once these regulations are established, seminars will be held for the trainers.  Reminder that prevention is 98% of safety.  Should we have buoy boundaries?  Rescue equipment?  To be discussed by committee.  Chris Graves is also working on a video for prospective students to outline their part of a safe day on the water.  Rik’s vision includes meeting on weekends to experiment with rescue issues and techniques.  Passive victims, for example.  Procedures.  Roles of trainers during crises.  Chris Graves tells us there’s increased boat traffic in the area, thanks to the new boat ramp.  Linda Downey reports that the county has ordered No Wake buoys.  There is some kerfluffle between the local fire department and Wakulla County.  We’ll keep an eye on that.

Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta Report – Linda Downey shows us the t-shirt design to appear on turquoise shirts.  Hands out  a few booklets.  There will be SPB coozies available!!!!  Find them at Registration! But wait!  There’s more!!!  Appearing at this year’s event, all the way from Tallahassee, The ONE!  The ONLY!!!  It’s the CROOKED SHOOZ!!!!!!!!!!! The hat was passed to make up difference between entertainment budget, and the bands contract.  Registration forms are only available online.  They can be printed and mailed with check, or you can register completely online with no extra fees.

Purser’s Report – Two new members.  Bill Doolittle and Hugh McArthur.  That brings us to 67 memberships.  Wright listed for us our recent major purchases, vs our in-flow, to illustrate that though this year’s projects seem expensive, We’re not spending a considerable amount more than in previous years.  He also reminded us the importance of the projects we’ve pursued.  He then reminded us that our dues haven’t gone up in 20 years, and neither have our event fees. A motion was offered to fund $2,000 for the new windtalker.  This was approved with one no vote in absentia.  Wright then explained to us the new county alcohol ordinance, and how it relates to our Shell Point events, but the upcoming regatta in particular.  Alcohol WILL be allowed on the beach for the Smith Regatta, Rock The Dock (same weekend,) and Endless Summer.  However, the county has upped the insurance requirement to $3M for the Smith.  This becomes problematic, as the insurance company will require another $1,000 in premium for each $1M of coverage needed.  There’s the possibility that this could prove too expensive, leaving us to limit alcohol to strictly within the beer garden.  If so, anyone carrying alcohol outside of that yard could be subject to arrest. 

Deb Berlinger passed the current directory around the room for all present to check the accuracy of their listings. 

Upcoming events—

  • April 22nd lessons for FSU sailing.  Girl Scouts lessons on April 28th, which is also the Commadora’s birthday, which is also Regatta Friday!!!
  • SCS Memorial Regatta – Early registration ends April 21st.  Registering early can save a sailor $10!!

General registration available through April 27th. 

  • Bonnaire, May 27th – June 4th.
  • NIMBY, June 23rd – June 25th.  Port St. Joe!!!  The Port Inn.
  • Rum n Root Beer, Sunday, August 6th.  Chris and Lizzie have it “going on!”
  • Endless Summer, September 29th – October 1st.

Leah reminded us there were still butts for sale.

Teensie moved to adjourn.

Adjourned after 8:30 with no further incident.s

Club Officers ad At-Large Board Members 2017

Commodore: Mary Rolling
Vice Commodore: Joe Sisson
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Bob Andrews
Ric Edmonds
Danielle Deprelle
Mac Paschal
Past Commodore: Chris Graves



"Whitton Effect"

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