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Mary Rolling, SPSC Commodore, 2017

Commodore's Comments March 2017

SPSC Annual Wind Ceremony 2017

SPSC is by far one of the best Sail Board Clubs for events and their traditions, especially when it comes to our Annual Wind Ceremony!

 I wanted to write an article comparing other sailboard clubs and other organizations that celebrate the windy season similar to our traditional SPSC Wind Ceremony in March. But, to my dismay, I couldn't find anything other than the Kite Flying in Bangkok and The Cherokee Nation Moon Ceremony - "Nv-da u-no-le - WIND MOON (when strong winds strip away the dead wood and foliage and prepare the land for renewal)." So, that in itself confirms that the SPSC Annual Wind Ceremony is by far one of Its kind! Please keep in mind my search was Google.

Next, I thought maybe a search that would tie a similar event with the Spring Equinox. Although very enlightening to learn "the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator, making night and day of approximately equal length all over the earth and occurring about March 20 (vernal equinox or spring equinox)", still no real connection to the wind.

However, in my findings, Rituals that come with the Spring Equinox and March do align with the Annual SPSC Wind Ceremony; for instance, the idea of an altar for celebration, new beginnings and writing down your wishes and dreams.

Our opening ceremony is with our Great Swami and the Festoons (Awesome Band BTW) chanting "East West North South Festoons."  We bring our wish stick for a blessing from the Great Swami before throwing into the fire and dance around it, and "let the flames take it to the source of the Big Wind and thus re-tie the cosmic thread."  The Annual SPSC Ritual for the Wind Ceremony, celebrating, dancing and praying to the Wind Gods around a fire in hopes to have a windy season throughout the rest of the year.

No doubt, an excellent way to kick off the beginning of Spring, Wishing for New Beginnings, a Windy Season and being able to Celebrate with Friends and Family.

And if you haven't checked it out yet, for more info and history of this
fun and festive event, click here;  http://www.20knotsnob.com/events.cfm

I hope to see you there, and to close, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes;

"Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail and mankind the vessel”
                                                                                    _ Augustus Hare

"East West North South Festoons"

Your, Commodore in service with pleasure,
Mary Rolling

Windsurfing Mid Winters (MSMW) in Clearwater, 2017

By Bob Graves

Great sailing, great venue (Clearwater Community Sailing Center), and great people.  What more can an event ask for.  Drove down on Thursday afternoon with Bill Olson and Joe Sisson, with my Kona and Joe’s Equipe on top of the car, with Bill renting Kona gear at the event.  We checked in on Thursday evening and received a beautiful long sleeve shirt, a great cup, and our choice of ice cold Sierra Nevada Beer!  Since Bill was staying with Dan and Steve nearby, we went to drop him off and stayed to have martinis.  Joe and I then retired to The Floridian motel about 15 minutes away.

After a hearty breakfast at Papa’s New York Diner (the race site also had breakfast foods available), we got out to have our first race at 11am.  Ran two races, broke for lunch that included a hoagie, snack bar, and cutie, then went out for another two races.  When we got off the water, dinner was promptly made available (buffet line) at 5.  Lots of food AND Big Storm, a local brewery, provided an ice-cold keg of their Pilsner which tasted lovely.

Saturday morning had us on the race course at 9:30am, where they attempted to get two races in.  The first race went well, but the wind was starting to wane.  The second race ended, for those of us near the back, when a boat came out and took our places down where we were and told us to head back.  As is typical for Clearwater, the afternoon was completely different.  Winds had picked up to around 12, sometime getting to maybe 15.  Two more race were run in the afternoon.  Even the Formula fleet got 4 races in on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning, the racing was canceled due to no wind at all, but everyone was happy.  The Kona fleet had 32 boards registered, with some very good sailors, such as Nevin Sayre, the overall winner, and then folks like me.  What was great to see was that second and third overall were won by two 16 year olds.  These kids where incredible sailors.

The three of us headed home around 1:30pm, tired out, but happy.  It was good seeing folks we know like Steve Bogan, Dan Burch, Dave Stanger, Dan Olivier, and Chris Voith, and re-acquainting with folks from last year, like John from Virginia and Tom from Indiana.  Windsurfing folks are very encouraging of one another, with great conversations with people you just met.  Looking forward to the Gulf Coast Championships at the end of October and then Midwinters again next year!


Posted on March 3, 2017 By Darrell Kirk
(excerpt from Stand Up Paddle - The World)

Mark Powell is another amazing person among us in the Stand Up Paddle Community. His Hurricane research on air-water mixing is notable and a significant contribution to the science he observed while flying aboard NOAA’s P3 Hurricane Hunter planes. Mark grew up on the water with his family and has competed in various watersports. He talks with us about his love and fascination of the water and weather and, recent entry into SUP racing. You can find my interview with Mark at the link below:

Listen to Interview

SPSC Meeting Minutes - February 14, 2017

Meeting called to disorder around 7:30.
Commadora’s Report:
                Wondering aloud if anyone really reads the articles.

Scribe’s Report:
                Minutes were accepted.

Old Business:
                X-mas Party: Bob Andrew’s donated $100 to Mary’s charity, that I can no longer find a name for.  We’ve estimated the total donation to be $500 to $700. 
Next. X-mas party will be on Friday, December 15th.
                Windy: Discussions around pre-approving a budget for the new Windy project for expediency sake.  $3,000 was the motion, carried with one nay.

Wind Ceremony: March 18th.

12pm setup
3pm registration
7:30pm show
Online registration up until the Thursday before the event.  The event chairs requested a budget of $3,000, which was approved unanimously.  Firewood?  Call Digger Dave.  (Sisson will.)  Anyone able and willing to help with registration would be profusely thanked. 

Lessons: Calendar is up, online.  Girl Scouts will get a special lesson on the Friday of the Smith Regatta.

Here we were enthralled by Robin from FSU sailing, as she gave us a little info about her club.  They’ve experienced exponential growth up to 60 members recently.  12 of their members have signed up for sailboard lessons with us.  
Directory: Deb will bring info for us to correct.  At any registration, she does compare the registration to the info we already have, then asks if this is an update to clarify.  Deb’s good that way.

Windy: Wright Finney states that the new sensors go 25 years without quitting. 
Right now, we’re looking at $2,470 total for this project.  The cellular plan will be about $25 a month.  This new Windy will not be available by phone, but on smart phones.  Lee’s company will donate the battery and solar panel, etc..  There will be a display, either on the existing tower, or the trailer.  The sensor will be mounted out at the tripod.  Wright will have Lee order the parts when he gets back from Miami.
Band trailer: Will be rented to the Smith Regatta.  The budget is at about $1,500, but we’re not asking yet.

Upcoming events: Thanks to Chris Graves for planning and Paul Hansard for article.
Rn’R: Aug 6th
NIMBY: June 23-25
Endless Summer: Choices are either Sept 30th, or Oct 6th.  There’s an away game on the 30th, but no tide on the 6th.  Sept 29th through Oct 1st was selected.
Atlanta Fall Classic: Oct 13th – 14th. 
Sarasota regatta is the same weekend as Wind Ceremony.
Perry Morris commented on people in the Keys going to bed at 9 some nights.
How about WindyTV on the website?  Windytv.com

Again, a thank you to article writers.  Next meeting, March 14th, Pi Day!  Beef O’Bradys.

Club Officers ad At-Large Board Members 2017

Commodore: Mary Rolling
Vice Commodore: Joe Sisson
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Bob Andrews
Ric Edmonds
Danielle Deprelle
Mac Paschal
Past Commodore: Chris Graves



"Whitton Effect"

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