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Chris Graves, SPSC Commodore, 2016

Commodore's Rambling June 2016

Tropical Storm Colin:

As I write, this Tropical Storm Colin is headed towards St. Marks. Time will tell how things turn out.

Cape San Blas:

This last week was one of our longest times in one place while camping and the A.C. of the Scamp made it bearable. What made it a joy was gathering together every evening for martinis with friends old and new. The sailing was not good enough for short boarding but any long boarder would have found a good southwest wind every afternoon with easy rigging in the parking lot and crystal clear waters to cruise over. Camping is one of the times I can get away from the distractions of work and home and read a book, during this trip I enjoyed “Lucky You” and “ Nature Girl” by Carl Hiaasen, highly recommend them as they will you remind you of the people and nature in the Big Bend and the yellow flies at the cape prove the point.


As your commodore I have to confess I believe I have only been to one NIMBY at the foot of the Hathaway bridge. The late 90’s, I think. This year Terry and I will be in attendance. I have only been to Cedar Key once and very briefly. If Cedar Key survives tropical storm Colin I look forward to a good time with the club exploring a new town.

Bonaire June 2017?:

As I enter into craptitude I want to make one dedicated windsurfing trip to an exotic local, metaphorically my journey to Mecca. In the previous millennia the club went to Hawaii (not me) and several members have been to the Gorge, both way over my skill level. Imagine a bay like Shell Point safe, shallow, crystal clear water, with predictable winds in the low 20s. A perfect location for a Shell Point Sailor. Flights on Delta are about $800 TLH to ATL direct to BON round trip, not having to change planes in Aruba making it a short flight. Rooms at the Sorobon beach resort, directly adjacent to the windsurf shops, is about $200 a night and no longer clothing optional. Early June would be a good time to visit. I enjoy watching the youtube Kumamovie videos of people sailing on the bay, about my skill level. Thinking of a Sunday through Saturday stay for two weeks. That would mean no Keys trip for us but good ole Fiesta Key is festering.

Chris Grave
2016 SPSC Commodore

Past Commodore’s Muddled Memory

May has been bery, bery, good to me. Took a trip to Corpus Christi’s Bird Island Basin and Worldwinds Windsurfing in hopes of wind, and it came through for us. The first day there, a Friday, saw Bill giving Joe and I a tour of lovely Corpus. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, AND Tuesday saw winds of over 20 every day. Heck, Bill was sailing a 5.5. The water in the basin always stays fairly flat. Wednesday started out good but the wind slowly dies off below 14, probably because that is when the US Windsurfing Nationals started in the Corpus Christi Bay. In trying to keep up with a tradition Perry started there 3 years ago, we had martinis on the beach with Don and Randy of Worldwinds (no, the pictures is not of Randy and Don but of Randy with his son Riley). Looking forward to making the trip again next year.

Went to Cape San Blas at the end of May. Though the wind never came up, I none the less sailed on the bay side with 8 to 12 mph winds. Felt really good sailing on water that had nary a ripple on it. Like gliding on ice. Got some kayaking in while gazing into the super clear waters as well, walked on the beautiful white sandy beaches, and swam in the gulf without getting any BP residue.

Also got through two more lessons. The students have been great, learning quickly. The new boards and sails really help as do the two repaired sail. However, we did lose a 5.5 sail to rips that could no longer be repared. If anyone has a 430 mast or small sail they no longer use that they would like to donate, please do, we appreciate it as do the students.

Jammin’ at Bird Island Basin

Bob Graves, Bill Olson and I traveled to Corpus Christi, Texas for a week of windsurfing. We took turns driving Bob’s Toyota, loaded with boards and equipment, leaving early Thursday morning and arriving late that night at Bill’s mom’s house in Corpus.

Friday we toured the site of the US Nationals starting later that week and the surrounding area, crossing Aransas Pass via ferry and stopping at local pub Shorty’s for a beer with some local flavor.

The next five days took us to Worldwinds Windsurfing at Bird Island Basin on Padre Island National Seashore. I took 7.5, a 6.5, and 5.5 meter sails. The 7.5 was never needed. I started with the 6.5 on the RRD shortboard and quickly realized I needed to downsize. I rigged my recently acquired, but previously unused 5.5, and sailed faster than ever before – skittering across the surface, glad to have at least that fin in the water. Control? - remains a work in progress.

Bill gave me some tips on waterstarts – no more uphauling! Don’t bother with the 6.5 – just rig the 5.5, hook in and fly. This is a great windsurfing location!

On day 3 the wind was stronger, averaging in the 20s with gusts above 30. The wind was shifty, and the direction made things rougher than the prior days. After being slammed a few times on the 5.5, I decided to rent a smaller sail (the advantage of having a comprehensive windsurfing shop right there!). The 4.5 was more challenging to water start (lots of practice!), but still wildly thrilling on a plane. Later that afternoon we got to watch locals including Randy Rhodes and wife Angela freestyle.

The next day gave us winds 18-20, with gusts a bit higher. I was back on the 5.5, with relative smooth water, ripping on a broad reach. Did I mention that this is a great windsurfing location?

Each day we wrapped our sailing with martinis, with a number of locals joining us. The SPSC reputation extends. We had great sailing and great food with great people. My thanks to Bill and his family for their hospitality. Padre Island has got to be on the annual windsurfing tour.

- - Joe Sisson

43rd Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta - Novice Fleet Results

2016 Stephen C. Smith Regatta Novice/C-Fleet

You may know this by now, the old school name for the Novice Fleet is C-Fleet. We use the terms interchangeably. Again for this event it was more like a C+ than a C-Fleet.

Charlie Yontz was our rabbit (experienced sailor who sails the course so the fleet can follow and learn. YEY RABBIT!). Robin McDougal also sailed the courses, but did not actually race, so it often looked like we had six competitors-very pretty. The reality is that we had four registered racers, but they collectively had enough competitive spirit between them for ten!!

Three in the fleet raced last fall in the 2015 Endless Summer Sailboard Classic; Hector Marrero (who again flew in from Colorado), Brennan Fogerty (local), and Barbie Baber (from the Atlanta area). In her first appearance as a C-Fleeter, Gretchen DeYoung (local) rounded out the fleet.

The courses were set so the racers could start and finish from the beach. In typical C-Fleet fashion, Brennan took his first bullet as he ran across the finish line, board in tow. (yes in C-Fleet you can sail, walk, run or swim in order to round a mark, start or finish a race.) After three heats, the fleet took a lunch break.

The air picked up just a bit (maybe 9-10 knots) that afternoon. Gretchen kicked butt in the fourth heat coming in first. A good heat for Barbie too as she both made it around the mark and finished the heat for the first time that day. Sometime in the fifth heat was a comment from Gretchen to Hector about him “yanking her boom”-told you they were competitive! r /> By the sixth heat these guys wanted more of a challenge than “just” rounding one mark and coming back. So, we set the course with two rounding marks that included an upwind reach. More strategy….

During the seventh heat (same course as the 6th), Mary Rollins sailed Charlie’s board out to Gretchen to offer assistance. However, Mary never caught her, so we sent the rescue boat out. Of course Gretchen, said ”no thanks” and that she was ok. She made it back to shore after sailing for 45 minutes-what determination! In the meantime Hector’s mast had disconnected from the board so he just had to show-boat in, sailing free-style across the line!

The fleet raced two long-distance heats on Sunday. And because they still wanted a challenge, we set longer courses than typically run for C-Fleet. Brennan could not resist walking over the finish line in both heats. That’s our Brennan!

As we all know this event does not just happen-it takes planning and commitment from many in our club. The C-Fleet thanks: Perry Morris: marks & rescue, Charlie Yontz: fantastic rabbit, Mary Rollins: photos & rescue, Sandy Lane Graves & Keith Long: our most avid fans and John Gilbert: set up a tent for C-Fleet, ran flags and horns and kept me calm (ha!)

Final Results:
1st Place: Hector Marrero (4 bullets) 3rd Place Gretchen DeYoung (1 bullet)
2nd Place: Brennan Fogerty 4 bullets) 4th Place: Barbie Baber (no bullets, but her personal best!)

- - Tina Mazanek, Novice Fleet Captain

SPSC Club Meeting May 10, 2016

Commodore calls the meeting to order by bragging of his recent days planing and jibing like never before. Recounting regatta memories. He won’t depart Sport Fleet because he just likes his 7.5 too much. (The love that dare not speak it’s name??) he did think the beers were par excellence, though.

New Business:
Training trailer looks awesome!!!
NIMBY – Commodore C. Graves booked the last room. (Camping available for $34/night.)

R&R – Olympic themed. <- (B. Graves, B. Olson)

At this moment, Mac Paschall arrives to the meeting. He is joining the club tonight!

Commodore introduces us to Jim Oskowis, from DEP. Jim presents to us, How To Feed A Beach. This is all about the Shell Point Beach Restoration Project. Florida is the only gulf state to elected to spend BP money on this.

This instructed us on the 4 beach divisions of the project, and the strange news that the volleyball net had to move east of the chase. The palm and dead cedar were getting work done. The cedar being removed and the palm relocated.

The gazebo was to get rails on two sides to stop traffic on the vulnerable side. Your dear scribe wonders if this may stifle the Swami’s Mojo??

The sand will be coming to us from local sand mines, in Gadsden and Wakulla Counties. The addition of cordgrass, morning glory, sea oats, blanket flower, oysters. Live oysters near big cedar tree. 4,000 cubic feet of sand!!!

Pursers Report:
Insurance premium due. Waiting on SCSMRF’s check for their share.
62 ……no…wait….63 members!! Thanks, Mac!

Meeting adjourned @8:33

Club Officers and At-Large Board Members 2016

Commodore: Chris Graves
Vice Commodore: Mary Rolling
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Joe Sisson
Ric Edmonds
Deb Greene
Bill Olson
Past Commodore: Bob Graves


"Whitton Effect"

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