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Chris Graves, SPSC Commodore, 2016

Commodore's Rambling July 2016

As I enter the second half of my term I want to give thanks to all those that maintain the beach facilities and to our invaluable instructors that help to share the sport.

Special thanks to the great Wright Finney for an amazing Cedar Keys Nimby. I was blessed with two days of short boarding 7.5 on the Tabou on Friday and 5.8 on the wave board Sunday. Saturday’s long-distance race was hampered by light wind and strong tides. The accommodations were great with basically the only place to you can rig and stash your gear.

I will be defiantly retiring to Cedar Key again for windsurfing and boating.

Training Video:

Hopefully by the general meeting I will have a very simple training video. The video will cover basic terms, neutral position, and how to turn. Should be about 3 minutes and I will send a link to Deb as soon as I post it to Youtube.


Terry and I are planning to go to Bonaire next year to enjoy the sailing at Lac bay. Several other club members have expressed an interest. We are planning on departing May 27 and returning June 4. The bay has shallow, crystal clear water, and a soft sandy bottom. The windy season is in the summer with winds averaging 15-25.

Projected costs:

Airfare $750 Delta THL to ATL direct to BON, flights are Saturday and Sunday only about 4 hours.

Car for a week with taxes insurance $340.

The island is small enough a scooter would be adequate.

Housing around $150 a night.

Windsurfing gear for a week $380.

Terry and I will be booking our flights as soon as as the reservation window opens up. As solidify our reservations I will share the costs and schedule.

A video of KUMAMOVIE7 showing “Shell Point Level” sailors at Lac bay.
Chris Grave
2016 SPSC Commodore

NIMBY: A Novice Perspective
By: Robin McDougall

The approach to Cedar Key is beautiful.  Large farms and pastures dotted with enormous live oaks line the narrow, two-lane road.  Since I’ve never actually been to a key of any kind, I especially enjoyed crossing the various channel as we moved from one island to the next.  The usual shops filled with old buoys and crab traps border the road along with colorful motels and seafood restaurants.  The town of Cedar Key is just a few square blocks and quaint. The jewel of the town is the large green space park right on the waterline. 

Gretchen and I elected to stay at the Cedar Cove Hotel with many of the other SPSC members.  Right on the water, our rooms were nicely appointed with kitchenettes, very comfortable couches and chairs and a lovely loft (ours with a king sized bed).  We both agree it is a place where we would return, just to put our feet up, watch the sun rise and enjoy the atmosphere.

Saturday, the race course was a 4.5 mile trip around a nearby island, north into the wind and a landing at another island for hotdogs and refreshments.  The best laid plans of mice and sailors did not come to pass. The winds died, and a current made headway nearly impossible.  Several sailors simply pointed their bow towards home while Gretchen and I eventually elected a boat rescue.  We want to express our MANY, MANY THANKS to all of the boat captains who trailed us, encouraged us, provided water and eventually hauled us aboard while congratulating us on our tenacity!  The most tenacious on that first leg was Mack; after hours of tacking back and forth, he was the last sailor to make the finish line.  Just as Mack arrived, we were lining up to start the final leg of the race.  So Mack arrived, never set foot on land, jibbed and began the two mile sail back with absolutely no wind at all.  A few sailors took boat rides, and most of us made it home by blowing hard into our sails and rowing the wind. 

Clusters of oysters are a hazard of Cedar Key, unpredictable and invisible along the coast line.  There were several cuts and injuries.  Dan’s son, Austin, was badly cut and required a visit to the ER in Williston where medical care was skillfully delivered after the physician returned from a long lunch and happy hour. 

Finney set up a course on Sunday, and the winds were the strongest I’ve ever experienced with gusts up to 22 knots,.  Short boarding was great for some of the guys, but Mack was sailing under a dark star.  This time, his mast snapped in two when he was about a mile offshore.  After a boat rescue, he re-rigged and finally got in some fast and furious sailing. 

With Friday and Saturday happy hour at the swimming pool (including delicious pot luck hors d'oeuvre), NIMBY was a really nice opportunity to meet SPSC members we didn’t know, socialize in comfort (bobbing around the pool sipping cocktails) and eat and drink delicious concoctions.  The town was sweet with opportunities to walk, find seafood and shop, the weather was spectacular (except that one period when the wind died).  The boat captains who provide rescues offset the experience of sailing in unknown waters, and Cedar Key is fun and beautiful.  Next we anticipate Rum and Root Beer and another away from home adventure at Lake Lanier for the Fall Classic.

Past Commodore’s Muddled Memory

This summer is going WAY to fast, but has been GREAT! From Corpus Christi, to Cape San Blas, to Cedar Key, windsurfing different at every venue. Corpus provide 4 days in a row of 18+ days, though San Blas was not windy, gliding over the flat clear water on a long board was very relaxing, and Cedar key provide a long distance race in light wind that tested perseverance more than skill and a Sunday of racing with winds near 20. Added to that this past 4th of July at Shell Point with wind from 15-18. Haven’t had a good windsurfing summer like this ever. Now if I could just learn to jibe, I’d spend a lot less time in the water, though my water starts have improved significantly!

The Rum n’ Rootbeer is coming up, and after the outstanding job Mary did last year, Bill and I have a hard row to hoe, but we think we have some great games that everyone will enjoy, great swag, and there is always great company. This will be our last one, so if you have ever had any ideas on what would make a good Rum n’ Rootbeer event, please step up and volunteer to chair the next one! I know it’s like trying to write songs as good as the duo of Lennon and McCartney, but Mary proved it can be done.


Had a great year of training so far. The weather has cooperated, all the registered students have shown up (plus unregistered ones!), and the instructors have been on top of their game.

The dilemma we currently face, however, is in equipment for students who want to continue. It can be very daunting for them to call Sandy Point and buy stuff when they aren’t sure what to get. I believe there are lots of members in the club who have equipment they just plain don’t use anymore and would like to unload it. I believe many of our students would be willing to buy it. Look through what you have and see what might be usable for a beginning student, price it generously in the students’ favor if you would, and let me know about it. This summer we have had at least 4 students ask where they could get gear from.

Please check out the great video our Commodore

2016 Rum n' Root Beer

Get ready for the Zika Free Alternative to the Brazilian Olympics, the Shellympics at Shell Point Beach, sponsored by Panacea Nikes, August 6th, a Saturday. Games will start PROMPTLY at 3pm, registration begins at 1pm. Don’t miss the opening ceremonies. As usual, we will have a pot luck afterwards, so please bring something to share with your fellow athletes. If you wish to imbibe alcoholic beverages, you will have to bring your own as none will be provided. We will have water and lemonade available.

Some games will involve you getting wet, either in the water or on shore, so dress appropriately! Games so far are: Surrender Cobra Relay, Balloon Toss relay, SUP relay with target shooting, dunk bucket, water curling, water luge, and, new for this year, Root Beer relay chug! There are only two delegations in the Shellympics, the Ruskies and the ‘Muricans with judging provided by the Armenians. However, each delegation will field multiple teams in each events. We will not be testing for drugs, knowing that we may not have any participants if we did.

Registrations fee is $20. We do not have a shirt this year, nor a hat, nor a kerchief, but what we have for the first 40 registrants is a really cool small duffle bag WITH a sweat towel WITH a slap bracelet WITH a Kazoo. During opening ceremonies, you will need to march in, a la real Olympics, and play the Olympic theme song on the kazoo, so look up the song if you don’t know it, and start humming it today!!!!! You will also be entered into a drawing to win a BRAND NEW PAIR of Panacea Nikes!

Online Registration is Waiting for You!

SPSC Club Meeting June 14, 2016

Meeting called to order 7:30-ish with a report that the latest Cape San Blas camping trip was “Hot as hell.”

Purser’s Report: The Purser has it all well in hand. Awaiting our largest expenditures of the year. NIMBY expenses are mainly “in and out.” Incoming registration fees for the weekend should cover any money spent upfront.

NIMBY registration. Print out the form, and bring it!! 7pm, Friday June 18th in edar Key.

The presentation of the Perry Williams trophy To Bill Olsen.

Linda Downey was recognized for winning the Dan Smith Perpetual Trophy as the Best local (SPSC) sailor at the Smith.

Yours truly got called out for taking home the Stephen C. Smith trophy. Also for being completely silenced by the surprise and shock of it all.

(Go to the Smith website, http://www.smithregatta.com/, for pics and info on Linda's and Adam's awards.)

The Commodore asked about the effects Tropical Storm Colin had on our lovely home beach. It was reported that a tide about a foot to a foot and a half came ashore. Water washed under our training trailer, but had no deleterious effects, due to careful preparation of the gear there by a few great club members. There was also discussion of a waterleak found around the NE side of the trailer.

Training: Bob is always hoping to attract and recruit new partiers…..er..ah..club members at each training day. We’ve had members of the local mountain biking club coerced by Bill to try windsurfing. We’ve got 3 days of lessons coming up in July. Conditions have not been favorable to hold a Summer Series of racing on those days.

NIMBY: Cedar Key suffered no ill effects from TS Colin. Let’s hope they can say the same after an SPSC invasion. Discussion of how many boats we’ll have for the weekend. We are assured that we should be fine in that respect. Kayaking would also be good, but Seahorse Key might be a bit of a paddle. Sea Horse Key is the destination for the long distance race. 4.4 miles. Sailing Sunday is determined by interest. Discussion of local watering holes and seafood places. Most close at 9pm. The Commodore urged all to read the Wikipedia page on Cedar Key. Lot’s to do there.

RnR updates? Well, Bill’s out on a bathroom break, so we’ll assume there’ll be an RnR.

Upcoming Events:
Juana’s: beautiful venue.
Endless Summer: planning meetings to commence shortly. There might be a budget request at the next meeting
Atlanta Fall Classic: One of these days your propagandist will get there.

Commodore still going on and on about Bonnaroo, or some such. Finally, beach passes have been distributed, as the meeting devolved towards adjournment.

Club Officers and At-Large Board Members 2016

Commodore: Chris Graves
Vice Commodore: Mary Rolling
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Joe Sisson
Ric Edmonds
Deb Greene
Bill Olson
Past Commodore: Bob Graves


"Whitton Effect"

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