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Chris Graves, SPSC Commodore, 2016

Commodore's Rambling September 2016

We Don’t Have No Hanging Chads

My leadership, or lack of, comes to an end in just four months, I really miss my Tuesdays at the Legion. My replacement will fix all your problems, after all, what do you have to lose.

Elections are on the horizon, they are most likely going to hacked by the Ruskies  The September 13th meeting is when we will all know who the new SPSC board members will be. We had nominations last month, and if you weren’t there, there is a good chance your name is on the ballot.

29th Annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic

The Endless Summer is our next major event and there is a lot in store for you when you register and come to the beach. Starting Friday night we will have our traditional wings and fries cooked on the spot by Rick and Judy. We will munch on these delectables while sating our thirst with beer from the beer truck while LIVE music is played in the background.

Saturday brings breakfast, a gumbo contest and hot dogs sponsored by Café Donaldo’s, racing of both Windsurfers and SUPs, followed later in the evening by a Posey’s supper of fish or chicken and a prize giveaway. Prizes include an Chinook boom, Ezzy Sail, several mast feet, mast extensions, shirts, gift certificates, Stays at the Sweet Magnolia, and so much more. This will be followed by music and dancing on the beach by DJBobbyG.

Sunday morning of course brings breakfast and a long distance race with the right conditions, followed in the early afternoon with trophy presentations.

Included in your low registration fee (same as last year) you get the following:
Way cool T-shirt
Fresh cooked fish or chicken diner
Music both Friday and Saturday night
Amazing door prizes
Cold beverages
Craziness and so much more!

Hurricane Hermine

Check out Powerpoint presentation of beach photos. Or, click on a pdf file for easier viewing.

Chris Grave
2016 SPSC Commodore

Special Thanks to Wright Finney

Wright Finney has come to be our repository of club related info along with keeping his pulse on anything dealing with the beach and the politics surrounding our very existence. It is under Wrights financial guidance that the clubs books look so healthy.  He sees that needed capital expenditures are made on such items as the training gear, grounds maintenance, and so many other things that make windsurfing out of Shell Point so special.

Wright has also chaired the NIMBY for its many years. I have only had the good fortune to attend 2 or 3 NIMBY events out of 20. This year Terry and I fortunately made it to Cedar Key which was amazing. The wind was incredible as were the accommodations. The NIMBY events open our eyes to the diversity and beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

The Shell Point Sailboard Club has had many fantastic leaders in the club. Its now time to immortalize our great steward, charter member, and founder Wright Finney. I like to refer to Wright as ?Wrightus Finnius? in keeping with his stature with the Shell Point Sailboard club.

Past Commodore’s Muddled Memory

Well, the first ever windsurfer swap meet was a bust. However, due to generous donations by some new members and old, some of our Venture scouts got a good deal on a complete rig and board. I?m just guessing it wasn?t a success because of the Labor Day weekend because I know weather and sitting in the dark at home doesn?t keep windsurfers from the beach. We had 12 students come down for a practice day. Even though the trailer got rocked a bit forward, knocking it off the supports, we were able to get the rigs and boards out for practice. The trailer needs some TLC to get it right again.

The storm brought in some interesting waves and an assortment of sea creatures never before seen in these here parts. This is me sailing out there on my birthday. Thankfully the critters had a generous spirit.

SPSC Club Meeting August 9, 2016

Danielle brought pictures she had of our times with Brian Barr. Everyone agreed the service in his honor following Rum 'n Rootbeer was very, very nice, and the most appropriate way to honor such a party soul.

Speaking of Rum 'n Rootbeer, Bob and Bill are retiring. They swear it's for good, this time

We were then treated to a little talking to by Kierns Hiett from The Tallahassee Mountain Bike Association (TMBA). He informed us of his club's mission: To instruct in trail safety, etiquette, technique, off-road skills, and wound care. Also, how to avoid danger. Paul Hansard stated that he needed a $3,000 mountain bike. Pam Hansard stated that she needed a $3,000 divorce attorney.

Lessons - This Saturday, and again on September 3rd. The lessons on Labor Day weekend will also include the much anticipated swap meet. Many wives are expected to make an appearance

New Member - Dave Harris. Now has a 2nd home in Panacea. Is from Atlanta.

Wright Finney was presented with a framed swatch of last NIMBY's shirt design, in honor of his 20 years of NIMBYs!! Well Done, Wright. Very well done. We might have to keep you.

This segued masterfully into Wright's presentation on the portable stage project he and Lee have been scheming about since the Smith. 30ft x 8ft camper trailer that's already been stripped down to the chassis. They paid $125 for it, at their own risk. Metal in good shape. Lots of paint. Wood decking. Needs either a fold out, or slide out extension to accommodate a drummer, or a court jester. A budget of $600 was requested, and voted on. Motion carried.

Joe Sisson also presented designs for his rinse rack design. A $200 budget was passed for that purpose.

Juana's - no windsurfing this year.

Endless Summer - Sponsorship and funds look good.

ATL Fall Classic - No football that weekend!! We're hoping for a YUGE contingent from SPSC. The Scribe is especially hopeful.

Kona's doesn't look as if there will be any SPSC folks to attend.

Xmas, Festivus, Keys, also on the horizon, and ready to go

Deb Green remarked that she never knows when anyone might be headed to the beach. This started a discussion of how to alert the club that someone might be headed down. We're going to redo the message board to make it easier to post and receive, and know what's going on. Bob Andrews has also offered to create a text distribution list, as well.

Purser's Report - Lot's of In & Out. (That's what SHE said!!) Our money is at low tide, currently, but Endless Summer is coming up fast. We have 65 memberships, and lo and behold, our one hold out, Mike Boll was in attendance. When asked if he might pay his dues, he said that he remembered having already given Wright a check. Wright remembered this not at all, but Mike was his usual adamant. Then, possibly the greatest thing in the history of SPSC club meetings happened. Perry Morris found on his phone a picture of Mike presenting his check to Wright at the Hansard's Happy Hour!!! Which of course explains why Wright may not remember it. Your favorite Scribe feels somewhat responsible for this, as Mr. Hansard had solicited him for a margarita recipe, and damn, but they were strong! Anyway, Mike has been vindicated, reinstated, emancipated, twitterpated, reinvigorated, and no longer castigated!

Nominations for the next round of suckers?..er?..ah?.board members.

Commodore - Mary Rolling
Vice Commodore - Joe Sisson
Purser - Wright Finney
Scribe - Adam Bennett
At Large - Rik Edmonds, Danielle Deprelle.

Further nominations at next month's meeting. Wright nominated Bob Graves for LIFE!!!

Adjourned at 8:54 with no further incident.

Club Officers and At-Large Board Members 2016

Commodore: Chris Graves
Vice Commodore: Mary Rolling
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Joe Sisson
Ric Edmonds
Deb Greene
Bill Olson
Past Commodore: Bob Graves


"Whitton Effect"

Check the SPSC Photo Gallery for More Photos
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